GMA LIVE! (12.20.12)

GMA LIVE! (12.20.12)
3:00 | 12/20/12

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (12.20.12)
-- -- -- like there's no private. -- -- -- where there's -- DNA all day long way to -- your favorite morning moment. Are not as it I'm not exactly -- You're Alexander Alexander Alexander -- on our fashion show on the show today and so he'll be our special guest contributor he had a huge job you have thirteen -- -- that's an exaggeration let's. Practically thirteen dog so easy even and I thought he cannot he's kicked -- he really as high handed and honest look signing ceremonies at the humane society. And I know Sam you are right I have a dog problem. Some call according time. Boulevard and I just really I cannot have more than one it's with the death if I can't -- -- -- on the play David's role he saying now have enough from. -- -- Upbringing to say if -- -- put -- this morning wake up Josh Elliott ABC. Because I John -- about because he's got a day off today for just colony home brokerage. He can't be sleeping he might be coming -- this routine into your body that's her sleeping late -- want to -- all yours is the earliest routine. It -- team -- hammering out. No idea where am I -- as you normally do the overnight -- some time do you wake up. Depends I usually -- -- around 10 o'clock and -- ten keys and a nanny she is too small kids yet and a hundred incidents three kids rilya fast and loud ominous than -- all over the little. At this moment yes I'll let -- That headline on this is that -- part of -- shot down one day lag behind. Okay. I'm we have a lot of work to -- tonight we have a lot of we're have a -- we have a lot of work today names and flowers. Gotta get stuck in the house and every exhibit that was coming in today the landing I think as we speak we have already got -- got to -- -- Patterson dog and I -- that'll be big we'll be talking about it. We're while -- -- -- -- -- today he saw an incredible here and there that's what we call what you take all the clips of the shows of the year the important moments in putting them one piece which is impossible that you don't mean honestly obviously to our show live every day through 65 days a year right. So you can imagine the task at hand and and you know you see us we don't often get to see the people who make us look good every -- and they are beloved team. And we are -- center had taught him that two of them gathered Monahan and they -- life. Can they haven't slaps so so bear with them but that we wanted to celebrate them an education to them. And then of course we have dogs here I'll let you talk about the dogs -- Our top of the dogs really cute and we're going to David Wright do you think he's okay if you -- Alexander. I think so yeah I mean we -- unconditional love Alan dinner is off the markets often aren't getting I'm not saying that it's definitely we. Hello -- -- fashion show today yeah and now Atkins but what are we what are we doing with them later on this morning -- we doing. I hope -- we're look -- -- do you yeah. Yet Charlie is probably from the Big Apple circus who could not because we had a celeb you dog -- on today yeah. -- -- -- What happens if you Don -- you -- cycle would you let you know -- -- -- I don't. What are also got a check if you're a little bit later this morning news the new superstar you may live with all of your social media updates and you guys are really getting what. Home with us which we love during the show and afterwards -- -- up first the big story we've been reporting all morning long the extreme weather that's been hitting a lot of the country this week. This is going to be a big headlines that we thought we just give you a leg up on the holiday travel over the next two days is a quick look at the airport that will be impacted. The West Coast is getting a brand new storm system to come -- -- from San Francisco northward it's going to be airport delays. The East Coast and now absorbing the system that had just moved across the country so Chicago the New York area of Boston -- -- in Atlanta with strong severe storms so that I feel like we got a little news and news. Yeah designing younger than anything I create your very disturbed to -- have -- no. We have a unicycle riding god thankfully but yesterday -- Up front and sirens -- how we -- like -- drinking game change. Yes divvying up. An. Entire political center ones that don't want and they -- a moment on the Saturday -- Sam started happening -- behind easy and don't -- -- the dogs but he's a bit like things that you don't bombing that you don't see on the -- we were doing the dog fashion show and enchanted -- there's this beautiful little -- he's wearing Santa -- the night looked over and he said no -- coming adult sizes. Of untapped market. -- -- -- on one easy for humans. Yeah the sentence is not eat you know like that that black yeah. Good that is like a Santa hat that you could really good idea. And in your alarm code on the back at all all -- -- -- home right now because we're developing. Everything he told me I'm totally not yet we are supposed to be something happening here about -- since we're talking about. Travel all the travel as you head out for your holiday