GMA LIVE (12.18.13)

ABC's Ginger Zee and Amy Robach check out this year's hottest toys for the holidays.
3:00 | 12/18/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (12.18.13)
I am what did you realize that I know that brought -- Josh had the assignment of the decade they were in Vatican City and it was a fantastic show. Mom just to feel the warmth of the Pope as we approach Christmas this and the final giants I was there is your -- today. But I -- to say. They got the call and we certainly wish the Pope can enjoy is the we have pop eyes that look and a fantastic right now -- Marie calendars. We'll huge writing I think what are you lost nine them again. I -- -- maybe we should be sharing some of these price that we will mean we live passing them around to get. I'd like to think I can eat all of these but I'm guessing I do had a hardy Abbott -- I've known for might hire an appetite -- Quiet on the water here there's joining us now it's amazing -- one -- -- Marie calendars for all of these delicious spite. I'd taken by irate at night because I've got to say that Coke asset to save says -- amounts. -- some there's now talk clip of that and brought evolved through curtains. -- -- thank you can't do it without check had a feeling it feeling -- remember Aaron. Just days ago we learned that ballot pitting it head on styrofoam Lofton and -- we I didn't hear this story is little. Repeating this Sunday worth repeating every day that they -- have -- -- Sally again if we had it and he was trying something that we don't want people to try a home. That's after hours after they're done working had a little fun let me if I could -- -- through it. Styrofoam there haven't been the video now tell where they're working on I think hit -- had a panic and it does not go through let's just. -- that's okay. Sorry. Still allowed now I'm so and Arnold I wanna get -- -- and pleaded so they can go viral. And get picked the biggest pop that video in -- at any point while our what we're doing our extras here and I'm meeting my high but we do have a little pop -- for now. And a creative artists who was inspired by real estate artists -- -- willing to put their faces on bus stop -- -- Without knowing what people might view of that south check out Phil Jones pay homage to the brave men and women of the real estate world -- in -- their look. And replicating their images with his own local bus stop. No word of any mustaches. And devil horns appeared over his -- I'm going with Dave I just given a few days. It will be there -- -- -- not because these pictures really are fantastic but you know people do we've seen it -- especially here in New York City maybe it's just. In the Big Apple has it was one of supermodels and in a subway and the way that they made her luck -- -- of course I laughed at press but it. But it was very yeah sometimes I don't worry my children by signs that because of what they do -- some of the signs nearby apartments like. Don't look good look. Didn't really looking walking -- but anyways the -- of those stay intact and yet. Allow what -- and that we do want to move on because they love pets here and didn't analyze -- -- of the day how about this unit stocking stuffer is one amber. Check out these pictures cats and. -- Let that -- and yes wolf I don't know that about one. A little concerned. Wow NNN in doing what it does doubt about our hot dog cat I don't know can be conclusively who. I think you -- An outline I had all the different pictures -- -- -- has so this is kind of like the tour catnip the -- look like maybe she was in Cashmere yes. They don't want -- -- -- -- -- when you put your catastrophic. And so view although Beckett about one thing about a one out but it wasn't enough I believe that without -- hairless cats. Probably in need could be Iraq apparently a little bit I'm just saying where patent. This itself. Another great story this one makes the -- the one direction so beautiful the band surprise a group of 36 makes us sick children in London. By showing up and performing an impromptu mini concert for a planned screening of their movie this is it. The event was sponsored by the charity rays of sunshine which makes wishes come true for seriously ill children take a lesson. -- -- -- Enjoy rape and that is fantastic what a great bunch -- guys. And up by the way they -- the only ones spreading cheer some players -- and cheerleaders and the Indianapolis cold sang carols and gave hugs. At Riley hospital for children and we have some some of them singing with syphilis and a look up. A little -- yeah well paid -- the Gambino doesn't this -- this season for giving in this is this season where so many people. Are sick and are suffering and you know as we all -- ground travel from new licensing agreement everyone deserves a little this year and that certainly brings tears in my eyes -- to see. People collectively getting together. And helping those who are fighting for their lives literally. I've been a few hospitals myself. Over the past month and that to me is adding that the well wishers comes from. Major you know shout out like that you've got -- people actually in your -- just sending a card -- I've been opening card that I haven't been able to open yet and my mom is going through that with me yesterday and you're just crying your crying because I think we're in this job we see how many -- people there are in the world. And when something bad happens to you. You get this that -- -- reinforcement. I'm just believing in the power of goodness and that there are so many good people out there and I -- I wanna take this time is to say every person who -- reached out to me. Who is reached -- to anyone who's used in the middle of a fight. It has such a huge impact I think all of his handwritten -- people going mind heart disease incidence is writing -- on a piece of paper. Tweeting it sending an email even threatening the inspiration that -- it -- -- It today and whether someone pleaded -- today on Twitter I got it I mean it's a sad -- but it's a powerful one. She's that I got my -- -- Because -- -- I'm 46 I was gonna wait minus fifteen. And I just got it and I have