GMA LIVE (11.25.13)

Josh and Sam talk with the founders of about creative holiday gifts.
3:00 | 11/25/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (11.25.13)
Here. Good. And world everybody's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- great crowd today. Folks guests a San that's what I don't I'm doing okay watts I don't know -- how -- Dillon's dad okay we BJ and I discussed this at length. -- decided we are -- give you one day off of the -- you before we Georgie. -- and all I wish I were not what -- -- -- -- the life size. All he had no obviously crippled secretive about it you know no -- television giant prepares -- there if there if if there was -- Just god we would have now but -- you are -- where you are -- -- so there there were a bunch a life size cut out this morning of means swimwear all over. I'm talking. I'm -- -- like a life size of. It was it was something of -- I eyesore I annoyance and I apologize. I apologize for the littering in times well you know Sam. He. Internet connected globe couldn't help but notice he had a quite a time the right now honeymoon. -- -- You have always. Early you've been paying off Bob Johnson all. This and it's almost quite -- because you know if you follow if your friends with them on FaceBook accounts -- We ran and it. I would highly suggest being friends with Sam on FaceBook. -- is wonders never cease. -- you saw him take. A self beat me with threw out there on the beach in Brazil is all right and it's you know. A modest it's it's an admittedly modest shot its immediate mid the mid pack up or are you smiling folks there are we we're really hit. -- -- -- -- And then amid OBI definitely definitely wanted -- these cowboys now. -- -- Everybody. -- -- I want I want you to -- with me why. Two. Three. More. 5060. Hey they're dying. I mean -- ten not nine not eight X ten. You can -- -- he decided to give me a break from the drilling while I'm alive so the best. Smart about this story is that if you follows them on baseball. That's the picture you got right if you are anywhere near the Internet you got twelve more -- Size photos. -- Sam taking that picture but his -- nefarious. -- Iraq so. Was snap snap snap -- and all your Brazilian. Glory. So I I mean we we we didn't. We clearly didn't know I until I'm talking to Josh when Josh Elliott the -- Back -- this is actually Joseph my oh my god -- like that you're huge in Madagascar right now as it what are you talking about it. And there was congratulations thank you very much down was it fun was it thought I was the best trip ever and. -- I gotta tell you we saw so many beautiful places in beautiful people and and it was. You -- take two weeks to really feel like you get away from what you do he underworld. I mean absolutely just -- that by the way is I want to that's -- yes it is. That so that that's just this gorgeous little town that's about three hours north -- of Rio de Janeiro and is spectacular. There are some. -- -- there were some gentle moans behind me they were wondering where -- the ten -- But the ten -- -- I'm glad you did and you mentioned the two weeks. And you need this couple days to sort of to put it all -- and -- you wanna have some time before those last I was -- last couple days of vacation. It starts coming back and look at tied and you candidate you know that last -- sort of. Yeah you know when you start when welfare and for us we didn't have Internet connection -- -- place our cell phone connection so we didn't really have a lot of that. For a lot of the -- and then when we got before that we you know we got into cells on and then you start getting the stuff from marquis started getting people going we are naked. Yeah. So you start start. You start getting connected to the world in -- Which is definitely by the way that -- -- thing is not true you were definitely. Almost closed and so I wanna. No I'm serious Internet. Okay you look you lose your free -- he always finds joy -- -- -- now. Okay. -- -- -- -- Yeah. This morning the group all but I -- Actually but it would only. Susan a lot of food can I want -- I want to feed our studio audience. Once thought he wondered why should eat everybody. Can can -- and pass -- on ten. He -- yeah. Think our old Ford is a good idea. -- -- -- -- No 100 I'd like to apologize Yugoslavia audience for the hour and our old -- Maybe all right. Let that go completely did you see I wanted to acknowledge the right. All the complexes this morning as a scuba diver who wins the. The -- if you will out of trouble child's media -- general James Gallagher. Paul was on his very first guy that you have -- trying really hard work really hard and so he goes down and here's a seal. Near the isle of man who wants to get up close and personal and just play with him. Now. Now all experts that we talked to and we talked to a bunch once we got this big. Say that it's very unusual for a wild sealed to have an encounter with human beings -- Really -- to -- to stick around London and hang our usual and this deal was just didn't love them on this kid just hugging him. Love and that wasn't all know lying involved but I think it was playful I don't think he was actually trying to do you think -- -- It was kind of like some -- love going on -- -- so that ladies and gentlemen is RI. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We've got sweet what does that Denise we're gonna keep that by the way he needs of the comptroller of police to report out tomorrow it. -- know we're saving money today's that a camera there's certainly no camera of the budget cut just for Monday as well you know we have pit bulls we have like ten extra cameras upstairs. So we had to lose the camera. We definitely couldn't pay for the camera to show Denise -- you're right you're right so let's just say and this is really to scale if you and I about the size right. This is about this -- this is Dennis. -- -- Maybe I didn't think. