GMA LIVE! (12.12.12)

Josh, Sam, and Amy discuss bubble soccer match and the Cheeseburger Bloody Mary.
13:33 | 12/12/12

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (12.12.12)
Ohio Jonathan he did he'd just get quick. -- a Little -- Baghdad. Well I suppose you just saw the show in a nutshell this is what happens when -- other caffeinated and unclear. And number all right next welcome. -- GMA really lives. How would we well filling your -- and we pull back the curtains and you see what happens behind the scenes during. Well commercial breaks or what they're not even the others don't use. Impressive -- yeah. -- -- -- We know. Now. Story just like -- it's crunch time for you -- -- you may be. Dancing around living room or getting. Kids ready to ride out the door if you are breakfast this morning make sure you take a picture. This tweeted to us. And real kind of show America doing what they do in the morning like we show what we do yeah like when we are eating cake and to be having pancake makeup applied to our faces here's here's one from. At -- he -- -- that 85. A photo of and then -- all my goodness look at. Com on that is huge so -- model. And -- in the DJ that's in Brooklyn yet. And remembers spirit week carry sentences none of her twins Luke and -- ready for pajama day at -- and mom pajama -- we should have that here. -- -- -- -- Right now and take another big week on honest feeling adds to the -- -- sent us this she tweeting she's supposedly getting ready for school crawled. In -- -- went back to sleep. We can find out about that happens all happening to me -- -- happy -- this morning. It was did you go back I was terrified that it was much later than it turns out it was the boy that's. The worst. It is -- and he just one more snooze just wanted to. And we told you about Rihanna by the way she's studying abroad and folks watches all over the world she's in London right now she -- us her first morning GMA live and she said. Well she's excited that she was able to watch. Hash -- CNN live action from her flat in London and it was making her -- she's missed us then she's not just us being there in London you don't have to. Anymore so we. Josh don't have a -- I believe we go. Rihanna are you there what this right now and I am RI AA and I. So Rihanna RI you know it is the Internet but you know words were working off her schedule how the field trip yesterday we want have you -- you guys -- would you do. The city Britain -- BM yeah. And we saw dean turner I think there is an ugly cool a school setting their Rihanna. -- did he -- your seventh inning victory. Are you really studying. Yours is one of those things where you know you're coming back -- straight days whether or not he went to class -- -- I don't I don't want our current side sees it you got it she is studies yachts Garcia as you study course. We're out of where we want thank you for taking fifteen minutes out of your data to watch our -- struck. After our -- -- -- -- -- thank you so much momentum and we hope that school doesn't get in the way. Of your enjoyment of this fine Internet program. About thank yeah. I love about myself and -- Talk to you guys now destined. -- so let us know if you're watching the show where you're watching him from how you watch it. I don't know if you can set up this guy just on the edge of the shower and it's a whole saying the -- yeah. -- our brushing your teeth like we show this morning beginning at lunch Seattle radio -- -- at the thing -- -- anything be anything yes. Strings into tin -- assume it. It was a historic day and not -- because. The invest -- calendar dictated that it -- 121212. Today it was also historic day because adds we might have seen the George Stephanopoulos. -- it for the precise time of all time. You it was. The monkey people I mean everything's funny with the monkey especially in -- -- -- take a lot. This is that little what's his name again. Darwin Darwin right appropriately named thank you thank Darwin has been for now secret -- And we -- -- an animal shelter. While they try to figure out if this is a good thing to be dealing with him. -- Well apparently their disease carrying now and that's the problem yes we probably don't want to keep. But in the -- Darwin where he belongs which is when the company of his other attack -- and apparently. Some of the diseases are -- transferable. -- actually two people via butt kissing and he was kissing him bright and and so it's it's one of those things that. I mean it looks cute until you kind of understand that Tony this is a wild animal that shall be someplace around other animals and be. There's some definite medical risks. I'm here has RM I want seltzer -- and because -- -- -- about that we've got that out of the way and take a look at this. -- -- -- -- I meant to -- -- they did it to myself. Yeah. -- could mean. How do you get your video if this isn't very this is -- very serious story -- dark -- precinct. This that we should never happened to George that I mean he really struggling it was self money never. Well we talked for about five minutes about how we -- Given possibly get through that created and Georgia was -- -- -- avenue reconciled. It -- I'm simpler times. Also we out of a memorable play. Below the day to day take a look just a couple. Similar views -- out playing soccer with being bubbles on the you know I love the beautiful game especially enclave -- yeah. Unless he's all -- guys stand and we are just wonderful wonderful folk. We decided that they -- I know would topple your idol -- don't know one win over but I gotta tell you that you do get props and never when realize that you were in stilettos while you're doing this. But but let me just tell you she took the first shot I hit -- body it. Knowing you -- Novartis and getting aggressive ya I wanna go down and -- -- anonymous dead now. And then just toss this out which is not a regulation soccer ball -- -- -- -- The problem I have I don't know facility it is unclear if you are making excuses -- you -- Here's the goal. Oh yeah I know how to. Be the first person -- that was a powerful check I mean I was excellent -- very first -- -- boxed me out. It at a hockey since we have so much to do what you call when you're wearing a -- it's not really Salgado what is it made a big question America. Immediate background to look at -- -- Atlanta patent was. Aren't so if you forgot to check your calendar today we should mention if you haven't heard it's not just any day it's 1212. To twelve. And there's a whole lot of excitement over that -- apparently people rushing to the alternate tie the -- Hoping their babies are born on this very special day and what makes it even more special. -- it will not happen again for another nine. 8989. 