GMA Live! (1.20.14)

Ginger Zee tests Dan Harris' knowledge of clouds in a special edition of "Weather from A to Zee."
3:00 | 01/20/14

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Transcript for GMA Live! (1.20.14)
GMA -- it all starts now live -- -- GMA. Why they NB -- absolutely won't -- -- don't want anymore but I'm happy to be here. And it -- Monday but I couldn't they could not get through this if it wasn't for you. Thank you and from Burger King sandwiches yes absolutely we'll expect on transitions here -- that was not so great. And if you -- hi lo is here with here. Eating -- like -- and everything in my life. OK so we get less highly hasn't yet as his buddy from Vegas yeah and is now it's got the spicy chicken fair he's he's. Junior will not -- this but I love you know what it's not like to meet this storm chasing. Meeting -- isn't what I will eat this march April and -- Because although we can get for the restaurants closed -- all the towns and -- might get it. I'm really quickly say good morning -- you know it's not like any locale delicious -- Hello yeah now that way the -- is so pretty do you want some spicy -- ticket yeah. Yeah -- -- rose -- -- Michigan well I'm front. Hired ginger thing yeah. And to be -- -- and -- spend -- a -- they get the Beers. -- you know hearing network -- the compliments go online and pick and Dan has. They pass well unless 100 -- yeah yeah -- go hungry man that it had added. -- -- man weekend I miss you so much I've I've written poems about it. Five songs songs about it I really as you and CEO senator welcome. Yet -- -- -- you know on weekends now I've got a little more time to do some fun thing to this weekend -- -- take it to my weekend. -- And this. That's -- go there to get. Yeah that's the parent that is her fiance doing -- -- -- that. But isn't residents think he'll -- -- out nice safe and believe pat on the program before and one of our writers. At her home. That's what happens I get excited to -- -- -- and like -- -- appears that they any moral issue here is in her -- why she's done a trampoline in her back. Do you know how excited Molly was to have us on the trampoline she asked for the moment we went and I don't like being six -- again we all announcement that we resisted a long time and and -- said. -- -- -- -- And we running for. Half when you made the decision to do the -- for youth group with a -- you nervous now I think that bill. On the I mean that it's not really wanna brag braving the -- exam wasn't nervous that is ciller. That special or are you sure know. If I didn't and on the ground -- events -- from doing that the answer to that looked like midnight he might have pulled him. And it moves in anyway because you know -- -- -- -- -- much to burn calories. -- -- any kind of help that was quite a weekend that we did insist. He also. You miss me probably because they used it place to a lot yes I've I've I really miss the causes high case a lot of those -- And now he lived with coming -- and thirty million equivalent of a new animation but we -- -- -- we have. It was detonated like 1983. Of you who come brilliant idea in her hands that well I cannot they're beautiful voices and then I'm at the end it's a special addition of weather and it is even gain at least a -- -- -- called name that -- and here's the first one all right it comes to us from Janet. McClanahan. End. In Georgetown Kentucky. -- What is that right there yes that is the outer bands of hurricane he doesn't every time so wrong that I hunt for -- And have I hear you have to know that. Is. -- sunset. Sound yes. As -- cumulus out of the clouds spray -- -- -- and -- south of cumulus. Whenever playing name that we're Natalie I have another 100 not upset that did that tell you get what you can outer bands -- -- hurricane -- And who've gotten you know let nothing more -- knowing that you're eating in I have years of practice if you think I consider Reza of black belt in danger and -- Never get bail thank you so semis but it is -- -- -- -- Dan in. It doesn't mind and -- we we use these things built teleprompter tells us what to -- largely ignore them but apparently I'm not those who in this case so. -- -- And hot news this morning Bill Murray has admitted that Garfield the movie was one. The biggest and perhaps the funniest mistakes in his entire marine career he agreed to record a leading voice immediately thought it was written. -- one of the famed Cohen Brothers. Jolt whose credits include cargo and Nelson has grown man and most recently been sadly Davis however it -- an an entirely different Bill Cohen binding Garfield movie very gradually realized its huge mistake. As he watched the first few scenes in apparent -- from the court recording Booth. And