GMA Live! (3.24.14)

The beauty tips for getting out of winter and into spring.
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Transcript for GMA Live! (3.24.14)
Get ready for some G and they live. It all starts now live backstage EG NA. All right I don't think it's that -- -- Yeah and there there. Eight other real hard -- -- putting it altogether and he had -- lack of -- over there -- -- and it and it takes a look at the list of assassin. They make it's so easy and some fat Julio here on time in the -- like hey I'm me in. You all got a little Tyler asked you know -- Arafat -- Apparently that's -- will release -- -- -- concerns about what happened ailing man in Wisconsin and New York City through Texas Honolulu. Running for her spring break but not spreading. Yeah. And effect and the things that means -- -- takes so welcome museum and my husband says Sara -- is here and I left. -- when he says he and I -- that's bring enough for me he had I have at all yeah so you can -- with special effects tonight here for me. And on the big -- instead you -- video of guys that we're doing their girlfriends make -- though some seem to get it right kind of others. Not so much time. You get into the it is yeah we'll have a real good -- on it stop tax -- I didn't have that awareness and touch the bag now touch that much -- -- -- and women heirloom or dental. He did much in the background I love that all of us. Yeah last month it's not too bad. Now you -- I like that -- that did man hands on her lips and it claims. Tell me athletic so we have tax value -- and -- -- the -- has some unique from downtown isn't. I don't know there because. At no men in Helena zipped past where exactly got a little when Clinton took pretty basic I don't know anything and when I -- this is -- -- Sarah. And this is a -- Doing it let's start I didn't know you're gonna clean my number OK Healy -- potter is sensitive business about it yeah does not have no idea might one take a -- tax -- from the late -- -- Sometimes you like to light -- a hand up with a feeling and they got sent. -- -- -- -- -- He believes cucumber at large hail Mary. With -- yeah. After it hit at Kelly including. -- -- -- -- -- -- And heating -- we can about a writer Alan good -- -- and challenged. Well but did you -- what you're getting more -- are you feeling that you're like. Com and what that sentence I don't know unless China Blatche oh I don't know yeah -- takes the time smile a smile. And then you think that the teeth at the well wow wow you're really coloring that can't -- -- -- now both sides have to be. Like I can't let you know this is how let me just as this is how a woman attacked okay -- hello Lou you're -- -- smile smile and a photo of -- school. And he had cancer alliance. It happened really does need a little -- silly goose the little ice you look at it and we knew right -- lake just gently yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm analysts and ultimately how did this turnaround let me give -- LA yeah. -- I know it's not really in the number of -- The mummy and raise your hand no yeah. That you don't touch ahead and did he did not expect that any bidder. Wrapping up. Yeah. I don't like at this. Yeah we're all camera ready you have got a little hot news. Happy belated our beta recent witnessing one might be -- -- -- -- -- 38 for today where else but a bowling million -- now. The Oscar winning actress thousands of shots from the batch -- -- For the bash criminal -- Kirk Kirk who say count at Newark and -- Who from my house. And that I was behind because -- still didn't know -- to help Hutchinson I don't get on the Tinder. No no -- don't amp -- didn't know you don't. We've got 100 looking ready to strike a pair of blue bowling ball captioning -- -- Having a ball at my birthday and hash tag at -- is -- dollars in Atlanta that. She also -- think the woman who made it all possible terms. -- -- -- And it's stealthy with mom that he Fink pinky to my an -- matter. And while we're at it let's check in with one of our favorite mom on the yeah. It's the G -- RU on the line. I hate well there yeah. -- -- -- Good morning and -- you know what's funny about that bowling -- -- -- -- putting it together. Mom you remember before and that then. She was visiting an I have -- Weaver bowling together with my little sister. And she said would be nice if you can find a great man Milliken emergency room doctor that also look at -- -- about opening. It's your mom go ahead and bowling league of emergency. Dot and CNN -- games. Yes Steve Miller -- don't have a good look at I like her mom's -- dream big for -- -- -- I really didn't think that I think that. You -- -- but now she found and that I don't know bad balls but she -- last for the rest of her life but that they might be the best gift via. He can pretend really well -- ferry operators are all covered your -- and that. We couldn't quite and those that are you in the classroom -- now. I'm your -- -- meeting -- over my head a few minutes that -- we. Comment no good morning there are regulated like oh my -- of snow he had Snelling and when Michigan's. -- since he took -- -- nursing Phil I want classes at right now moms. -- -- Pediatrics. And little hanging down that's the extent that she and teaches -- -- this is what is the college called now exchanges -- DI CC. And here he is okay that's good and I know a lot about my mom put the air is running candidates you have -- -- -- he. I think so much for stepping out I love what -- teach her life to the class and -- yeah. I'm okay but that's about it -- -- -- join us some person next time yeah yeah. Yeah good luck here yes -- do the weather too. Now I don't think latter I think -- -- -- -- the -- if you promise childhood pictures and maybe the story that she wouldn't -- herself. Do you have anything -- quest. Update -- getting in pictures this picture your first perfect answer your acting cents. Yours. You're you're -- -- -- that you remember anything about your tip your efforts that he now I've plots must and I you -- Well I -- -- this time a lot of money if you pass this. Huge party for your and I think these are remembered thinking about it he's -- I'm laughing because -- -- -- -- -- -- little army in the -- -- I had this really. Did bad things -- at age five. And indeed you don't remember anything that you -- -- -- been flowers and very people don't -- do you remember Dave thing. Now that's really an appearance -- that viewers don't overspend and tell -- -- fifty. -- -- -- -- -- -- Anita a look at fashion photos and try to find a memory and neck dragging around an -- indirectly