travel since this York. Pictures on FaceBook or Twitter and let us know you're encountering any troubles because we can immediately get him out there. And we have a poll we have a -- holiday travel all too much and and the bells and whistles we don't have a siren but we do have a poll please feel free to read the holiday people on -- waiting to see now that. We I think we are out of traveler knowledge -- -- either. No I'm home for the holidays if you would interpret the second one. This is like my driving -- grant -- house tea -- me not shore hoping Santa these tickets under my tree on CDs. We're here. -- GMA for the holidays right yeah. Are you what's and you you're you're your your honeymoon no nudity no because we get we get married the legal ceremony as the 21. Then -- work next week and then the party is in Miami the 31 official what do you guys like me I'll get there the 28. Oh wow look I -- -- -- well. The facts right back -- Friday -- well I'm glad we retain its hold on -- exactly what we have breaking news here Jim and I. -- -- -- -- Park senior airman. -- -- -- -- -- Who have not slip up let your guard down you that you want the united -- about it with the young yeah. All major change you're -- -- -- wrong can you got it at either way yeah. He's an Elliott you know they did. Being here not one of place and ABC news has spelled his name properly I think I just -- You always honest about these two teams on -- I. Didn't lie ahead it's back tell us what -- like off. -- I wouldn't know him -- actually followed point earlier acknowledged here internal alarm clock. He knows the you have to chaos I can tell you you don't even angry when you -- or forty let off in the morning in the horrific it would. He was pretty. You really woke up at 440 what apparently you're the bright side you have the whole bank. Hopefully you're spending -- with your beautiful little Sabrina. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Off. That's so great so you guys can do some holiday what do you do -- -- and do some fast and gingerbread house -- -- cannot tell us. Platt. But what if you. -- -- hot chocolate with big marshmallows. Poll OK that sounds really I think it's more doable than the gingerbread house. Josh and I'm not unite behind underestimate your real happy they hear from Lebanon Iran and rescued the dog but what are -- -- -- everybody thought -- Good Morning America. They're really necessary and then the apologies Eric it could be -- Oh -- there still that start -- that's harsh. I just didn't I'm just saying that's -- you're not worried -- everything my house because we live both live Mary Tyler. And you can ms. Alexander did all. -- -- -- -- -- Stander and the other 79. To forty dog. Overrunning your -- Now it didn't -- addiction like. Yeah I just feel like there's a lot of dogs to sing about there in my blood my positive note the site according aspect of this story is that there are so many dogs if you're thinking about getting somebody and dogs please consider rescue. -- -- -- -- -- let me -- point -- Lafley and that you know again I was the minority opinion. It was a really lovely fashion show this morning by the people let's not affect our dog food the -- absolutely necessary the possible -- Audience and. This is good let's just vote by applause dress the dog problem. Why don't dress the dog -- It's not here in the -- Europe I don't. -- -- I think. We just tell it ABC wish you -- here. And -- But I high -- not. So -- -- saying this year has been yelled. With some amazing moments by Josh by the entire team -- rob and yet it's just been really truly a tremendous. Gifts to be a part of this family during the year 2012. And I want you may not realize we also talked about is that it takes a lot of takes a village truly and that -- include this beautiful woman coming. -- today leading get over here I'm saying -- Everybody -- it is my dam produces pop -- -- an -- So guys we want is your -- you are and that the folks behind the scenes how many hours did it take to. -- -- An entire year into one company minute piece well -- it was nine minutes that it took it as about three weeks. You kind of find everything -- -- all the great moments in trim it down. And it's at the villages as inspiration from our senior producer -- and a great. Are directing team of listen my cello and and a great PA -- it was in the death. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sabrina -- -- we -- is when they were finally ready and they whittled it down and -- -- added -- tragedy struck. Him and the shooting happened. And so all of a sudden you're editing time we had to all go into what was all hands on Jack so how to get put aside and we -- focused on. Theme that that moment which is so important to do right and -- respectfully and -- -- was everybody had you so what you were supposed to have five days to deal. In the process they had to stay overnight into the whole thing in like three days. Have we had yet we read that letter I can't -- create added there's been standing her birth toe -- really helped out camera and so I was really bad I love -- -- You guys are here because that's the purpose of this show is to talk about the things that you don't