when asked by a phantom the third Garfield movie was plan he replied they shot themselves in the fight McCain needs -- liver and the -- -- -- On the second one which I think means he liked it. Yeah I -- him about. -- heat it's not like he has other. Cover I would think that with that actors like you make so many that you got to do something not good -- doing a few clunkers you know and he probably pretty big -- That it. High class problem and everybody -- some kittens and that's our -- the day. My favorite Fred Dan Haren and blessed I'm these kittens very interested in -- shoe box. So much so that there humans decided to set up a -- -- -- -- names are serious and some -- left behind. How old. It and warm months -- and they -- netting president kitten things. And then they get healed dozens of Scott but I can't -- old and they still do this type of thing all the time. And an up and -- and many many more annoying versions of that if you're black -- -- me I can't imagine what you are you having any Steve likes to smacked me in the face prison. -- -- and injured as. And I'm standing here we have to do forecasts bonus -- Saturday. Of course they'll never iPad through all the steam. Fled the -- that that's the advantage candidate Christmas gift Pristina in life -- And then later we found out that he gave -- he and his brother -- -- when brother. Think they change their minds and that's been taking a nap on the you know. It's fair that's put like ground last in my life every time I leave the house she basically text me pictures of the cats all day long -- I come back so I know with whom -- Until then -- yeah. The choreography and what very exciting house that we aggravated -- -- it's like -- -- with that of flat you know let us. Yeah and the bank -- -- -- -- individual music to the weather I'll think that a little later let's get to the -- had. -- -- -- -- I'm like yeah. This is that he is an interesting way of getting them. -- and that's awesome. That is awesome -- -- lemurs do that in Africa I'm not kidding. I think that fantastic. What is he diving Adam -- underhanded layup then Warner has state and the others as you. Today it's fantastic it's. Trying to get lasagna he's trying to get was not know that finger. But he definitely that I would welcome back. That is actually a fantastic -- though I don't watch that all that was it again and -- -- To do that today no way he would do that -- Steve is limited in a lot of ways and and one of them is that he never -- that. That's that's -- that you've seen right there the extent of these -- LA's team has fourteenth. He had -- -- Elvis teeth pulled for a rare gum disease that we around the house become ruthless and toothless yeah. -- -- And well thought they know and I need go to all day yeah -- nobody tell -- -- -- on the 300. We have there Saturday and humidity candidates -- And yes literary and whether lessons inside that said trustee Angie and I think I knew it meant not -- federal feel like an. Phillies seem -- even ones that really the only simply rot Scott. Live -- here and I -- that drops that that is. Fight -- -- -- America to come up with a deep here Burson were then Ross can you do now wait wait wait now I wanna do it. -- We're putting this out there are put in he is so nervous right now we -- witness that there ross' brother -- behind his own apartment -- happening here. It -- going to -- his own apartment by the end of the year. -- -- -- -- When you do that picture completely completely demolished and -- -- about -- he. Actually -- it that -- -- I absolutely love UK utility can facilitate thank you for being. Good and only eleven months of last since you have to buy -- apparently the -- -- The on the -- And come on man that started its starters of the yes. Helped Ross get an apartment seriously but still at all worried about us is one of our favorite young employees here at ABC news is a rising star anything that's important but what's up -- Within when we think anything responsible and anyway and -- -- -- got itself into. Adorable that just got that adorable. That. Bad the crowds as he looked good. We know that they made a lot of families to their judgments up but. WAOK -- on this next hour -- sagging but whenever you that Britain and find someone as -- I don't think -- that he he -- by the get along. Join us tomorrow. -- will learn more about -- right here at 9 AM Wednesday and what. -- but I by everybody.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Ginger Zee tests Dan Harris' knowledge of clouds in a special edition of \"Weather from A to Zee.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21597052","title":"GMA Live! (1.20.14)","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-12014-21597052"}