GMA LIVE! (12.03.13)

Sam discusses his big announcement and Mark Ballas chats about his struggle to quit smoking.
3:00 | 12/03/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (12.03.13)
-- -- -- Food movement -- who wouldn't. Is that. Koch now that I can be -- here a little Paula on the I don't know how I just insistent and -- without you my love. -- don't honestly don't don't don't do you know how hard this was -- -- you know it was an opportunity and like telling you and I. Incredibly proud of you because -- no one -- no one on this planet could ever expect to be fortunate enough to have a work environment like I have with it is. It is it is it is a gift and it is one I will never ever ever forget. And I enjoyed doing TV. Like this right now more than I ever have doing anything in my life. When someone. Offers you a chance to make a difference and mind. And one of my big passions beside doing TV is whether environment forecasting accurate forecasting plenty of warning time. And now with all these disasters how -- they followed up by the stories told to the people get. I mean we step we should still should be stories doing stories about resilience and and the Philippines because these people still don't have the help they need so. When you go there's no one to Cingular brand name for weather and if the weather channel. That's it there isn't any competition there isn't anyone and they went for the fast and I know how hard this wasn't -- really you because you what you do love. In this family and and I know you went back and forth -- three this is great ending it's a great piece of advice for for viewers on -- fans it's. He never want to wake up and wonder when asked him what if you hadn't followed your heart and follow your dream and I think we're work I know we both feel. So proud of you that doesn't mean we're not to miss you like. -- Every day -- you guys every day but the thing is I'll probably have you on facetime under the desk. He wound in the mean I don't wanna over I want mama and I don't mr. Powell. If you I'm -- -- elegantly and occasionally I will not -- yeah. I mean now was -- you know he's just an hour snow okay we're -- this girl do we have those pictures. I was concerned -- -- -- and neurological disorder. Because I don't even know what was going on I don't -- TV don't come on. Or got I'm trying teacher you move your -- has grown -- time. It is you know when you -- you that they. -- denied that big to grab bag for pop news in play today tends to be a similar back when it worked better for populist it. It was a nice button to the pop news and you had to push it on to be when I first saw the video was just I saw a very wide so yeah. Girl running around gathering not hills girl that he would they -- and then and then all of a sudden in the middle of not passion. This squirrel what you can't not -- I don't know it's gotta be. But haven't you ever like you know let management know and I'm not passion and I don't -- the record -- 90306. Of the. You have gotten but but but let's. Like have you -- just like it did in the middle of a chocolate dessert falling -- like as well I could just fall over right now on my side because it's so delectable delicious. Nothing that's now. But never you should get a doctor you should check out how. I don't they require complete physical and. You say there may -- some neurological damage and I don't know all the -- -- -- of -- but tell -- I loved him. Do you think that -- he's OK I'm not sure if he's really OK what did you say to mean don't want to -- and. What's in -- not the. And we couldn't on television doesn't go and you just -- know all of I forget -- -- principle that. Paint Mark Ballas is here you have given -- -- And bad days. -- -- -- It's it here -- that I've got to go have a -- Italian. I'm gonna go my job here because I'm a little because he'd he'd always owner when he talked plan because I I have not frenzy or whatever yeah. The couple -- -- about body got I'll get out of here yeah. Things years obviously danced his way. And all of our hearts millions of television screens partnering with all manner of stars but. -- had a secret that you struggled with for many years town we have -- -- but. You are a smoker tried quitting over thirty times yet so first of all congratulations -- kicked it -- -- Lot of people dying to know I did yeah. I am I Gumbel -- nicoderm CQ I had used the patch -- -- -- what you have put -- trying to quit. For years and I -- -- and -- -- -- expert -- part of the culture that you know like him at the house. When there would be like trying to name with a cigarette a -- -- -- is part of them. Part of the -- I just finally wanted to just. Really K can't be held the stop and not just offer few months of thinking back so there's a lot of people -- -- -- -- those things how did you make it work for you. For me it was just what was great about -- they can't -- you -- here is he gave me a regime like being -- -- -- or you know being an athlete of any kind of sort. Regime is something that you -- you have to had to -- at a routine diet work out well and that's what. This kind of gave me the -- -- your -- a step to every day and what went in the chain think. Well I think he put the patch on the morning they also have laws and Susan and then coming out and they can give it to me it was all about the patch because I -- dance -- I wouldn't have to remind us that it eventually going and I don't want a -- -- -- what are what are the patches do. Well they