cancer and I wouldn't -- known. And she's finding -- -- stage shortly but she said you save my life and that to me. Was a whole reason why Republicans I just I -- all of these people giving an inspiring and fighting in helping people buy because that positive energy the Red Robin talk about. Truly has an impact I just went through round one of -- and I can't even believe how that I feel right now. And I truly attributed to. The power of everyone around me and all the people who have written in the parents' health and from the other side I think for other people I never know what to do I think it's a very weird they always say some of the union that's that's a good lesson because of that of that right in do it say something. That's that's always kind of attend all you have to do is say thinking yeah yeah I mean praying for you whatever it is you name -- someone forgot to gut it's not that gets to be -- -- Snow and an. Maybe don't expect that a response back right away at it but no that it had an impact -- it had an impact I think. That's that's the power. Reaching out to one another so I just wanna say when I see those stories I just wanna they think you thank -- thank -- everyone takes the time. To reach out and just say I love you I'm thinking you -- really the best. -- likely US if you want your -- If you do you hate fat and I'm Mike -- for the Miley Cyrus cut a little bit about what they're talking about that's -- -- -- Jennifer -- not like her heritage details. The as a satire about -- you have to have their mind about some other ways that you couldn't help but get the spirit of giving we do have that annual warm coats warm hearts -- -- You can bring your gently used out and he Burlington store and then -- someone who needs it not to mention you'll get a discount on your -- -- so that's not so bad either. Look pleased to keep this wonderful trips and growing this holiday season we love this time of year. Because we get to do this and helped so many and it's speaking -- giving -- saying we've got to win got to start checking out what we did not cool guests and crew. Lou let it -- out if you read and presents and then if this is the biggest thing and welcome to you Laurie -- -- -- yes. It. Welcome to him and I -- I. Yeah. Let me have come Christmas time. And none of that comes out I'm getting healthy as I have some and not just the hottest shows the the most fun twist isn't a guys like to play so we start with a couple of pets for those children that are asking for them and the -- Mike -- monkey very real mistake. Lots of different touch points and looking at me she loves to. And of course what she really loves to do is to play. Sell it when he would think about -- -- -- He went. Yeah. Grameen yet you can and -- argue and I'm gonna leave this one for you guys. -- all right so let's talk about the ugly is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- According machine for boys they are moderate -- -- they have opened thirty different proposal could discuss. How -- Hinton -- yeah I'd pass it -- that I. And see what they did you. Yeah I -- a ten year old -- and who wouldn't want to -- a lot of it. At that -- and and are going to love it I and bonds are. An army -- you're -- that cannot accept an honest now is that it and I'm not gotten and that's the bad part for the batteries run out honey I. He didn't get batteries IRA and -- great robotic dog name consumer. Susan out of the box is a puppy who doesn't really listen to demand this is a voice activated happy. And the more do you like him and he's gonna start to hear of in the -- -- He not yet yeah yeah yeah and that fact and I -- -- -- adjective not listen I don't think we'll but he will listen when you think -- call that morning you play with him -- -- he's gonna listen the only -- to train a real popular. Simply as Atlanta did to roll over you just of course not him he that was nice an eight. -- -- -- -- response to things like if you say I love you Zimmer speaks so tons up who I want you to jump into the battle this is batch number what. We have. These micro robots and final play Big Brother remains the wife -- yeah. Exactly. But that did -- get a lot of -- -- to guess it's like. -- -- black. And that's that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Apparently enough that would happen only put hot meals together -- -- with an old arcade game plan and it isn't all the hot wheels -- hate. So even think about playing Kindle with hot wheels -- I'm going to turn us. And could get a good money here like when he was going to any complaints started and start shooting but yeah. Things done and and anything yeah. -- I'm what it's like it did not think you're trying to. Well let's call at vale do -- I didn't make it happen everyone's gonna have fun playing the yeah. Yeah. That's -- Just leave it. And I might be -- yeah but that's very cool and -- eluded all this stuff so. He's you can find its way surprised at Wal-Mart target. I've brought a new -- will -- but this is our why -- car for its high performance three wheeled scooters -- -- -- -- this -- with heels on. You like you have higher -- and then me. Can -- -- -- can make sure apparent it's got flat and technology. Yes so what we gonna do is going to stand on its. And by simply wiggling hips -- And I can't get shaken baby. -- -- Yeah. CNN. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's that's that's. He did Italy may get away on end of the -- wiggle the best he can't cool. Cool that's. And good exercise like somebody -- -- -- it's really great work he never any doubt though available as well like development -- he could still get it great gift ideas for the residents who have been massive. But let's not think yeah via -- again. Didn't expect believe they want to say -- -- coming NN for everybody and it's about to get some high number I -- And we can't check would even more information -- inside -- dot com so everybody knows exactly how to find all of these great -- Especially the the perfect thing. That's not everyone thinks they're watching eastern and join us tomorrow and not anything.

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