GMA LIVE! (12.24.12)

Watch "GMA LIVE!" With Josh Elliott, Sam Champion and Paula Faris From Times Square.
14:08 | 12/24/12

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (12.24.12)
-- -- I was introduced we don't know still wanted to -- dove of peace and maybe that's the end it might be it might -- a lot ness monster we're gonna let us live now. I have no idea what at a theater but. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas Maryland and the Loch Ness Monster -- how are you. This is GMA really super duper alive. Here on the program. We have much to get to including what ever is dangling from Paula payers as the years what -- to act. I'm gonna go winds really detentions leveling -- -- -- -- you can't have enough holiday I mean give you one hand I got them off the Christmas tree. You've -- -- yes actually got them from a lot that's my dad. Made -- in -- -- also want to welcome in my newly Boutros co anchored the blue puffy coat wearing Samuel. -- if not because as soon as we are done on hand on the heels right. I don't right after the -- we have got so much coming -- for you were all we're gonna tracked down last minute gifts for you -- also got to talk about game show. Misfortune is -- wheel of misfortune today as a topic comes up it's ten the -- have -- does seem that. Do -- we gonna do we have the sound. It was so we can discuss it can play this OK not -- look at what. Let's look at in the unfit trying let's go to the can't control. There what they're doing up there right now this -- -- just stretch stretch stretch administration Tracy CI II did I get it. We get it right we have it three days so time to take a deep breath thanks -- to set this up -- -- to set this up. A woman on wheel of fortune has an all solved has all the letters right there it's very obvious what it is. And take -- Well. Feminists -- -- women and yeah. -- -- So she said a -- and -- of the -- -- RDF ten -- -- he like it was analysts that the letter was there so we're going to that I didn't really adds that pronunciation it I didn't realize especially there in what was ground is. The next person gets and pat say Jack has -- -- a Zia. Really side that was awkward she says well the woman said it she -- -- so. We can Parse there and not about what could be. Given the money how about that yeah the -- somebody. Given what -- somebody from Pennsylvania and then -- phrase was tall glass of water and I -- tall glass of water. With a negative going with a -- regular army that's what we're talking about also you know. You know it's a woman in uniform -- military I mean come on they're sacrificing for -- at the least we can do what I have was -- with it this week's was it holiday we didn't just happen -- -- did this happen widely -- look at few days ago aren't -- so it just happened so even if it's your rule and even if you are like. You must. For enough for -- CC would you say pronouncing it out -- -- we can't sit or not okay for now I know I know dramatically but I mean. But even if they. Never mind. Yeah. What do you give it wouldn't you give her. Your money anyone with Soledad. See our audience here is Wayne -- Everybody on the Twitter verse with some really strong responses from all of you out there regarding this project so what we have here -- what we have including -- Including this one from Robin Joyner at GM AO. I would be in trouble is the phrase walk I haven't got and that -- we've said you know of anybody from the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts. -- was on that show they'd never win anything because they're not actually pronouncing it as. Miriam or Webster might have Youkilis ridiculous -- and that's. No they would -- -- to hype it. Bosh I -- -- I would like I might. Might they. Yeah he's going to be hot and his groove going to be -- now he is Riviera is his middle name now and so it's remember a beard champion -- -- last. Can you -- Sam was made an honest man of last Friday and I and I just want to tell you money. I think it was the first -- I -- trying to but he was let that beautiful I could not have been. Happy. He is a wonderful guy I mean he just really is. And and I -- don't really still -- this -- don't understand how lucky how this happened for me music I don't know I don't know and who knows the two of us knows why the world he's anywhere near me but but it should be surrounded in a roomful of people that I loved. And how gorgeous was Robin Roberts -- you read on. Home at this -- I it was the most wonderful night in my life and I think everybody responded around an average reading -- -- it was. Fantastic the efficient while -- and -- and my and my mom while everybody was -- -- -- champion out OK so anti -- they would have a wedding of violent 25300. People and you. Rarely get a chance to go around all the tables and say hello Ira -- my wedding it was just have learned not just because it was in 200 years without. But I'm you did get married you -- a child -- about a third to work -- now I was 25 when I got -- Evan -- on over twelve years. But it's it and making back four. Now. Yes come on looking back and that you know you you almost wish that. You could have a do over -- just and invite those that. Your nearest and dearest to have a nice intimate affair people that you truly love and cherish and notre jeweler -- -- champion no -- that's anything that -- -- and actually how are you I'm the ceremony how are you finding Santa -- this season. How in the world -- you know if he is near your home. Well I think there are two option -- -- and yeah. Yeah. Okay. He's you know -- -- -- -- we -- -- online and certainly it's Alexandra eight and that's of the aren't you pretty is that we are we are made a pair translator and an RX -- -- for years. It's been NORAD NORAD has always been the dominant tracker but we cannot go. All kids kicking him out of the way this Google -- maps Google Maps exactly study tracked on NORAD -- -- at the stands -- dot -- you can also track ads Slash Santa tracker. And both -- -- right now are showing in different places which is a little bit weird police say Google says he's going to Fiji next. And nor I think you can see him NORAD has them right now in China because that is sort of like she's an adventure -- back mean that I. And so he has the -- with the -- -- the international date lines is a Christmas