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't read it -- Oh yeah yeah. How do you give us -- I -- what. -- -- -- to the level apartments and we six. We have had -- kids studio welcome back again thanks to needs what is clearly you have -- -- just want to know why she's dream I kept my. The only. Way. Get back to back it. -- didn't -- the gun -- and everybody yeah. She is that -- message -- is -- -- she's. But -- necessary we do -- -- well that's. When you have a baby bottles -- sometimes it. You will do anything to keep him from crying I know this I -- -- intend. As we think you can look well it's actually much like you know when you start really and Baghdad are -- I did -- -- and we did lose a big deal though it does I missed some time to move if the western scenes are -- -- play with a play with a microphone on semi. Months and months and bright shiny object I tiny objects. -- Injured -- end here get on the floor and crawl and scream for -- -- usually that stopped the I just miss -- Justin Wallace. And he is doing everything he can pound for baby -- -- mom it as out running -- which is. Just terrifying take -- look. I'm Zoolander. Here's my problem. -- Bob better. You soon. -- -- -- Food. -- -- -- -- -- you. I don't know you let me there's. I'll say -- dad is having a lot more fun than. -- like what is. -- Even the background. -- at all times. And everything's all right it's looking at. -- -- just say no campaign in there somewhere I'm not aware. But the but there is to me on the computer -- -- to think we have cool stuff forty you want schools up schools. -- -- Gathering gift ideas to share with you here would -- how about that. Great idea take a lot of companies printing pictures on to pieces of wood and we are here with co founders Mike Christina Ricky Anderson -- -- to show us some of their work to -- I just unbelievable so this is -- Pictures on what I want does that happen in this is what these are so how did it start. What I and how do you do it is it it it looks it is this is amazing to see how do you OK that's really beautiful. Like that's court. -- -- -- to the very first one started out ten years ago and it was a gift from my mom. Com and her reaction on the -- never forget she broke out and tear and so I thought hey this is just be a great idea so Mike and I we teamed up two years ago. And actually six months ago we also teamed up with Jason Livingston -- department does not hear. And and -- really enabled us. To grow our company so quickly so the premise is we print photos -- would -- -- anybody's photos the order on line. Com and we don't use any white -- so the whole point is that green of the woods shows through the photo. Hello good apparently it is and re touching because Josh looks so much younger -- -- -- yeah. Does when I look -- but I'm. It's sad for the record for a ball in front of the cast them again I was I was coming up their words I don't want to say I thought about all the shots -- -- -- he -- -- And we're here to work here. Did bring everybody home builder wonder that is -- now you're just don't see any content -- -- they had these did you did you catching on I -- what is it did people tell you. That really resonate you know what it is we were able to take someone's. Most cherished memory and turn it on a one of a kind piece of wood. Each each of these pieces has its own fingerprint does -- to -- Pattinson -- Angela -- thing you can see when you get up close and I don't even know the camera can capture. But the beauty of this is that there's this gorgeous grain. The -- around the picture and it becomes the background. The setting if you will for whatever artistic image you put on top of the credits its stunning I loved. And he did what worries me in the world in which we live deforestation is such a problem. We did you know books I wondered future books and then we see this and I think OK guys are putting what you did you see there -- are taking it. A step further helping to fight deforestation -- what he'd always. Aren't the cause called roots for trees one of the most amazing things about our Francis it's birch -- So the birch wood is harvested like Christmas trees -- were not using hundred year old redwoods. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now how -- I tried it I go to. Would snap dot com okay and how long's it gonna take me like let's say I want this as a lovely Christmas gift please don't look at your gift shops. I want this is a lovely Christmas -- someone would take six months numbers you can tell. Don't do that it takes is about three to five days of -- the produces yeah -- time part. Perfect boss apparently what it is would snap dot com if you -- -- right now border you'll get an additional 30% off courtesy. Yeah. Do you know -- part bug. He -- to check out the blog great gift ideas these things are viewed. I kinda taken over -- beautiful -- mixing it doesn't have a surprise we -- at the lies got something coming up here this is full and oh yeah. -- For the candidates -- it isn't and if -- com. -- Exceeded that beautiful but -- what she isn't that stunning. Welcome back but it -- that have been. So -- they could hear thank you. Radio audience the united -- -- I am eastern tomorrow. -- -- --

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