GMA Live! (3.25.14)

Lara Spencer and Ginger Zee sample treats from the Little Pie Company.
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Transcript for GMA Live! (3.25.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live backstage in GMA. We'll look -- CNN live. Just a whole bunch of I'm hearing wow hi. The -- journey Newser not. What are we -- and what this is about. This is just my favorite are so excited. With how -- agents -- -- how do you feel a little under the weather no good like great at math. I'm on the I -- on past and I was on vacation and I use I'm OK hill I am so happy CEO and we have to glad -- mixture on -- your girls and girls night to Democrat party and one of its just the first of many you know that you are the oldest one in the group getting married when our governor our -- -- the other girls. -- -- know they can trade they have kids all of them where nursing. I don't know about what kind of about a -- -- is -- at. -- -- -- not very funny that's for sure where -- like pumping yes hello Donna thanks so that they can drink wine correct. A lot of -- them. Little pump and on that in a strange bachelor party but it -- -- we had a -- already do a do over and -- -- and on the news -- do one for the -- grousing that the so we will tell the end of an enemy action along the so much I could say and I won't have a adding that the -- the little -- companies with a high little -- company area here. Thank you so much. That these are incredible where are they based we tell everybody there in Derry New York City obviously in New York that they got some -- there that. And -- everyone in the studio Eddie -- is said. You get every year -- my gosh it. Thanks candy apple crunch is beyond that the sour cream apple will not yet it's really good and -- and -- On Jerry in and I don't know what that is looks like -- mine I'm gonna have to test it out into. And this is -- -- -- -- jamming lines because we get so hungry. After doing that doing to make -- today was busy busy busy day and -- sounded fantastic international wanna play that -- Campbell and I always asks if and I knew as a minority I don't call. How they really do it -- old book found. A hump. -- it was great. We have a very special guest yeah that you might as you might have -- Christine. She'll be down -- that -- you can -- her but first let's Juliet Papa trump yes please I'm. OK so nothing can stop a waddle of -- -- penguins first I learned today that. King and -- penguins and the second largest behind emperor penguins you tell me about the name is cloud what was the cloud that's. There's been you know -- -- stimulus. And then there than in the strategy named -- stratus. One now I'd like to -- known to be on this is 100 penguins I just say they weren't new world I'm. Roll back king and Cesar king penguins the second largest behind only the emperor and I don't want -- is the official name for a group of penguins. Well this is a group of GMA viewers want to find out like -- -- -- is a group of penguins the video that you're about to see is a -- we believe in around Antarctica. And they for some reason have put up a role and I don't it's very nice I want you know whoever did this to -- Obama -- -- And it's not very nice but the nice thing is is that this -- looking penguins totally figures it out and masters that it takes a little while drying times you should be ashamed of yourself from thinking this was funny. Like it but I guess it's some sort of on a workout strategy and very conceded that king -- king penguins has mastered it and not over it felt a lot of great guys and so -- I don't know about that Betty I'm going to be honest review denies any noted after the big show no not sure I don't know okay. How do you think he didn't and he used only after it is what it really -- science allegedly -- and the I think it was just for. Just for fun to watch the -- and one's a lot going on -- Through that broke. Now lets you know the little means are at but either way all right -- -- some time. Yeah he helped McDonald's daughter who's gonna take I Sumner -- a map I have to watch it Carmen -- I'm not rotting. -- my eyes are on its parent I noticed that the obvious -- -- -- I think it's my temple cup tonight. The great white pants -- had on an and that that mention that took them up so few could pull that off button my -- shootout decision in late Friday concert dates. We would not get chocolate all know all of -- yeah I would that would be thrown out my congratulations to venture. -- to see -- it has just gotten a big big big job I thought he had a big big job that is really the biggest of the -- So -- what he does. Venture -- you can now like god had meant he would like golden years he's been hot and hold me. -- everything so -- -- -- and I had tweeted this yesterday and it does sound like and you know stepping up a little bit but it's true because I haven't had a boss ever believe in me as much as -- he's one of those guys and analysts. Gerard has been here for thirty years said. Then as the first president that a staff to my office several times and knows my name and asked me how I'm doing. He hasn't seen for thirty yeah identity as -- there's this more than anyone. -- birthday no it's everybody yet not yet you know he he's he's really got terrific example and hired me and the Nittany -- -- alias -- have you back and nick. -- excited that you're on the big big big job here and congratulations to you an on and we have -- just gotten -- day. -- is in control of not a guy. I just wanna say everybody in the controller and enjoy a high and the last time and next time happy that I noise -- -- -- so excited we share. Back with -- Audience here is Christine Arab there's Christine -- anybody that apparently she gets to have a that you some animals because a lot -- offended everyone so much what -- everybody it was more you and I look at the -- but today but you'll makes everything better. And you kind of the day tied up. And it. That's right in front of me and tech -- a kitten to Wile EI can't get anything that named and we'll try to go -- to tell with jet the husky mix. But -- quickly -- -- in this place. In the losing the -- they just. Happy with each other unknown coffee that's just don't -- trying to reassure not those. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's talking -- here -- talking to casino think noted that loan Brian you know I'm gonna say it. Learned while the penguins with a love troubles -- I am concerned about and the dog I just wanted to head on that -- high -- if he's about -- -- finds its. Also the only. Powell -- -- -- daily -- yet please come out -- my -- not do so we're always helping how frightening in the short gets my and the teacher he is my son -- it is my my client make my anger and nighttime exercise and I'm not excited and a real dead good would it make you -- -- it. Sure if we couldn't do -- chairing a -- maybe I'm wrong but I don't allow it like did he can't -- yeah. How long we work out. -- -- Coming up. Expect some fresh berries and enjoy my sweet -- Stanley is officially a -- start -- yeah. Absolutely. -- -- -- -- -- -- We definitely do -- room. On we got we have limited as I want to do you really. What if any is desperate for us to do something with the whip cream which of course will not be seen as -- -- anything. I mean that evening with what -- -- -- -- -- -- me five times I I'm starting not wonder why. OK and I saw it I was gonna leave it alone I was gonna leave Betty no I know you want me do it I'm not doing in the -- -- -- -- go ahead here we go yeah. Like yeah local junior. And -- the lie about Christine yeah let's clean up. Creating. -- -- -- -- Our special guest on morning on how did you enjoy your -- an island that this is such that he is -- -- you stay here for a likely yes lots today's yes. Already in the works -- let me tell you why you are very good you did voice overs and you were so components he how did you enjoy meeting Robin island man -- not stupid you're -- that is -- good. What surprised you the most about it. I don't I don't know everything I'm seeing it on TV and then you're here and -- why was this your your dream your wish ever. They're all that's that is I watch you guys and -- -- you talk about rob and -- but Bratton was going through and you and your fighting the you're struggling yourself but when fighting a a fierce battle in the manner and we are so here. Happy to be here for you in and support in any way -- In any way of its -- she has he let us know what you need to do I think -- -- I think that's such a beautiful. -- -- her presence is so great I can say he's used it up there we like you're eleven me. Yeah yeah yeah absolutely I love your necklace and -- parents still live -- it's just tough girls by strong. And I -- and that's really green. Battle call from my -- -- -- -- -- singling. -- tough girls who fights on the would you like some. Every now on its own party I don't and you don't have a bagel really know it's good given the that you guys have a good thing it's new deal DL I -- Chandra Levy story telling wanted to work out as. Yeah. Exciting. All -- leg and got taking diners I'm Kristy -- would you just sit down and join us out if you just jump in whenever you feel the need and -- we have to go to we have a new app and in a couple of guests where we are we going. -- that come on guys come on and costar -- standing below it and Israel and you come up with the new -- And is that we're just getting filled in on this became was telling us about it yeah -- -- say it's called forever yes tell us what it is because I think you could. Obviously to spread it much better -- Forever Knight is a relationship batting -- way you as a friend can bet on the relationship status of your friends and favorite celebrity -- You log interface that's and you immediately displayed at the couple's in your social circle that -- in relationships. And about whether the odds of another he -- -- -- You want to date CN. -- they have right now packed crowds are down there -- got a -- on and shaking really exact. Sit in this fluctuates says more people yet know you're not you that it's real time but they don't need to celebrities and -- he came up with that you can -- -- your your friends -- and -- anonymous feedback to the couple letter gray and -- is that it isn't needed adding you're hearing -- what do you think of us I may think it would be itself frightening to. Well and then I. Years and years and years ago I was engaged once and Nolan said he thinks immediate -- lightning in some ways because I've really hadn't heard that until after. We were no longer and went after then -- another newbie like ten correct. Yeah -- -- show you maybe this is that back. The social class hairy thing but -- -- PLO little bit more comfortable I don't know I don't friends being with jerks that's creating your -- I don't speak up a lot that's the problem. Certainly the anonymous exactly well it's very tricky thing because I I find it precarious if you believe that a couple is not right for each other and speak up. And then they -- gather from your out. Exactly which is why an anonymous platform are you can't let them know without them knowing who -- -- but they know that it's their friends people that know you know happy fire are giving back it's -- you what you do with that information at least when you're walking and the highly you know what everybody sitting there -- -- Do you don't look I know. I'm thing -- if it is I don't know. Yeah -- to know anything about -- relations and -- central let me couples -- of them are volatile you know you read a little bit of -- -- news and you can immediately -- they're bats the app displays all the recent headlines on the couple's relationship. But Israeli funds -- -- daily dose of celebrity gossip through the app. It's hysterical how did you guys come up with -- let me do wanted to design us. So basically I had an ex girlfriend and then she got married very quickly after that and I and you -- the needs everybody winter yeah. And I this is like it's it's interesting his as a young guy in my early twenties. It's very quick to get married at this time especially lot of people are being divorced and what you said no one has. That guts to say hey I objected to letting these ties tricky yeah -- -- -- And timeline in movies they do they stand up and say that he can pivot and realize you've done right -- you -- -- -- come along and since then how they do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm -- -- well I guess I was great at something good came out of what seemingly -- constituents. I'm I'm I'm you have this cool where can people find it government and you can downloaded the App Store or you can -- interface but on FaceBook dot com. Yeah which is -- dot FaceBook -- -- lasts forever not. Forever not Christine when your your thoughts and -- I don't think since about a young -- hourly thing now you won't he won't -- Torre and that his age -- -- and -- on your favorite celebrity too easy so perhaps people and relationships in fifth grade you can I hope. A all right I'm yeah. Imagine -- -- the act and. I think there was really cool is that our users actually going to live since the outbound side since we launched a nonsense that -- not been without being funded alliance. -- uses actually correctly called the Robin -- Paul -- and break up as well as the Katy Perry. -- -- Experience on there -- -- love me some time there he added that and I guess I let her come and pine vale Oregon -- they weren't musical Annie yeah. Good luck that summer on green and red it is to do the other way for -- the so we can tell people to be together and -- understand -- tanker accidentally. Where detectives it's -- women. You have -- show that -- -- It's a comment. Here he basically generating by taking all these -- -- against kind of like the -- core of what the crowd thinks about your relationship but it's equivalent to like the stock price of our relationship. Finally and so when you when you read about an app for that to -- It's great we don't think he's -- comment on sharing -- -- with us Christine. We love you could not anytime you want looking. They're angry and -- me Leon how I feel the only thing I love you guys -- you for watching Good Morning America and GM I have. In July then why not little -- company. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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