GMA LIVE (12.24.13)

ABC's Dan Harris and Ginger Zee ring in the Christmas spirit with daredevil street ice skaters.
3:00 | 12/24/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (12.24.13)
She and knew it all starts now. -- -- CNN I literally got -- and yeah. This is where the serious business gets done I'm taking this he had doing it and it's this kind of weird on Christmas thing you know we're and I had to have that -- about that we're about. Find out what it's done judge no I'm not going to say I'm not going to do this thing and get enough. The latest Pete Nelson -- Look behind here isn't the meat is -- -- -- plan really yeah. Hey guys blocked off hasn't been nice at -- -- I think often seen here being in. Part of this because GM -- -- is there we do get. Very very serious especially about -- about that we want to thank them for all of the delicious display here. They of course silence some sort of holiday bar and -- union suites how many that. Get in there and have lifted -- pastry which is this little of this cut short Britain embassy as epic touch all of which is going to be nice -- got. -- -- Now that act is viewed touching down over yet -- -- of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- against such a good place to go. And Starbucks -- get tired and I -- I think that's an innovative looking -- you what is the worst last minute gift you've ever come up with. -- I can I mean I'm sure horrible things I'm -- every gifted. I'm I'm gonna go with the six pack of beer from 7-Eleven -- -- -- Here mom to -- 11 -- yeah. I would never do that. -- -- right now watching right now but we'll do you remember my 730 whether how exciting it was to see Santa snowboarding New York 730 weather is tattooed on my brain. And -- are very good -- Remember and no playing within this report about the -- citadel hill Holliday and before all the stress of get around the world how we show -- that nobody is asking Santa Claus. And we just had a good against Steamboat Springs -- And -- make -- to tell me earlier you have to be quiet when he says that and it didn't work by our hits and -- the -- -- -- four seconds and he said then you have to stop talking a very directed stopped talking to enter the look at look at it I've tried before -- -- -- government or right to throw my eyes met and -- that the efforts and about her. Wait until we have Sunday -- -- right don't have -- the gingerbread house. The biggest an agenda that house's art one of my favorite things Ambac and I. And I want siren call we had a gingerbread house contest contest -- -- loan cleanup for the -- off and so would this -- look at that's the biggest gingerbread house on record it's in Texas that Oregon actual house and apple for that's -- -- in Texas is everything's bigger there you know that. It's look it took 18100 pounds of butter. 7200 -- 3000. Pounds of center. And Guinness has made all of 35 tells us that 35 million calories of this house. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Parents some shirts treated for that starts -- and raiding its Texas can you live in the house you can do it every line again. He doesn't millions of these questions -- element -- asking -- all of the forecast around that house call the president might -- Brookline weren't -- that are going. For a local hospital Jerry finished up -- not just like I'll -- into the house that's good stuff you know cancer but the -- for equipment look at us. Well the immediate -- that -- -- -- holds. And death and look at a special event the guest in the -- the best of -- Home -- and it's been brought this is so exciting I did this is of the title means a big moment -- -- -- Russert. Ross is my best friend except for Molly -- where you. Important probably me out when Molly Harvey pressured on today -- the end of their Jimmy -- -- -- that there are. That bird's nest and LA yeah. That kinda -- think he did people who mean the most CEO and you have been such a great support some fuel costs and US fight over who better cheerleader what I. -- to what better way to acknowledge it to humiliate her on the web. Create -- emanating Zeta that I haven't gone home would you like some -- surprise remember. -- -- amount fugitive well okay. So -- yeah yeah right grassy center and I spent a lot of time torturing people who work with the. Winds Molly roster targets number one into -- panic fluctuate and 34. Yeah Smith Gary Chris yeah well he -- happy holidays has passed by lives they have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As the -- what are -- going to experience ML five the next we -- going to go to play of the day extra flow. A veteran Daryn it's not a -- to check me out. From one seat to another check out this short -- -- video taken from our neighbors in the -- it shows a very -- suburbanites. In Cambridge Ontario going to ask -- down the street. Ginger can you explain -- amazing. I can actually had a down my wealthiest people last night that he keeps -- -- and -- the -- helped turn the cameras that. -- -- and work -- I'm in the freezing rain as that that. Comes down and that's different Leslie who I know you wanted to know the difference freezing rain then -- The surface of the services -- in the air around it so the rain immediately super -- doing everything we need you get about whether and I can't I know let's and a friend and I and -- it adds up in the -- that's up that's yet I'm really really excited about whether. Think is that safe -- he's doing. Short can't you do every lap after a man Canada that got us before it was not the first time you've skated right streets I -- -- I have up head of the day because I know nothing gets you more excited -- That's than -- -- and I react and Mosley. Back -- what had been there I don't know -- back -- Water bottles and so they -- Every puppy love water bottles and its biggest. -- as well not I didn't stack up millions of bottles but he. Can we start -- from the beginning because that's actually hilarious that this dug it walks up to somebody is carefully constructed a house of water bottles and -- ago. It's -- -- -- -- and then now. Now -- it. This Christmas how do you rate means that did that you know Doug I have several cats in his. Three cats anybody wants one of the -- given away in he would he would die do you give. Bodice gifts for Christmas. I do and last night we brought them home and I had them up on -- table for that it would put them in the soggy yet and that's when he woke me up at 3 AM I'm not kidding and then stared. At the place red planet until I would get it down for really you know wasn't it does wicca group but some sort of a -- look at -- -- -- live animal. Not a live animals but of what was alive and this is this -- this doesn't happen. My life goes -- elaborate pol policies and procedures of like getting all these gifts and putting human stockings for the cats the cats have no idea they don't care at all but until we don't have kids. That there -- bedroom. The picture -- of your cat with that. -- -- I don't know we've -- -- up in time revenue that we treated at a picture of my cat looking extremely unimpressed with a stuffed animals that might play thought yeah. If it -- pretty -- can't -- all the time. Yeah -- friends about it. Now -- we -- to we ought to talk while markets because it is that kind of fear and we want to remind everyone know this is a serious price to get out participate -- is -- have annual coat drive. You want to bring us a gently used -- and -- Burlington store and Natalie gave it to get it to someone in need but you'll also receive a discount says that for every one. And the now you can donate the -- At the -- as it exists of course as a thank you -- -- thirty thank you haven't don't worry -- -- time we've got this drive for how long Brian. Reverend everyone's I think that you don't for a -- through the winter when people think about -- which -- makes cents. By the latest -- things really gauge that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As -- -- -- you on this Christmas it is dogs LA yes Marvin the -- is on the loose and transform. Okay. Okay. Coming up back tomorrow that's certainly back on Thursday. Our grave and safe holiday everybody thought we really appreciate you into joining us thinking that I have a great holiday you you'll notice -- bank. -- just -- yeah yeah. Yeah. How many. Two. To three. More.

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{"id":21322690,"title":"GMA LIVE (12.24.13)","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Dan Harris and Ginger Zee ring in the Christmas spirit with daredevil street ice skaters.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-122413-21322690","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}