GMA LIVE! (12.27.12)

Josh Elliott, Sam Champion and Amy Robach discuss when to take down Christmas decorations.
3:00 | 12/27/12

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (12.27.12)
GMA incredibly alive. There's more GM. There's GMA have 24 hours today although we're live to C -- In the show. During the show for two weeks now and every morning Josh just the start with the fact that we're live here -- live their agreements and that -- plus -- -- -- you're hurting her off and screening. Please note to renamed the show so it -- -- slightly up by another here's the thing Intel moments ago talking about I'm behind the scenes CNN hot now. And yet -- our studio audience out there are no talk what what actual. Okay. Com what a great show. -- -- to -- my most fun moment of the -- I don't know it's a Richmond good enough I didn't I loved and the Dallas. When Shelley the exception me she's great Chad fall and she's now the next Iron -- she just one -- networks competition redemption. If you will and she made some delicious treats that she's dead cauliflower never tasted so good night event having anything bride is pretty good but hers is especially that -- -- I loved Marlee did dog being reunited at. Some of my favorite -- Sam what was your team I don't know I have so much fun at -- new. I mean I love the is Jennifer Aniston pregnant not pregnant then -- -- look yeah yeah and and Larry Hackett saying. The ball Larry Hackett was -- not my he would not I'll. -- over this issue. There -- no wait a second Larry I picked -- The the -- Internet like that so much that we're going to be more of that People Magazine -- and we have the best and the worst of when he twelve. -- to get. -- It is such as unfortunate the weather -- good you know it's just -- it's not cooperating. Outside and if not cooperating across a huge squawk. The country if there is a week to have icy roads and snow covered anything it is this -- a lot of people are able to stay at home and send us would have pictures but there's an awful lot of it will start with I believe it's -- almost no Cleveland. Cleveland Ohio. And and Claire to it is this picture of her pop playing in the snow and Cleveland's it's one of those things it's cute. Yeah much snow it's just enough to manage and and -- shared this one in bath New York of a lot of snow beginning Long Island. There that there has been -- snow drought in upstate New York now that's been ongoing. This will help them get to where they should be for this time of year about them but a lot of folks upstate and even in the New England ski resorts are hoping that there's more snow coming. And -- -- this one Colton -- His snowman in horse town Pennsylvania. Face -- this reflected fans got a -- I'm on the glove -- I think that thing to do because school starts a -- now and it's a dark what is good idea have a reflect. I cannot tell you the snow falling in Connecticut last night it was the first it was the first legitimate snow that -- wanted to -- run around and you know you wanna get -- there. Today -- around that it turns out of -- yeah yeah yeah. You know -- we need another 36 and rain. -- -- -- -- I agree it's going to be like this in Times Square just drop a few degrees and snow because it is. Nasty China but I will say that if it is a little Christmas -- you're in the Christmas -- but you know decorations got the big question out there well -- -- the veteran avenue. You know of that I didn't know this about -- -- -- Besides you might look at down on -- years after New Year's Day like January 2 tell you I typically leave them until like mid January like the -- I really -- because I like walking in the no real battery of patriot everything's -- in the Hollywood have -- Mario most everything most everybody material there are a couple of when you have -- both. Aren't we want to do well for you got me a warning residents that we want to -- windy day light decorations out of dodge -- -- on gas. Staying the day after new years so that's -- NB Baha I never put -- -- But you just yet. Picking him up by -- -- more -- now and here. All your -- -- isn't that kind of funny sometimes when your -- drive. And you do see the folks who leave the Christmas lifelong -- and like June and you want to just go and help them because you know it's like. -- that we can just taking. He's been on an hour and you don't have to worry about better every time you drive up PC I shouldn't do that never how many I want to know how many. How many comer how many games is is that fellow watching -- that home and they just commercial and now's a good. I don't know how would be -- Yeah now I just really they either put them and then you don't have to do what it's it was a holiday in my heart. And -- only. Now on May not not knowing me I know you with music I know you