GMA LIVE (11.19.13)

Josh, Linzie and Ginger chat with Miss World Megan Young on GMA LIVE!
13:57 | 11/19/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (11.19.13)
She realized. And they really lives for all along with ginger -- today here for -- vacationing. And the signing of champions. And -- as joins us as well. And -- UCL over the first hour maybe there's -- finally the sometimes conflicting outburst. Or then. -- -- -- -- I want -- executive chef Michael Anthony -- died Gramercy tavern is one of the great -- restaurants in New York City has been sports hero forever. It is a wonderful time. I am I an unabashed when I think about this job. The fact that we have but I nominal chefs like my -- Who come and cook food for us again until academy kit and stick by and give us who -- monkey bread potatoes. And in the with the money bomb because. Then the -- Brad. Back on -- Africa where did you toolbar. And let me tell you. I regret I tried to run that this -- the site did not get to the monthly -- until afterwards so allow me dude do you lemont Brent dance and explain. -- comparing grant and he. That you do you stop and your -- why -- I didn't I didn't get mixed you don't expect it and then there it is. And you are right -- this -- bid for a Christmas morning. This is a fantastic. And this is exactly the flavor this is exactly what I want an idyllic morning and for this morning the meat bombing -- -- there's also -- terrific. Hey ideology what's great about the cookbook. And if we can effort cookbooks a couple of them and move some product. The great thing about the Google gears and this is saying this is as good as it gets -- -- city but he wanted to make this the recipe is that we could actually you know I want -- -- in an -- you know. So again it's what it was it was important to you -- -- to allow Austin home. To be able to -- The recipes off in this -- PM listen for doing anything right we're sharing enthusiasm with folks so that they cut more often at home -- -- Christmas gift to me yes you are it's also can we 81 it's a very good it's Internet it's a great tell. We need you to quickly I want is we didn't get on the beach -- potatoes such as they are and and onions as well any what should we know about both. Will listen -- secret with the dictators is keep it warm when you're making it from start to finish and they'll come out great. That the thing to remember is you know you can't really make mistake if you are in the kitchen cooking. Relax have fun -- and it tastes great thanks to you is -- yeah. That would mean what do you couldn't match that amount of ivory -- them and shot them in large chunks and cook them with one clove of garlic. And then afterwards and warm the milk and -- -- over as were blending the right thing -- -- isn't -- that they come out great let's beef and onions very quickly. So little so there that this is these are red onions and they're cooked in just a touch of butter. Com is nothing wrong with -- little cream the butter and you know use it sparingly and then. I dropped a little red wine vinegar and at the very end and let it cook for two minutes and they taste great and -- the accident clock. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Michael Anthony -- -- tavern he'll make you believe in god thank -- very. Hands off my book. OK but what we got to play that if -- and this is terrific almost all of -- this morning. Basketball player there at east of -- for free throws concentration is amongst -- connect. -- can understand how he might have reacted when. This what was me. Go back to do that a north quote Christian high school and very small level -- play at high school. It is made his mark. USA basketball some of the. Yes it is. And a little more of the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We could have run that we really are on the DL -- Leon ticket the it was yeah. That was that was -- candidate missing 26 free throws -- that team. And a Carolina win and lose to Obama sounds awfully -- that somebody go up and just shot back I don't know but you know what you might be Miley Cyrus is fault I'm just. You know -- husband boyfriend -- now. Oh yes yes yes yes you know -- so I want to answer the people can get what is. It like you're one of our national correspondent yeah so an average day in your life. Anything but average. And eating but -- like the phone rings -- it could. The fact that it could be weeks for an -- up on -- he is fourth at 6777 cent. And I want and you're -- -- you tell your friends don't ever call me from work here your -- yeah. You just don't want to have that heart palpitations -- and a yeah when it's not seen what it's not -- -- when your Christmas that we crash -- overnight and so. What is that like to think a lot of people I was at about midnight last night. And might he still wasn't done because there's there's many things to do -- right go to Vatican put together. So yeah it means it means -- -- -- packed into this engine and it's all about and he had to be hardest working woman Carl come on bonus that figure you know as it turns out whether it continues to happen twelve -- it wasn't Indiana but until. 8 PM 8:30 PM last -- Fiat and so you know an hour and again this is something happens you wouldn't talk. Well but -- a lot of a lot of -- were talking about. The severe weather that hit him I'm always. Reminding now when I got you really come to realize that your but that weather can always leave their seems like there is a weatherman somewhere all the time but that. And boy we saw yesterday. And it's just about people I mean it is about the aftermath of how much -- -- -- and and so you know we saw today. Survivor who lost everything. -- compartmentalize when you're out there and crawling around the to treatise of somebody's life that once was -- what does that kind of yesterday was standing in front of. A flattened home a car with the keys in the ignition. And it's it's a snapshot of what of what was -- All right before -- and then in. From he had done a lot of coverage you go to big daddy hurricanes and everything. And you start to get a little -- and -- that you meet someone and every single person's hand to shake person you hug. It becomes -- news story. They have a story that -- that Alex is interviewing this morning as a whole other element that's coming to us now we all have telephones we all saw his -- rights firsthand. So that you get past the adrenaline part of it and