somewhere. It already Christmas in China its -- it's like this in China -- Australian Sydney city unless there's an -- and almost Mexicans. It's Christmas Eve at -- -- Christmas to both. China and -- Yes and they're also showing how many academy president -- delivered and news delivered it lot of presence so far how many that is over sixteen million. Okay how many and a -- to deliver -- I mean well a lot Hilliard got into the trillion what I didn't -- I get yeah and you just can't. Do you agree on nobody in a tight spot but if you had to pick one which once more visual which once more user friendly which one's more -- like wow this is the one I want up on the laptop you know who watched -- -- -- I think -- -- a lot more -- males have these games and you can also make a call to Santa. -- to make a call can. I I'm sorry he should not on the Blackberry I'm not -- I don't know why. It's not okay -- challenged them. -- come on you know we're actually I guess I'll never say no he's got a lot to worry about -- I'm sorry you know things -- -- Yeah very they can salary -- you can tell from my -- news time and traditional. I am going to be Lebanon and order and. Also actually they have app this year and Google apps is really. -- not most of it is the Google -- -- Yes and actually hoping that -- using Google's data tonight you picking -- -- -- have called it a point that would really. Or delay that's I think the pumpkin -- really didn't let you didn't like little lengthy you know -- -- and I went on dividends. I'm didn't tell you should -- die -- like it's like it's -- it's a what you guys figure out how to -- Bob -- a blanket. Hey Becky warily she's got. -- flat -- -- last minute -- here. -- -- -- -- Obvious guys let's just pretend. Like we are really really desperate let's even pretend like -- not what the real and I'll have adjusted -- -- -- reality. What it -- where am I gonna -- might get. Preface this that this might -- GMA alive in my kitchen. A couple of things one my Skype -- cleared so I'm not listening to you it's because they audio problems and to. I'm going lung jones' yeah. -- -- -- I have seen a last minute -- yes I think I'm gonna suggest you -- top five gifts. Full or. Buying them at pharmacies pharmacies appealing things literally and tomorrow so ready here we gonna do just that since I can't hear you guys talking because my -- tells the -- -- -- -- -- is number 18 settlement of pharmacies -- -- CVS Walgreens most of them will be open. That we get your beauty gift sets for your teenagers. Your -- you preteens. As seen on TV -- -- the swivel sweeper. I have any need as used in this little sleeper having favorites as Dina Tyler the desperately want -- -- you that who's not I mean I'm McEntire Reynolds remembering exact that's similar to this -- Or no -- -- that I I don't know. That different yes it's like that it is electrically nearly attorney Don and lots of the Cheerios like mad like hell I didn't talk to for real. Also a lot of small appliances crock pots. Rice cookers coffee makers simply that. And -- -- final gift idea is. Photo gifts you know they have all those places we can create your photos and I can print them straight also FaceBook -- a billionaire and -- picture frame -- You're an idea and an idea hey this is said he'd been planning this. -- totally for years this -- alienate a lot of exclusive because that would not on GMA this morning you pulled that out just for this -- an -- you're amazing Fossum. Thank you -- you are -- -- Yeah I just that and we knew we look at pat pat -- -- -- tiger. Look at this it's like -- where the wild things are expected to. It's it's been you are fantastic. Say hello to the Internet -- How are you. How would the boots to the idea and hope that. Now -- the -- nice my audience somebody who has finished your shopping. Karen -- who like Josh has not it's not at all. -- -- -- -- Remember how you yeah -- -- -- so. -- know -- -- fairness he has not granddaughter right yes yeah. -- just taking care of examines the Fed has done all that and that's exactly how -- Santa whose only cares enough to endorse -- Sam I had my eye on it. Wonderful way -- the wild things are -- for you. I can't wait that hey in case you're traveling or you've got folks traveling to your house do we have that the holiday map up. That we can deliver some useful weather information there ego comment and one thing I wanna point out here there's basically two things here take a look at the tornado outbreak possibility on Tuesday. Only thirty. Christmas Day tornadoes have been reported since we've been keeping records in 1950s and I hope it doesn't happen. But there's the possibility of that -- in the deep south makes -- staying up we -- a local ABC stations on. That possibility here also that heavy -- -- Like Little Rock, Arkansas hasn't had Christmas Day snow since 1926. And even I don't remember nineteen point six that's 36 and I remember and I can't. -- 36 men. Hey -- I have a lot of its campaign West Coast. Still in. Hammered by the storm Yemen they -- one day break and then there's another one coming right in behind him but there's a little sunny break up from San Francisco's ground what about the -- again. Lot of -- -- Chicago Michigan and that's that's how close you are to this now. Now Chicago probably stays out of this but there are some. Brutal cold air coming in behind the storms and I seen in Newfoundland -- -- -- by Christmas tree so that's not -- there's a large. Watch out as a large Christmas lights out and admit that -- band in the Vancouver boy they are. Every morning we move Alaska Hawaii right in the Mexico we just right in the there is -- -- geographically -- that. He Anchorage Fiat company nothing says Christmas -- -- Anchorage -- It has been a rollicking thrill ride we do want to thank you. As always we know it's the holiday season we -- you're probably their friends and family we want to thank you for giving up and logging onto your computer and joining us -- All ways join us here. Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! GMA. Back tomorrow -- -- spectacular including. -- -- -- -- You don't want to miss -- we also have many other surprises. That I don't remember so you're gonna have to Jenin and find out for -- -- Josh Beckett created. Okay.

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