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GMA LIVE! (12.17.12)
12:25 | 12/17/12

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (12.17.12)
In not Connecticut. -- -- he's there Josh is there aleris there as well this is the show that's behind the scenes and never has the show like this been more important when we can all just kind of download and talk about what it's been going on today and the coverage of the news Connecticut just disaster I don't even know another way to -- tough. King earlier today I think -- and I that I have the experience and we all do many of us in on the set here and in new -- -- parents. I was telling you -- that last that I was holding my six year old Sam while he was playing on my iPad. And feeling just the weight in the warmth of him he was born. In August of 2006 so he was kissing me gives Sony -- -- -- victims and it really am really lucky in that moment that. To hold him I think a lot of parents a lot of families this weekend are taking those moments to really appreciate. That their children are alive and well. Josh huge long Joshua Lehrer Amy you're there in Connecticut -- -- says that it's up tell us what what it's like today. This is now led the Indians that was Friday Saturday Sunday Monday afterwards. -- I think George said it best today it's a town galvanized by its grief. This is a town that if the last 48 hours has been to set. By. Well wishers supporters coming from all over the region but also the world's media you couldn't walk through this town and not here accents and foreign languages. -- this is certainly become now -- -- the focal point. Of the world and it's a town I think that is only now. As Monday always feels like ticket back to normal sort of day in the best of times I think it's a town that only now. Will begin to deal with what's happened to that point something very interesting that some of the victim's -- share with mean they're now today and tomorrow. You're you're gonna see all the funerals those those tiny little coffins. Parents. Planning and attending. A funeral they could never have imagined would take place and they say well these next -- are going to be hard. Attending those funerals and burying their children. They are really fearful for -- all of this attention goes away. When we off pack up and we go home when the friends and family who rushed in who flew in -- to help cook their meals and just hold their hand and give them all that emotional support. And when they leave and when the rest of the world turns back to normal. Their lives are for ever changed each and every day they will live with this pain and that really -- because there are all. You know here to support them but that did that scary times -- -- and in the next few weeks for many of these cameras. The -- photos mom said she was so comforted you spoke to the family last night said she was so comforted. By the president coming here I think that was a huge step in. The healing process which as you say is going to be so long we have to all make a promise -- everybody in the studio we have to remember. To remember him. Ten never forget and I know that all of us at each had our -- moments. You come here to do a job. And you can't not be deeply deeply affected as a parent as a human being. -- each had these huge cries just moments where. The reality of this situation is so weighty. And and I just thought the president last night was so moving and wonderful and I I loved the -- photos mom saying it makes me feel so good knowing my daughter didn't die in vain she was truly an. This is the first grade teacher who died defending. Some of her students. And to that end as well -- lot of people asking on Twitter FaceBook and -- all of us how is it that you keep together how is the hold together. The in the face of such a tragedy and it and and I can tell you. You really don't say you know -- -- -- -- separate yourself from the moment to do this job. And it's this is the life we have chosen Josh but I know driving home I think all of us westbound said last night might I was in tears -- -- Arnold's -- gosh here we look at Scripps and we see the words and those pages and see those little faces. And and we have to take moments. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet now and I just -- I when this happened on Friday are number one of the first. Folks I chatted to with Josh because I know that. His little girl goes to school very close there and Larry your kids or are in that area that Fairfield County area as well. But I sent a note to Josh as soon as the plane touched down and I'm like how far away is this from where. Serena goes to school. And and it's just that that that common touch where everybody you were talking about your family. There is not a family in America that is in -- by a friend or someone. Who immediately starts at Paul you've got children as well immediately starts to think about. Their friends their family and their lives in the midst of someone else's trial and the very real last -- right now all of us -- Parents -- and adults in this community is teachers is starting his -- how do we talk to our kids about this and -- We spoke with experts on GMA this morning who said depending on the age of the child the conversation dramatically changes when the child is younger. You want to protect them from this they say from seven and younger don't even bring it up and. -- have everything off isn't really don't that we are in this business steely you know we have our TV sets out and I know. I don't know but she and Josh -- -- Amy and for you we weren't able to take -- kids to school today. So I mean that's something it's a big step to getting back to normalcy is you know you the bad guy is -- The adults are gonna protect you let's -- these kids back into routine but that was hard I I know I was texting my husband was anything different at school is that everything's the same they just tried to keep it the same. Just to move on -- and take those first steps but -- I know this morning is I have to -- and television set has not. Has not been on in my house not and I and I made it clear I can hear a lot and I called my husband and I said. Do not turn on the coverage and I don't want them watching