GMA LIVE (11.12.13)

Josh and Lara check out the last movie rented at the now-closed Blockbuster Video.
13:46 | 11/12/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (11.12.13)
-- -- -- -- -- -- You're -- work -- -- he got the rich even you got the David -- the David when he got -- -- -- the stars and got you Josh will get a laugh got them. I have been telling she got the crowd when he got -- Jack I -- How are you focusing. -- Theory. Oh -- you know you have that we announced that they'll do it on the Internet since the you know they're they're real strong on the demos that one direction. He had two weeks from today is it's like -- please keep in mind you watch our Promos. It's -- -- be insanity it's -- sanity. Will stars. And so yeah we what do we say the recent days out. They will be camping out. And of course they do it in the late November when it's going to be two degrees outside in the snow and -- Second it's no today here in New York I don't know where you are watching -- there -- -- -- November 26. Wonder action live on GMA I believe this just competitive -- -- first -- please I don't want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An understanding sort of the the market now of the in column avoid that like a young men young man he's a -- man. This is this feels like -- this is this they are at this is -- they're gonna do know that Harry styles one you know their all the kind of a run -- to do other things the boy right now. White cop I will tell you out my daughter Lou my daughter got wind of that and has not. She's nine just turned nine days and she has not -- harassing me gay yes I began examining ways she you know she's -- -- somebody has. I'm the cat had not yet you act as an education to come in and and to watch as work -- -- -- -- -- -- Comes over what mom day we have Bob we go to -- money at you but we do you all some very special guest and we can settle things once and for all -- You can -- the control room can -- see if anything control. We have we followed the needs to hunt down that the tulips strewn path of love yes -- last year. We have we have we have -- We have raised up with her as we celebrated the end starve ourselves along with -- -- announcing we also suffered through the great food -- summer of thirteen yeah. Denise decided that -- -- -- please -- -- -- would do for three months. And then it all happen. And -- yeah. There -- congratulated him miserable. Do you do it's -- -- had she grown -- Or that's not true Denise okay I wanted to bring out here though because the units have you followed Denise on FaceBook which is -- -- because it. Yes she is. Very good at this job. She social media -- to her she is still crafting her first week and she signed up for Twitter like six months ago that she like. I've never seen somebody more terrified of social media however I waited if it's checking that -- you -- yes yesterday they posted this. Underneath this FaceBook page. Well I don't have that huge gathering in FaceBook that figure -- isn't exactly what I mean. -- told me that you had the pink shirt yeah. We. -- -- picture. Age pensioner. Or am I can't let things I'm always trash found I think at first I -- another -- yeah. The pictures of them the way it looked phenomenal here. Thank you very what is that you read electric technology needs the continued find somebody that understands technology I. Please keep -- note that. Hey we're going to do laundry and that they were doing larger and it -- have -- -- middle -- -- which one of us looks more. Downtrodden. It was maybe another word used but somebody -- And yet. Man and I will say it was given time MEU is there were going you were both strong contenders law. The way it started was she told me that I was leaving the apartment looking that way out and source -- what about exactly and I and I thought that we -- Should what do we know -- let me -- so you really be -- you can follow up but she was wearing these. Fees -- -- best pants that are. You've been what my grandmother -- them as a young woman I. I don't know how long. -- -- -- I'm saying you're thinking that Internet and you know you -- we can't. We can't see detection -- Why not Michael. -- -- -- -- He's not on television these communities and take -- -- -- or not is something we thank you. Thank you well everybody -- -- -- your beautiful I don't care you still looked adorable. Yes she did that yeah she. I think -- -- everybody -- I think you've seen in weeks and that's a good looking couple today is that. You're gonna make some beautiful babies. -- -- Look. -- -- to meet had a photo Randy and -- apple. Contestants after the drug therapy effects -- that -- -- letter yeah they have Howland yellow and also works well. His sons at. The guys you like -- -- to the Iditarod where where was that -- be eighteen years is bursting into the. OK got that one that's also not expecting to find monitor these events at -- venture what is doesn't blasts -- sealed. OK I am I don't even know those clearly about him but they should be -- yeah. All right yeah I bet they're trending I mean I'm -- -- little pop back -- area right so. Only -- -- to blockbuster to pick up your favorite video out. That time is officially come to an end is that I think it's the last store it it was in Hawaii. It made the very last blockbuster rental have -- And it was fittingly looked sluggish and -- -- -- this is the act and the parent no I'm the last to rent her. Ever -- his blockbuster has now officially closed all doors all across the country. I'm Seth Rogen himself actually commented on the irony in in a tweet and he added in high school I would go hang out at blockbuster every day. The and in the -- of people. And is actually