hate it -- is a little bit of you know -- he can slowly wean yourself off but it doesn't make you feel weird now not -- enough for me how. How. How hard was it for me was barely come out with the words there and he tried to quit. Over -- yeah I'm wrong -- -- my mom was a lifelong smoker she tried to quit and tried quick trip. You don't did you have a -- we stared into the -- mall and said you know what I got it I gotta do. Yeah I mean absolutely -- -- and I think like you say that but then how you get past that hump yet you don't quit wearing don't quit trying to quiet -- you know we don't give up. And that that that was a great thing again it. Its routine its regime and being disciplined of course like. You can tranquil enough -- will power it's. It's so easy that I'm doing it and then you know you're out with friends and yeah initially anyway he nasal spray on his own this one and then you know you -- the pact between. -- this is like. You know -- anything like you wanna lose weight if you wanna put on certain amount of muscle mass you have to -- to regime and if you really are dedicated have a goal. Assuming that if it's -- and you -- -- you to change your state your lifestyle. How. Did he served we've -- -- I mean how hard and we hear I mean it's really the question does your tummy tuck and guys how hard was it every single star the comes on here says it's still much harder he had -- thought. How were you able to do that as a -- subprime real big talker. -- -- I don't remember he's not only did Miss America. Dallas I was having kind of like off pats fan and you know you can't smoke in -- hotel now yes yeah yeah I don't I don't yeah you really. When I got into that job surprisingly what you wouldn't a lot of dancers -- kick it back in the day. London and Europe was the -- that's what you -- -- train that's way. And that baby be having private lessons and the teachers since he smoking's effects does it also execution because it cuts in -- I don't -- and I think it's just dancing in and. Didn't like -- -- like anything it's a part of the part of they have nothing in. For me the big -- -- stress and that's what was great about you the blueprint split. That it helped me get over my triggers -- knots you know surrendering -- I'm stressed not a cigarette -- final blueprint. -- to ghetto Wal-Mart dot com slash blueprint -- and -- hasn't Wal-Mart dot com blueprint to quit in this is all involved with nicoderm CQ yep and it's basically a series of patches yet. Kids and making game and then they also have online supports. -- you are having that moment we -- like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm really proud of you thank you rated by some happy to share with our audience and it's again at Wal-Mart dot com -- -- com slash. We've been -- could quickly we just -- see amber Riley taken. Was there. Next season ramping up. Yeah we expect to see a newly kicked that habit mark bounce back we India plane knock off yet allow Woolsey -- -- and I -- you know several nice teases you or you know you want you -- -- to dance. Dancing with the July tried to dance with you and you -- -- -- here -- -- May yet but yeah I think but. -- Yeah any partner that -- become a mile -- -- what I I'm not agree and I'm not that I don't put his everybody. There are most of the people -- two left. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was I was watching that we had we re ran I think we are all don't think I was watching -- just pulling me around the dance floor yet -- -- -- really I I. I can see how they really just control it yeah. Heart -- and the -- beyond me and it's this idea believing or back. I mean seriously you would have to be. -- yet that the that you had to succumb to being you know. You know escorted around the floor you know so how would you do about how to how do you like let down I don't know why don't we see a little bit -- Right yeah. Many feel a little bit Martin -- and oh yeah there's -- OK go -- let's see little one million Polyone. You -- you person no no no no no Martin now Martin that Saddam. -- Friday. Now that's an eye on high heels when -- we wouldn't play music but we can't afford us. Everything I get -- -- -- one topic one. Steve they have going look like -- -- to let -- and I NG adding that they get little group and then he misses with a leading them then absolutely out of their family -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Crazy that's -- a -- posse but nobody don't really even that like sometimes teaching I have -- How quick he picked -- the want to say sometimes that can think like really oh my god. Yeah you're great athlete our c'mon you're an athlete why -- -- are not doing it I don't think it's a good idea with GMA III you are part it would Tony imagine. -- is the -- is -- coming back. I don't know we'll be cool without -- I really don't know couldn't get a possibility look at one more pop Wal-Mart dot com. Slash slash blueprint who we love mark well as we love dancing the -- -- congratulations on winning everybody. Tomorrow huge tank stand the idea examiner. Day all right go nowhere or get back here and we'll see in a -- I always.

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{"id":21081334,"title":"GMA LIVE! (12.03.13)","duration":"3:00","description":"Sam discusses his big announcement and Mark Ballas chats about his struggle to quit smoking.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-120313-21081334","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}