see right on GMA and that was a beautiful piece of work again how did you feel where you did you think -- we're happy with it are aware that things that you that you wish you wish to continue to do -- He had more time though you know -- course of the mysteries that -- -- -- to include. Internal there's always some stories I don't know there is that there's a bunch of lake. From the -- news world we -- include magic -- -- and yeah. I had to laugh I have to tell you I can get -- -- watching can't take I was police satisfied that even without magic Mike we got -- Comprehensive picture of you -- it. -- shot in the skies and tomorrow lawyers are right -- and hard to find gas tomorrow's fine. Are producing -- and Taylor for together a lovely tribute to the -- find. A year of fun and a lot of millionaires I understand this only on -- get -- -- parents. All right well we thank you so much. -- Just an off Hainan and now I think need to move on to social get our other star over there. Andrew and I know -- really need from the fact -- -- -- Julie yeah. In my back and getting even yeah I urge him in nineteenth. Me today what have you done to that dog that -- so compliant. What I did tell a parent and she really does and and they live in her -- Be careful because this is how I got my -- I borrowed it very GMA segments and now lives with -- permanently at this is a familiar story. Some time is running out for gift givers yes and that's saying so yet which can you help us -- -- her. I got some -- putting it under fifty bucks some creative ideas first of all for all the whiners in your life and who doesn't want that they need begin again you know I mean. The corks to call. The corneas on his view of the politics of the -- -- -- -- court -- -- popsicle what is it you putting in the freezer he gets really cold doing -- that first blast of white wine with just cold out of the from out of rich. You take the -- club of the freezer put it in the bottle. And how he knew it was the cold and is now inside out to the highest get a bill what I can't watered down -- why don't we it's not -- -- Larry Benoit and I had this dilemma because someone invented one. That was a frozen ice stick that you stuck in a bottle wine but -- yeah. -- got diluted and we didn't like now this doesn't have self contained it's like cold. Alan yeah. -- This is not new but the prices have come down playing -- candles you'd think they'd be cheesy. But they cannot be so we -- they look nice kind and their battering I see these things are we just ran his -- get that -- our low -- yeah. All this we don't know the budget for fancy dress. It's -- the battery operated -- lose from the inside. We've got for 21 box percent of three -- to -- -- -- Hanging part of an explanation on our web yeah we're showing pictures of this as we go it's just very you know -- -- for the people at home I imagine. I think you -- one -- announced have to be imagine if you will was an. -- love the coach. Don't they -- the coach. Very elegant classic spend the on the -- What we've got is the coach heat class what does isn't it like it Karen meaner that what I volunteer key chain and then collapsed to the handle on your -- So you never -- in the Big Dig looking for the key you have always just hanging there. And it comes from the -- box which is the most -- I cannot it cannot icy voice that voice ago -- boxes he had me not to -- Tiffany's but it's the -- because -- month. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- I know I don't think that's a -- yeah. Having him it's a little in the -- so instead -- and -- dean baseball cap. It's from Restoration Hardware they don't lining it's an historic. And you just click it on and Michael big bright light comes in but it looks like your normal cat kind of -- its -- you live your immunity Bigelow. From your -- your front -- yet are glowing that in that used -- your friend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I believe all Christmas issue and should include something from Star Wars so -- Williams-Sonoma they have -- Star Wars pancake malls. He put the earnings -- final look at the crowd tableware. Yeah Callahan Josh would like this he likes those kind that the I like I on his gifts aren't stuff would love it yeah. Like every single want to -- these -- we are running to hear her agree that we have to -- -- We need to do our social media check again with Andrew what's up what's up I just gotta say it's very lonely over here about Valerie. -- you can somehow. -- right now now. Yesterday shows no sign of Juan and Philadelphia acquiesced and said you guys made my day so -- are you I don't I want to show you like -- of the day. This isn't GMA -- -- again. And this is no one ranking and this is our -- of the day it's Friday. -- I don't know I would never I would rent my dog and lights and then we'll get -- and you yeah yeah. That's designated -- -- yeah. I can't really got -- great gift ideas on the website in America -- -- until we thank you for that. Clinton is so great to have you here with us need to -- had -- yeah. We'll take -- contact Bob Hope I don't know -- Lovely audience we. I cannot come on Yahoo!.

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