89 years when the date is January 121. -- one so what are you while doing to. -- commemorate this all important lucky. You know what I'm not doing math but I can't let I don't oh yeah passing that we is that OK I don't just say that in a hundred years I did I did -- riled up well in twelve -- I rode in on why not high in mid century I mean that you usually widens it what's the nearly about a twelve yeah 12100 years from. -- and it's not merely Monday. Com looks. Birthday there's a -- And men have about oh I. -- -- -- a hundred years or 89 years -- whatever. Gonzales against. This Denise is saying in my -- that is January 1 what is it 210 no but only percent. I mean that's -- and next time it's going to be 121212. It'll be December 12. 2112. Which is 100 years from today it is so why are we. What you mean this day began -- 11. Okay. I didn't point seven points Sandia its -- setting myself yeah. I was going to talk about morning people. And all -- -- are morning people but we all at some point to drag ourselves out of bed at some time and now it. Have you ever had that Prague where it lasts for a little while they say in this story anywhere from five to twenty minutes that the -- feel like it's five hour Leslie -- exhaustion he. That you know scientifically it's linked to sleep inertia and according to doctor Alison Harvey at the UC Berkeley. There's a transitional period of groggy -- they can last between five and twenty minute. After a person first wakes up and doesn't explain the entire hour I feel it. So at the end of GMA we asked you to tell us. How long does it take for you to wake up in the morning and here in the choices. So are you right away -- up before the alarm. Oh well that's annoying now that's. Knowing knowing usually in dollars like that well it's -- when you're young but it is not my junior still asleep. The heat this news but this my best friend again or -- don't speak to -- -- speak to you I -- There's or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- after the other go online to vote. I don't know -- had my coffee I think that's usually I yeah we're just back to try to structures that we don't have to do this but I guess we put her -- Love you -- pop news today -- -- -- has the scoop on the crazy new combo meal introducing. The cheese -- bloody Mary it's apparently packing in crowds -- one Wisconsin bar. And we made our own version here virgin version. On GMA and diesel woman. Councilwoman common grill in the -- It is of her soon for a massive remind you might call on the song yeah yeah joining us to tell us now only came not when an -- and -- -- -- This to -- almost says America at its worst. -- -- They've named. It debut -- -- came -- So there you're making us you're -- -- making that fed the drink. Do you just -- Amir if you just keep seeing things and so you decided obvious can it. I was gonna keep stuff and and it never thought. The. That I got -- and those in Chicago undergoing dad and he knows who voted everybody categories -- here we try to you don't play blues are an easy experience. Use -- -- It is it is something -- hot dog on here. Very big polish sausage -- fire or not we'll agree. Yeah I gotta give you kudos on the submerged -- because I thought that was just not only does -- balance. I mean. That's like a weight to hold the burger in place. It's a surprise pickle when you pull it out in the and bloody -- congratulations on the -- -- -- -- you know you're sort of think to the party the date when his let me salute the Brussels -- this whole problem. I'm proud how Long Will measure of how do you know itself up it could really wanted to -- and I'm sorry this is the green -- in the straw. It is now these are all our results. I was -- -- -- is -- oh. It's easier if you look at him just say just just for the record. The people who not supposed to be submerged or don't feel bad. I got bartender and there's still Rosenberg -- -- there were captured together. I. Could actually gave I'm gonna offer up deserving he -- this is a little fun facts about Samuel. I'm he hopes to hang them -- up one day. I leave the weather game and game he wants to be a bartender he wants to -- -- cannot I can't -- understudy. The -- the New York -- over Andrew. Quickly others caught out our website could jump the UPS driver and he wants you to know that while Santa delivers those packages in one night he's hard at work. Right now. And you are -- just take a listen. -- -- -- -- Palin will -- -- is delivering gifts. For little insurance. If you don't understand. -- to Yuma brain. Saying that easy UPS main. Sure -- enjoy this government Springdale Arkansas. And then again your own particular take on winter wonderland. Brilliantly. Done my friend. -- -- this time a year I have to believe. It's like it's like your Super Bowl. Yeah. It is you know we're out there who -- -- -- -- -- It is I'm years Catholic -- -- we're always fair board we no comment. So we try to do we can't -- people smile on operation you know try to make sure to be geared. -- Those hardworking people out Baird Baird got order -- -- you try to make sure to begin their parents. Can only air X our right to do this today -- -- they just pop and you're headed you really work out they wrote themselves. Yeah no sidewalk. I feel about Dell notebook -- -- audio I was just wish her Alma Powell who -- on my -- crazy about my UPS truck. Baird Baird do you think that we work and as this drama carried inevitable death mark came out because. I've never get a -- -- his comedy year. And now my wife she works is gone without food and -- -- little -- he could -- when I get home he believed he had. And the know how hard his parents are working. That you're insisting -- that's an amazing thing to thank you can. -- Now I just wanted to -- -- and children everywhere and has not actually yesterday. Everybody knows that he really worked for FedEx I and everybody. Very much up for joining us in -- hello to everybody on the into a farm moon enough apparently Serena is C. Don't just hit me until I've spoken to you thank you all very -- GMA. Really -- And half of plummeted and an -- -- -- they didn't -- of redundancy. -- --

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{"id":17945187,"title":"GMA LIVE! (12.12.12)","duration":"13:33","description":"Josh, Sam, and Amy discuss bubble soccer match and the Cheeseburger Bloody Mary.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-121212-good-morning-americas-live-show-17945187","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}