think that's actually fittingly. -- -- item in the irony it's beautiful it is I. I have many blockbuster happy memories I -- -- you know you go -- the return bin when you really want of that movie. Somebody you let praying -- school -- You may be you grab one you think it was the movie get home and attract -- on the wrong. This can't imagine why that business went out of business. And the blockbuster -- -- -- pay twelve dollars and homes and mr. I don't caffeinated I'm hungry I'm really hungry I. Can you our regular not -- I don't know that that we don't ask for a lot to do -- So many -- -- -- all we want in the in. In return is food we have so. Dollars in the budget that buys a double bacon egg cheese sandwiches. And I gotta -- to beat our -- news or he did -- -- by as of picketing in Jesus day. Glad he just didn't know. How we like so I -- we're gonna Delhi. We call it'd be easy with SPK. Standard standard. After you -- -- -- not like I like I like egg -- scrambled okay. With with cheese and sausage. -- scooped out toasted everything but. Couldn't shut up and explain -- -- I want somebody figure out what -- initials -- -- permit maybe that's -- -- that's different Jalabert took that they get the allegations. Audit we have OK we definitely that's how we do know I love you decapitate -- Thank you need -- the audience didn't we didn't. Just how. Has held by dead end and what does Hollywood is just a quick snack. Yeah it's two hours of live TV about eating hair day under. Maybe -- may be a producer that did I was familiar with. Technology. Yeah shiny yeah. You're getting after the next segment -- I'm excited shows summer now. You know I -- guess is not it is an honor to introduce our guest. Our next. We haven't asked you -- -- calm and it has been quite a year giving his career as a more yeah. Gorgeous Tara and seven time crowned top female surfer in the world it's also named one of -- went -- here few months ago. She turned 21 an inspiration to women everywhere and rightfully so. I used winter Sports Illustrated that story did hands down I spent a month with Kelly Slater. In your native Hawaii and in Australia and the life of this professional surfer. I know it can be hard at times they can also be glorious most of the problem what -- you your preview. -- how is how it -- -- here. Are you ripping. He's found my eyes and an incredible yeah I was very bless -- and my second world title and as managing that nine to win once it happened happened twice it was amazing. It's in -- It didn't end the glitch did -- with a win in the it was a fun. Communism -- on the mainland and drawn on the down and and doing that. Whole thing it was hot sand last night was a man had -- -- -- like a fish out of water but -- Palin is selling its yeah -- -- women and men and please sell -- -- got to listen to malign me -- -- -- stand up and speak about their stories and what inspired by and with their passion I just less like how to change the world you know it doesn't really yeah. It's a great and that's not a glamour does it every year I think they really take a lot of time -- effort to choose women that have made an impact which you are one of my friend so congratulations that's what you want I -- meaning young women like you because I have a little girl who's a and it just -- nine in. I -- and Josh has a little girl as well. How did you decide at what age did you say you know what I want that -- going to be the vast. And you know I sense I think when asked about 55 years old and then he nicest young Indian religious -- -- and we -- going to be easy as his time spent together and then I think when -- -- -- clubs like. I know I wanna be the best not act Schuermann telling him that what is really weird and then. You know we've just been together -- everything and then. And you don't have really lucky that's amazing what is -- -- you were urging practice a lot. Not you know when -- home ice their everyday I I -- landed with a chain and and it's all it's a lot aware but it's a lot of fun way -- -- to -- the beach area that's my office that I haven't you need to -- Now it's all right and it is sex and the great thing about it too is -- Surf contests are scheduled to be in like sort of two week. -- because they can't depend on the surf the -- you know really need to be -- also -- the great thing. -- -- -- they -- you have the contest if it's not. They hang out for like day. -- and they that -- out and you're not like hanging out in. -- -- -- city but the Mets that he would get extremely you're not hanging out in ugly places -- hanging out in late on beaches off some. And did indeed talk about the endless summer I mean you -- the waves around the globe and so you're usually there when it's. Deborah and I -- never felt worst about myself and right now right. Hi -- -- that can choose to be the Nazis. And again -- that there are just said. It is always so great to -- Young women. Who were inspirations who I continue to have my little daughter I think I want you to be like person and we're just thank you fruit that's. -- -- them through regulation and easy. Immediately -- -- out. Yeah look at San Diego still just a little. Wait for it went out of ago. -- I actually on any -- be sued if he's -- -- I think she's with a slanted than ever what are -- -- as I guess because. Articulate -- look -- and complete the look right. Still Bob hey how was finished last night and I think it -- -- -- -- I think you look Q yeah. Thankfully especially which she does the space jam I think gay and then you look you look hot and I'm just gonna say -- ambulance dead man looks -- I would ego I -- I had a very -- here are not happy hour.

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