GMA LIVE! (4.10.14)

Amy and Sara get ready for Easter with some chocolate crafts.
12:40 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (4.10.14)
Ready for some GMA live it all starts now live backstage at GNN. It. CNN live didn't resume right here on demand right when you -- an -- on him Verron Haynes with -- always hear what we need her. -- -- looks lovely studio audience. Adorable little members' right and news might -- be young and you know my businessman says that. Wrote related to her so that's weathered door well of course our hearts track off from the convict and -- they must be part of -- family. Yeah. They're like -- knowingly got some gifts for everyone from Hershey's really. Yet they're going to show us how to meet NTT Easter treats a week. Chocolate of course hello you. And this is really Egypt -- have you overlooked in the near and got. I'd like to -- someone Chad -- -- -- -- did you -- -- your heart that -- just like yeah that might sound weird but a new study shows it actually. Totally normal. Big data news site by 38 studied one million matches meat I'm eating portal. This is so -- and back. The hunter to treat women didn't prefer men with opposite -- into any category while Hollis says it's not a day if -- -- yourself. I'm being my father really well that sounds like a really sick -- and admit. Yet I mean sorry mom but -- I just fat like when you look. We receive we wanna be the opposite when you look at the sustainability of the clean up the couple you really want them to spend money the way you do you wanted to -- keep the house is clean as you might. I really -- want to -- in this is never gonna work from what you're describing. -- -- You are hearing someone just like you wait a minute and crack each other -- like nobody but. I am not the same clean for sure well -- the other monuments was spending money financially huge. Really good favor and you're not enough. What -- is turning to an intervention in the -- I can you meet Tom. Yeah -- -- not exactly -- -- Sarah about. Let's get -- some really -- something that's solid yet. And any Michigan accent and there. I think that's a tough now have over wouldn't affect me now -- Airbus parent says this next video is is not an on Michigan but it does shelves. A -- meteorologist -- I get excited by anything related to weather and so apparently this four year old Sophia from Jupiter Florida -- she is forecasting. For ABC news from West Palm Beach, Florida affiliate station WP BS. -- -- -- -- -- yeah yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nerves can't be sure -- -- the -- This is what I am -- -- this thing. Sophia have a lot of teach me he has snow sat there is not -- minutes. Here and there. Everywhere I met here let's not long hair and -- -- -- Sophia. You've got a future remedy immigrant who giggled -- -- -- the whole thing she opens that they could. I'm excited about is that every let it every -- the -- You don't come up for a preview and -- the -- -- -- -- not -- in the -- 30 yeah I can't get enough of this -- Okay -- you can pick up on the theme this first one coming from Texas where -- Waldrop of them minor league -- I think that's I -- yes that right. That's up why different. Did you see the world -- -- and -- that was really fast. Yeah. Well let me start. She -- how far away she is but that's because she's usually back. Yes don't look even do a regular talented when I played sat -- I got sandbagged and that type -- -- and thank you get warm he is getting more what does that. -- sooner -- she can't I can't -- -- to be going in. My -- mark -- a little more nobody knew how to look at and what that we're in physics. Help me for a quick -- don't like her now not a wind -- -- grading princess movie about a that's still not even -- -- now but it is the thing it's. Now she -- think of anybody yet. This is -- and yeah. The end yeah. Through all of all these people one person to get to -- and -- haven't yet king -- but it's something else that's where at its meeting we're gonna do this later what we do another one. Think it looks at me. Have there's actually another flipping one. OK now watch the skies here I -- -- make sure I get them we'll. From front reflecting back flip any help him rob -- -- -- snow sports. Bob is back back -- once teens in the -- out. -- kicking around the idea for months on the last day of their trip and decided to go for this is not something you should ever -- ever not just that home ever. Ever ever I mean can it 81 of those tricks alone is kind of impressed at the back flatten -- and then I'll ask him and skiing flipping -- and try to packing with a friend and in doing it all at once. Takes it -- level never -- that never did the fulcrum. That's what I was thinking of thinking -- -- yeah -- -- -- urology a meeting in later says thank goodness what a great day -- pounding it -- and -- This set on camera cannot -- Larry -- at a someone thinking in these people. And I -- it