start singing Christmas songs -- because I'm singing -- probably all through saying yeah I gotta say -- from Thanksgiving -- he never -- can't. -- one virus now he's pilot -- now on I think silent night isn't gonna make anything gives you -- I have -- But -- the company dosing and they -- Am I -- camera can and the controller and that training Tracy then nothing at all -- -- -- what do we have in the budget for missing. Now they want -- now -- because of when I sing a song that's licensed -- and I know you're international rules that prevent us from singing because apparently not -- -- Barack's. -- I even -- I tell you can we can't you can. We think me. I mean we're not here or let's say for next year and no he can't do -- every time because managed to get to halt bulletin Gary who does and -- We have adopted -- I were a boy or a shoestring budget where -- swear scrapping Russia now okay. What we got to remind surely one we want a couple weeks ago. Holiday sweaters remember the -- -- fun we had another one will be used it can get attacked and unedited edit your shoulder -- I'm gonna happen within that day. We'll look like I'm doing and it was well now it is -- -- -- but it wasn't a winner this is next -- -- -- We want to show I want to live or just get a lot of underwent a little -- -- Okay you're -- will be looking faster than. -- -- Sam's favorite ball club and the Los Angeles Clippers got in this beer ads take a look. Some of that young stars that it is but Chris Paul on the right my life eternal. It's it's a good look it's a really good luck -- -- -- the -- -- on the fourteenth -- -- Griffin puts -- -- on the -- Team unity you know. One's gonna look ridiculous everybody should look ridiculous. And -- -- mean that put smiles on their face. I like that the pop pop pop it's hard -- -- -- But you know he can -- it looks like he went on anything for nothing. When he suggested his -- but even he can Wear -- re investigating the -- incredibly fit young man. There -- not there senate lovely to -- are on GMA this morning we gave you look at people magazine's hottest issues. The best and whereas if he doesn't love -- -- -- -- goodness yeah. You always want to have an amended its magnetic weapons as the -- and -- If -- -- Weaver yeah exactly three Egyptian. Parents of Larry. Lots of hits you wouldn't in the year including the the break ups in the make -- and speaking of the basketball we. We're doing some breaking news as -- -- it looked like. Chris brown and Rihanna. Yeah seven their court and -- back together they're back. Dahlia yeah that's official official and and have insiders known this for a while but the rest of us are just catching they were tweeting about it they're getting pictures in tweeting pictures of past empires everybody -- -- -- -- -- -- on the I needed you to get that we didn't get another sense of how the Twitter -- is responding. I didn't want people out there who don't think it's a good idea I'm a lot you have said what are you doing with this guy I mean from what happened to you still on probation -- point and there have been other incidents is -- he had he had to make -- that -- Rihanna and Chris Chris Brown made -- Couple getting back to get a column. The ultimate -- column having -- a fight with -- -- cutting out here in New York right now so he seems to have some kind of anger issues like as he does have experience here is not ready -- who was around here yes yeah. -- Rumored that the the it was not -- that happened -- -- -- there. What's up anyway he's a he's a guy who -- -- this controversial figure and what -- -- there are not quite president yet given Damon yeah. Other thing about I think -- and sunny -- -- Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson getting back together they don't have -- say. I give me give it can -- and I -- -- -- -- -- because he obviously you know she did a bad thing that people. Seems a lover and he forgave her that happens in real life -- also -- get involved in the red card I mean there's a lot of money. Getting back together and this is I -- I did you know that the woman improvement remember in his career films that came up for an. She never said anything they they were put about the relationship they were never photographed. In the days after she got busted with bad guy. Very -- tweet she was issuing I mean this -- -- -- I love you I'm sorry I mean to go from like yeah I don't know Robert Pattinson and new. Take it back to get back publicly. That would be tweaked version of -- Downey and your hands and it's good that way that was. Split and a reunion. Others -- -- shocking splits. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He said yeah -- he'd gotten a phone call from one of the fact totem is on one team sort of similar to -- -- Paulson about what's going on. Connecticut thirty minutes she was -- and find out more about what Katie was up through. They had no idea what it whatsoever Robert -- in hired attorneys have the paperwork ready and -- Iceland had it was just like I mean there was only black tie. -- EO on -- good afternoon and activists that we've got. You know we were to -- every day on the story and it was. It was so thorough so comprehensive. They demean all all that had to be it was all done were divorced -- -- let me. -- it was unbelievable today -- it will hold -- its -- there so I'm gonna ask you now now if this goes down like this. Then does that play into the fact that may be their relationship -- and you know it was kind of a set up -- relationship or does -- go -- just that everything fell apart fell apart really quickly. You know I would love to believe what the conspiracy theories all along I think it ballpark or prolonged period of time I think it's truly love this guy to -- -- -- -- the item is the whole set up. It was not out of that she looked like she was in love and Israelis did she think there's -- -- marrying Tom Cruise that would help her career absolutely -- -- know so was that a factor wanted to put up I can only imagine gets applause I mean I have -- to the people when she looks -- -- Anne Hathaway goes. That's correct that may be -- -- She's very -- woman. I don't wanna struggle was to their career I think her marriage grand -- -- marriages get into and she is thought I wanna get out. And I think she said. And what needs to be done my talent skill or shocking to -- -- then where -- -- an incredulous that the public -- dad. And I had a drink them somewhere and -- them and -- -- -- he's renewing their again I think Obama and fun and again as people like when the cultural. And Brad -- have come to know in Bergen Ben Affleck. Don't be defined by the couple you know to me their veto -- -- -- and it's been my complaint but I don't see might see people -- good -- not together I know what they do it because if something happens. It never leaves you mean Jennifer and -- -- his point. Quickly even saying yes favorite -- -- -- that. It's in Robin's mom I guess that's -- there. Thank you guys have ultimately it actually listen you know it's a fantastic story everybody knows who she is it is a great tell you that's been unbelievable -- -- a senate vote for you -- -- the Sierra. It is acquiring its farms store in handguns obviously we would not wish anybody for the way she is -- and -- it is truly grateful for a lot of people I think -- Did you think you huge difference in transplants -- -- absolutely you know people are really name calling up their sleeves get. As only she can visionary thinkers and changes but not illuminate what it's that the Republicans -- into the jet in the air bombing around us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How can I don't get to the front of spice things up Michael O'Leary did little -- they get -- to spice things up a bit literally all the gore make hesitancy. Gourmet candy company jelly belly is now selling Tabasco was. Flavor jelly -- on their day with a famous Y. I thought red pepper vinegar and -- I did and I ultimately monopoly whose the whose. Yeah. I don't normally get it right in -- all -- try them I'm going to do you guys. -- -- -- have whatever yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I would nothing and then -- comes in later into the -- because I love god. It was a column we'll do it again let's not -- helping the Phillies -- -- -- -- -- -- been listening I don't know I don't like it show the control room because. Hamas which I want you -- caller yeah. Well I that doesn't fit into his yeah. Let's throw you really good there good -- -- -- -- -- matter regularly life can bring on duty in the air I mean I'm. Xinhua. Six and can't get back yeah. About what Sam Daley and the things back and that is what would you do you know I just got rid of it. Oh my god so hot because that is not in the -- -- -- -- it has -- -- About me give -- -- little doubt now that he's got zip Booker Quaker event and -- Yeah -- and all the letters were to deliver -- she also wrap this -- debate. In Brian's hands upon it going to -- is -- a big you don't know that they didn't. Know what they call a friend like police recruits hello levels below or yeah -- -- and lots of coffee. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right doesn't mean that -- survive even the eighties and. We want to thank all of you. For joining us we want to thank -- Our very special guest star Larry -- -- -- Has -- to -- up it's the best and the worst of according twelve featuring our very own Robin Roberts. For example Larry I'm Josh we'll see at 915 -- borrow hash tag G -- -- -- people.

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