GMA Live (2.27.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara talk to model Miranda Kerr and the "Toddlewood" photographer Tricia Messeroux.
13:40 | 02/27/13

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Transcript for GMA Live (2.27.13)
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- What do you really forty years old yeah. There is no -- actually is -- it is not look forty look at. I really get your name -- -- Donna. I'm not -- -- forty years out is it is it's is it true that the one thing you wanted more than anything else for spending your day with Sam Champion. Yes I woke up at 3:30 this morning -- -- On this over unit again for -- on the Internet but I don't mind as well. Yeah. Made my day done -- well all of what ever it is -- -- and if that's not. Aaron Sorkin victory -- that we had earlier this all that much more on that you -- -- we also want to I say look again as we yesterday. Welcome back. But -- phenomenal -- and Allen thinks -- great time together after so much on haven't. His view and it's not there together I was -- the kiosk it was true it was great it was really great it was also nice 75 and -- -- -- -- -- Everett -- there's something about that dead of winter the -- you working on that some useful parts what happened I just acted unilaterally what happened. We fired it makes a good job hello. Now she's -- fact we're gonna get a controller right now on everybody and meet Simone hello. -- -- For Denise and I mean you know now that anything is gone I will say they're gone there's already a nice brisk pacing the this year so much is no -- That's not really something that was -- we can't we lover too much no you're right -- -- -- -- as a -- -- Yeah. As you heard plainly -- -- -- stopping whose mosque by Canada Canada's -- -- his. I'd love to me I've done to bring that up Miranda -- -- does some good morning. He's -- -- -- its weekly hangout and I want to. The accident -- I love it I can't yet where -- Fastrack permanent from a little country town called -- -- And see what is northwest of Sydney new south filed yourself well -- do you -- you -- -- -- often with Orlando and the baby. To be on us -- -- not to got an out but to stranded yes that's not -- com my dad this city and one of the few cities that I was living outside the US entry -- You know on the new York and LA together it's like cosmopolitan but with the beaches only that I didn't hot it's perfect dining and its -- I'm proud to be an evil. Let's go apologize only right you are on vacation and what do you -- those deaf -- to which I just think he's so Smart you know it's all about lending areas the world that it was to get back here in the world's very far away. Hey come on who should we how much we do work with -- yet and show those yoga poses -- -- -- on Jim apparently due out later. Traci -- traits I'm pretty carefully what are growing what do you want to do that now trading -- -- is are you wanna do but we're gonna do that shortly grandiose social media have -- Do that actually I -- -- Because I will save -- your biggest fan. Actually standing to your media right into springer over -- social. -- -- -- -- -- And and -- thing. Do you do we have some questions and I -- questions. A lot of what parents Bob but I love Orlando it is so I'm really jealous of that. I grant ages. Yeah. Trying to figure it out we're at a good for you from what do you think. Don't answer Andrew please just let America be misled -- -- -- -- and I'm very -- that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then I can't you just. Currently you know you need him -- rarely -- we'll go on vacation. Two. Yeah blessed to have very OK I give you the question here. I want to know Lisa wants to know what's your favorite sweet intelligence and how often do you buy -- something happen. Well it depends on the day I did love -- chocolate thank you varies. Little fleeting -- and now. No -- does count that's a great -- I agree immediate delivery they snapped me I think we need -- reeling back. Really bad behavior like donuts he's go to Christy -- -- don't have like I've done it is I don't think it didn't feel good to me to a lack I think I've really been about -- For me I like eggs and healthy -- -- indulgent. Saying sometimes embodies some French -- -- -- not -- not everyday -- -- -- had -- -- -- Papa John's pizza last night dinner. Think you'd be doing if you weren't -- and knew what would you be doing well I have lands. In headline color a look at banks say that's something I'm very passionate -- -- the businesswoman. And I also there have written two books and it was launched want to ready treasure is self which is being Mississippi successful book. -- the next front moving onto my name's Tim did you ever -- quote on a new model or was it like he wanted to gastronomic you're like five. No I am I actually you know -- funny and friend -- -- -- life. -- and easy to competition when Alice -- detain and I won the competition and it was a confrontation beyond Dallas. And I -- this come about competition and from majesty was -- it was fitting consummate finish my education and then after I'd finished my education I studied nutrition. And then I thought why not travel and see the -- because I have the opportunity. -- not -- lane to travel see the love that experience different coaches make. Fascinating I created the I'd like yourself and you let in itself. -- -- I actually think want to modeling competition at thirteen oh really fast high. I tell everyone please don't get away Amer I tell everyone I was a teen model but I absolutely wasn't but. -- -- -- Today but here's -- every now and then about face comes in to fashions and and there are that sports a room full of beautiful women but every now -- -- face comes in the fashion that you know who's got the brains. And the talent and the looks. We're going to be hearing from this young woman on so many -- I want to say just what it -- your brother fellow. Yeah cause often covering -- I -- wanna say is the father of the young -- well it's so nice to hear all messages of empowerment. That you -- Julia joined us on the big show and out here and it's nice -- it's nice to know that there is there's a life. Schedule I guess if you will and that there's a lot more than just being pretty -- certificates and yet it's great and that's what my book's all about it should get it -- -- -- you know have done that well done anti aging -- -- extensions -- themselves. And embrace their heritage there's a chance for their pictures -- stickers that she's force it. Well Lindsay gets a little out -- -- around twelve of the great book but I don't -- I didn't give us some great tennis -- until then we can have a Friday if you like end up. Then -- dig -- my -- and a good happens now. Really good book and a few -- cute kid is -- could he have that picture again there are -- -- in late fantastic. Shockingly that this son of Orlando Bloom who -- her jacket. Got a short visit charming -- well Arkansas about a man who -- How does that look Alan Mulally by the way. How am I just love watching him grow every -- and does what she -- little personality to bell Trenton. It's just something that I just amazing thing -- the united as a distant connection -- face and -- he made a little individual that. I'm seeing every day come out Myanmar is just incredible really that this my -- favorite thing that I -- again that. While we love having you here -- what is remind everybody on GMA you -- give us on. I had that -- -- yet but I like very much and you'll be handing any good for that it's great attitude I'm that are already included what. What 170 vitamins and minerals obviously I don't know it was just human signing that periodic table was in the stimulus you know I'm just knowing that if you and I plan. Yeah the denial bush at night by the -- actually contains this little spicy for me it's got to know how is everybody is nothing new and I think -- Larry and it would follow that won't really help -- threat really it's kind of Barnet really enjoy the Borough are you. Rivera have cycling and running at the exact color -- to drain -- -- Jason is the best way to kind of boost your insistence that reminded the journey -- it everybody Marie and her -- Claim again we've got to show this it's from our friend that title -- take a look. As we wait for it just wait -- -- oh my gosh. -- a look at this I mean come on -- let's -- agree it has nothing to members of your life off on. It. -- -- Thanks so adorable. I just love that's just -- thanks -- the great if that's. It's the greatness is seeds let's say you. -- that they can't -- -- become mandatory thing. And yet when you do when you when -- kids figure out how many it's it's great whenever they -- -- Yeah yeah that it intends to -- and -- and it's the greatest pets are on that we have a little puppies next on this morning okay the GMA live -- that. You may not realize that but you've probably seen. To show how do you say your last -- properly -- no as a room right. -- -- -- you've seen -- work report guaranteed since the photographer who famously replicate the hottest red carpet looks but. She's just my size models such a great idea of the -- and adorable take a look at this is -- is version of terrorists who have. I'm giggling -- And have our little Lucy will. My a gone I loved the. I see -- -- even did beyoncé at the grammys. There's so. They're really -- atrocious here -- you just odd looking -- she got out I don't think that's what anyone's kids just about not everybody night you know I get a lot of submissions in. Let's elapse of time field people say well you know Lincoln looks just like Smith and it looks like an -- Well not forget that -- exactly makes up about but how do you replicate the odd that -- from the outset. I'll we make of scrappy -- who yes why haven't been an honor she's my secret weapon heading to -- -- there. And she'd literally watch the -- on Sunday night. And we have less than 48 -- to -- feet everything from the backdrop to all the dresses so. Is it that we -- those kids are there are they enjoy I mean they must be having the time. The line they you know and it's it's like yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah -- -- Oscars in -- hands or any -- Oscar got around to you're giving you recreated so I don't know how John Young out there. That's the -- yeah Gaza -- baton. While -- -- Jennifer gardeners. New power couple Jennifer Garner addressed. I don't with -- purple ruffles and turned purple ruffles -- yeah. It was yeah that was it for -- and then we also have the best actress Jennifer Lawrence. Me Jennifer. In new York and anything. A -- getting the kids is left yet they love it it's like him. Being played eight and they get swing you know hair and make up -- something we have to changing hair completely so they -- up slightly negative -- exactly like the bank. That's my -- yeah. Exotic islands -- is so whoever gets an alumnus of the bombing -- -- First Lady. She loved it kind of zero originally come into the concept well actually because of -- so when she was two years old I wanted to come up with a project that included her and a lot of essentially look like Diana Ross sunset you know what when the -- -- a couple of girlfriends many creative women. Get together transform -- Diana Ross innocent you know what I think forgot something here please that'd casting and -- is to collect from the film. Where you take this now what will you do with this is this going to be like creative business that you keep going for. A long period of time and yes I mean I really want things we've been doing -- about 45 years now. And -- now I want to continue to do the awards season. I do all types of you know I kind moments like you know -- the hope -- and Tom you know what constantly on the counted out things like that. And you know I don't know -- to go you know I think it's gotten bigger and people -- -- and -- you know I just love having fun with the kids. We love it's really great yeah -- he can't. Your favorite Tuttle would Oscar like they were so many in fact to choose from. That engine for me that that -- win that's traffic but I'm a lot and -- is now. From there it is right over there right over Larry's head there's the -- you'll vote now and we'll figure out results. On tomorrow's program out -- speaking out again we are. Always here Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! it is GMA allowed 9 AM eastern standard each and every day they get a -- current thanks.

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{"id":18606677,"title":"GMA Live (2.27.13)","duration":"13:40","description":"Josh, Sam and Lara talk to model Miranda Kerr and the \"Toddlewood\" photographer Tricia Messeroux.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-22713-18606677","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}