one frame of this because it's something that doesn't leave you as we talk to that it -- families. The impact of it is is tremendous and we're adults and we can process it so I have absolutely put complete restriction on any coverage being aired an. Our house and everybody processing this is well when you really get -- to the heart of the matter you think about the children that were lost -- think about. The moments in which they were lost -- -- extraordinary. Horrible. Unimaginable fear that they must of suffered and it. It I think is that all parents say you know it's it's not strike you as it sounds and that's it you wanna grab -- you want to hold them close and I know speaking to. A third greater over the weekend the third grader whose who whose teacher hit her in a closet. I -- -- near the end of the interview. They're what do you think about school now how -- -- and she said I'm scared to go back I don't wanna go back and worse and I don't know how we asked the innocence to. To go back it's again this is a conversation we've been saying -- off all morning long the important part of this show is the search now for solutions. Because beings must be done. And children need to feel safe -- and parents need to know how to try and make. -- and I loved willow bad thought she was fantastic in giving really great. Advice that I took -- had a half an hour window last night with my kids yesterday afternoon before. Coming back here and down and die off my older wanted to know why -- had to be here why it was important and I. I think -- do you can't avoid that you I had read LTV. Yeah images but that you do have to start the conversation right Sam yet certain ages you you have to do and at Elizabeth then and willow both on the -- -- we're talking about that and a springer is at. Our social media board right now this is a live show where we talk to you talk to us so Andrew what are folks saying to us that they -- to talk about this morning. What we've been watching good morning Sam good morning -- in -- we've been watching Twitter all morning as we do every morning. You guys are tweeting -- you're saying your crying this morning your sad. -- -- -- -- Today show was so touching in and set straight. Reporting for up there. I'm look at this one point eight million tweets he's pray for new town tweets since Friday. And this was -- serve our most social moment of the show this morning Josh in your piece you showed the sign. There is no foot so tiny that they can't leave an imprint on this world we saw over 200 reached its of this it's really resonating with people. In your piece just we ask you what are you doing to remember the victims. This morning. Stephen -- this -- -- in Jonesboro Arkansas they're having their own vigil on their by Teddy bear collection. So many people treated him like best -- calling my boys -- -- Yeah -- yeah I think I think every parent anyone who's anywhere near a child is is trying to to. Make everybody feel better you do you have a question for -- folks asking us questions. I do have a question for you this question came and a lot people are asking what we do from our position at home what we deal for the people on the ground there. In -- how can we help so our -- -- team how can people home health. Josh. Again they are direct did did -- directing. A lot of request two the red cross and again you can also if if you I think he belonged to -- there are on the school this district as it is at this point. Take you out of those requests again as -- mentioned and we spoke to lieutenant Paul Vance. Of the Connecticut state police has really been out in front throughout. This is he said that you know this week is going to be weak for funerals it will actually probably be week where as much as we want to help and reach out this will be week -- I think we will all collectively take a step back. And we and -- this ungodly hour. I'm -- -- just think it's important to know people can go to our website -- -- -- -- dot com on Yahoo! will answer -- -- ways to how is it fair mentioned there's obviously financial help that's needed here there's also emotional support and I think a lot of families just like to know you're thinking and then you're praying for them whatever it is you do. To send good thoughts into the world I think that -- a tremendous amount to the people here of new town to know that America is. Collectively hugging them catch up hash tag Newtown so he had not be -- very quickly Sam I do wanna ask you -- you were in fact out of ten you were in Miami I was wondering. You know we were right here in the middle of -- all but how was this resonating for instance there -- in Miami and Florida over the weekend. Josh I'll tell -- it it but it when I took off in the airplane. This had not happened and where that word wasn't out when we landed it had and you could just hear people reacting as soon as they turn on their phones. All down and everyone -- touched by this it doesn't matter if you live in Connecticut area lived in -- 200 mile radius of Connecticut everyone's touched by this. This -- this is supposed to be the safest place in the world you you choose these these schools in these communities we all do based on our. Families -- also saw this when the attack happened -- best -- Russia anytime you see children this young hit the targets being the victims of shootings of violence like this it's just. It's staggering -- absolutely shattering to hear this kind of. It is important that we don't live in fear though that's hard not to do I mean as a parent you almost don't wanna send your -- back to school. But we need -- to move forward and cannot allow this to dampen us from living. Right and then now love upon a place like Newtown Connecticut today everybody in -- doing the job and I know you guys are there away from their families -- -- -- -- continue our coverage all day long we thank you join us on GMA alive you know where the show that tomorrow we'll tell you exactly what's going on behind the scenes. The -- so we thank you for joining us and -- welcome aboard. Elizabeth everybody thank you guys we'll see some. And it is. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.

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