then the next day it's always the same -- it's that -- of people coming together and it sounds cliche but it's actually what happens that. -- we are very very lucky to do this stuff -- -- that there are downsides imports -- job but we we get sent witness. Eastern time happy and it's -- Allison is beats working for a -- This is really really and having great folks behind -- -- -- -- about. He -- -- outside. Europe and you're winning the spirit award up. It's not warm made him. And let's -- -- that even now. It's like Thanksgiving yet here we are gonna talk about six anti records of -- who doesn't love a good Christmas movie to get into the -- -- apparently there's a sequel in the works for a classic. You probably wouldn't get that it's a wonderful life. But there is a sequel on its way -- Around sixty years after -- -- -- hit theaters definite head and wonder how like the rest of the story of going to collect records aren't -- call it. -- hit theaters Christmas 2013 apparently the focuses. I'm the grandson of the main character George Bailey who was of course played by Jimmy Stewart Carolyn Grimes who played -- -- In the 1946 film will also be in -- sequel which is aiming for Christmas release and when he you know Tina she's gonna play -- Angel. Of the grandson. Of George Bailey who's also named George fatally. Should sell him a little something about think about the world will be like. -- if he wasn't born because apparently -- the -- -- the moment think about think about the -- think about it immediately you know. You're gonna think George leak that we sang yeah. And I'll. Hang together apparently -- -- that I'm sure will be discussing that. -- hit show. But there's very important thing you know we talked about the season. And certainly. There's a reason to give editors global this point when Patrick and the Philippines earlier this month it was. -- you well know one of the largest recorded storms in history. Causing -- devastating amount of destruction thousands. Of lives lost was storms eleven million. People now left homeless they are inquiry. -- thankfully we have. A wonderful spokesperson working hard. To help. Her fellow Filipinos please help me welcome miss world in. -- -- Scott Megan's first -- thank you. You were born here in the US -- -- you -- to the Philippines yes at a young age gets elected -- Philippines and I was around ten I was born and Virginia. I went. There -- like my elementary days. You know and -- -- ginger in the -- leading up to these weather events whereas meteorologists can see these things forming. And you see what may be -- -- that way in those last. In -- last -- days and hours for -- he saw was heading towards the Philippines what was it like actually watch. -- I mean you don't really know touched there I mean obviously we. We don't a lot of people don't really know what a storm surge is that. The water will just come in and just it could wipe out the area hadn't. With the house -- that they -- -- like -- the heights it's made out of you know materials that aren't as sturdy as he would -- a vulnerable yes and aside from the storm surge we also had winds that could be as strong as a tornado -- so you have these two elements that coming together. And it's just wipes -- an area nobody had any idea. That it would breach of discipline much damage to the area three times the force of Hurricane Katrina the winds and it's something that they they the talent that this is the first. Time -- exact extent that he deal with often yes I think people some people may have under estimated at. Even -- some -- -- -- -- -- maybe it you know it's just we've seen a stormy scene as red storm and Fareed and it's passed us. But never did we imagine that it would be as -- Terrorizing anything we said -- that -- here I mean how. How do people help because I've got that -- start reporting on -- that the first thing people ask that people are good at it and nature of most -- a -- -- -- -- what would be the best help we can do know from you and would be greater than not just searching on line. -- -- -- I mean a lot of students obviously want to -- and he may think that maybe. A dollar will be two -- are five dollars and two that'll but actually. Five dollars can. -- -- -- family. Water while rice supplies. For a good period of time and that is a lot I think a lot to them. And -- -- just go to the website of Red Cross Philippines -- Red Cross dot Ford dot PH. They can see the details there on how they can donate themselves. You know it's it's simple things like that that actually go along the way my unit. Obviously had this thrust upon -- spokesperson. You can use here considerable. Exposure. Four the power of good what is it like for you personally be able. To do this and to travel to places like Haiti and where you actually narrowly avoided the building collapsed there -- what -- What is what is it like -- -- how rewarding personally where. Plus -- in regards to Haiti we actually fell through the -- -- ten feet you can see the footage here is. Right before we are about to fall to that and you know we -- there friend. They'll. Orphanage and -- orphanage you know it's not as -- it's not something that you know would. Hold people in place of the actually felt they would twenty kids for the organizers of this world and I'm to people that. They had to have surgery because of that and you know it makes you realize that in the -- making that happen -- of the Philippines. Peter and it snapped the water was just rising and -- people -- even know how to get get out of the house since they didn't know whether to go out RT don't. Go to their rooms or go find some others should -- check it makes you realize that things can happen in just a second but what can we -- I mean it's it's. It's just to help out when things like that -- -- -- we appreciate you coming by. And it certainly. There's were just beginning obviously and -- we'll continue for long long time thank you make you think they are seeing it and again we want to tell you to find out more. About in this world organizations beating the purpose charity and of course to help. The relief efforts suffered in the -- compared to miss world dot com you can also help out again red cross and dot org slash. Key she can make it's much -- there will be. -- lovely studio audience we do appreciate it. Meatballs and monkey bread and read all -- -- Tomorrow night it --

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