or. I'll have my dad's business. I guess we will leave pregnant clowns inside the business see that seems odd. Now yet it was yeah. -- and remember we didn't hear it all that's right I do -- see if removes a lot and think you mom thanks for saying he -- -- -- -- -- I have -- I'm very angry and I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now that's a lot of -- the other kind of family that really bad about I would my brother and I both I don't know we just visited her in the hospital lot and I think people turned off. From my analogy -- things -- just scared all the time a flood of illegal in the hospital at a special. And we get a little babies -- -- thing I can't yet still can't do it since that he calls tornadoes -- so they thought the took don't know sites involved not off neck and -- gives you on Sarah's mom on -- -- -- Arrival time per -- of the day. Dogs are the most lovable and loyal pets but watch as this magician -- these dogs undying loyalty. -- offers a doggie biscuit but it's just -- few years as -- -- magic. Here's another hungry -- -- coming your way and it took control at all what's next for you either -- very -- -- -- yeah. The dogs looking around everywhere he can't end this delegates. Now that's just cruel than ten. If it is a little and negative. Because hello look I don't know look at the -- notice this upsets the -- so any food that disappears from anywhere. It's like the end of the -- that would be his nightmare. Cleveland motivational does not brilliant idea that's not how do we get out of that -- -- -- -- to talk about cool and any other NGOs. Make of he'll make a -- And landlords that sun has joined us this CN eighty yeah and you're looking at a -- -- -- -- -- since it would come. Out of -- That's going into spring winter to spring into these -- beauty imprisoning and so if you had an issue he's there great ways to help improve okay so it would be an -- the first money -- -- -- and -- this is that the department PM intensive overnight -- bring. It's the first out overnight -- -- to work while you sleep so at least. Our body prepared to regenerate or -- at a much faster rate and this is the number one doctor and pharmacist approves recommended for -- for scars. And it really helps. Improve the overall appearance of stars. Body your -- body face wherever you have a star and you can see how nice and silky. The actual product isn't BC put it on you don't know who do you feel and look -- with various outlets and -- rough winter and a activity over here at the same thing if you haven't stopped going to school there can Kindle and is practicing and that's you couldn't and helping him out and there and then last -- as well -- and you know these things take like a few weeks -- -- -- don't expect to work. Just to get to governing -- unexpected dark overnight for it -- hot -- and apples are -- oldest -- it will take about three to six months adding it is stars LT you know let's keep it repeatedly seen the result of seeing results yet definite and you want anything that Madonna common -- -- -- -- Point yet you look this is really cool Greek yogurt moisturizing body will continue he did -- Yet but yogurt Christine is actually -- for -- -- helps revitalize your skin's natural moisture and so this is the Dow Greek government's rising body last. -- -- -- normal just put it on. And and it really -- for seniors and so my skin is -- drive from Atlanta on -- it's breezy and -- endless summer you want to make sure that we're about analyzing things accurately mister -- agreement exterior with -- I don't get -- any drugs there is -- -- wanting -- to take off the -- almost -- -- the year earlier -- almost -- right in the house so if you haven't -- -- -- -- this is great it's the -- brake -- -- system. It has there's a car like that. Some of the Atlantic there's either -- without aren't I thought that I'm and so it's so you don't buy yes it exactly and it's -- ten picket picket. -- 1080 treatment you can put -- -- -- at the top coat. Okay I'm and it really -- -- -- damaged brittle nails. You do -- -- -- did anything -- cousins and he didn't have -- SF -- I don't know I don't know I think you know I just a does submit -- you know. Antarctic yet I think they're -- that there older that I -- the violence and yeah I didn't I got an antenna doesn't not only helps them out looters now -- here we've -- -- -- Rawlins sounds like an out patient. They're going to be admitted yeah. And yeah. You. For ten days it really helps with at such an up to you bike and l.s threat. I noticed this about my hair as an independent -- an ice has an inheritance just as much of beating hasn't been done enough gas and also as we get older it's not just about getting gray hair but thanks the fullness of your hair and textured hair -- -- -- of your -- threatening everything everything's pretty I didn't other eating -- back. And that's what this declare all in Dubai. -- color treatment is so it's a three step process what's nice about it -- he -- a pre treatment text rising cream. Having hair color and then it has a conditioning there. And then so what is he just -- tears to your hair color and fight the second. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah they'll -- this certainly don't feel happier -- -- But did that until there's been -- can't make out what good that it is not -- nine. She and you make your -- to -- and -- -- fourteen need it really works for the year to keep your spouse waste and -- to your hair fibers stand. To get your -- -- -- All of these at drugstores all these attacks are less than forty dollars that's anything at -- you know -- -- -- dexterity that we can beautify he has. I never gets -- -- spring and summer -- yeah yeah. Great to have you you know I think we should and -- and the -- -- -- Hollywood -- social sq hello where. I am yeah. Only one way and dissident in just a brilliant idea that he had that moment -- last time we gonna do -- the at the end of our yeah. The ordinance ended my personal -- -- and and that's why isn't anything. Just like many felt isn't he really have to work the lady who -- a -- here -- about the right thing if you -- here. They didn't heroes you're going to be the first so -- really. Yes you can yeah. What I'm -- and ended yeah. Announcer -- -- I can't taking yet bouquet. Basically free yet -- -- -- I don't think. I don't know I don't know -- happened yeah. Yeah they -- letting us towards the end of the we'll do -- -- yeah. I'm -- live 9 AM eastern and every day. More than -- yeah. I really don't like yeah.

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