lost half my mind but. Good news is as these days he almost here and there is nothing sweeter than photos of kids posing all bunny and Santa right. -- -- -- -- -- And we do -- well here and -- my life my -- so here with another addition of awkward family photos we bring you are easier selections where does that money come from that -- the -- -- funny. Are you here she only got 719 -- aren't that just. What I look -- -- And that's and that's that's a homemade -- right there you've never seen Donnie Darko only didn't -- that's scary funny that talent. You. All you know all of Harry your -- and so signing. At that -- -- he in the development and I'm. These kids -- and eastern and -- that's just not real. Kennedy's aides tell Hasselbeck now that's funny looks okay although he's strangling the child -- listened to you thought it. The -- on break. The -- me at least ten minutes now -- -- now -- I'll put our nightmares and check why don't we get away from the scary bunnies and going to talk talk talk never skip me please please take us yes let's -- chocolate it cannot believe -- yes perfect and here and -- instant. Not only -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think personally to try to chocolate just to make sure right absolutely okay -- mean if it's not right -- Four. Milking this quality can travel documents and it is -- -- from her party favorite cooking butter -- I would eat it we didn't happen he about a -- street later. So they're in the -- Cold -- OK I don't know and -- -- Yeah quickly do you really need is Blake -- -- hungry -- -- -- -- -- Michaels absolutely or store any lack. And then really -- you just take some satin ribbon. And you just got to wrap around -- reasonably in unison kids is that Ted Collins found the gap. Reyes looks prettier think panel looked pretty -- -- but I mean you wouldn't see if you've got and Angolan. C wrap around who demanded that a move that -- -- of the leading candidates -- the ribbons and that's pretty symbols and I -- -- friends. So let's get didn't live that and one and we have a thing can't wait -- both very patient and then -- it really did was put a dab of glue on the reef. -- and then put the chocolate -- It is that simple and that's -- also -- screen using. Hershey's chocolate eggs for Easter what -- you can -- -- -- over here last evening news Hershey -- -- realm that's more than hasn't got that geographical and that's what has that kind of -- McConnell in the -- when asked to cool off. And then mix it up and I -- you can never -- act Ali it's -- -- you can do exactly what you want so hard about making like food crafts is that I wanted to eat the food. So this -- you just took this off the table as an option. Hot fat you eat -- -- -- -- Hershey's chocolate when updating that tax breaks I've forgotten how much I love with a stick. I was really did the super easy craft that I -- making dynamic kids get help Clinton. Just make sure that money cannot -- -- how great -- -- some other ideas that we can do I mean insulin spray. Yeah -- -- you to -- that seat of a vote on it if you look at it here either but flowers on -- you can change that Colin irons. You know it's very pretty. So really really simple very eve needed you tell -- -- -- right he had the little I could take months if your Mac creek a little -- and I can't see you later collections considered the -- it's different when it -- -- no I don't -- for the -- collection -- for her she is I -- the -- are different so for the Easter season missing -- obviously -- Every Friday. You just call that we have -- Reese's peanut butter cake different holidays one of my favorites and he had every right it did yeah there's a wait talk winning this year we will. And Natalie that yeah. Okay -- -- saying that long already that's one to break for McKay. They sat there -- bunnies and changing colors change in the NBA and the color of -- -- -- -- -- really -- you -- -- collection -- and a -- new products -- this year we actually. Had these Hershey's exit -- into the middle of your eye on that and that's actually healthier than -- you've got a little willow grove -- yeah exactly that's bringing them. Any act like -- -- -- moderation but again. Great great options that the air this NJ yeah and variously put an angry got to make it yeah. I gotta make it weird look and look. Yeah they interviewed wanting to -- -- the Nina the casket filling in -- -- energy we've not asked gets everybody. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- get over here. It has every and I like I'm very happy Hershey's he's here with. Every three main body and media day eagles' three quite everything is -- peanut butter pats. Hershey chocolate eggs and a whole break it treats everybody who -- up. Yeah yeah aid and having it and -- you -- try to -- amenities -- just refrain from doing that how many. But then you have to count how many each person how many do you put on the right Mary White town Sarah -- -- we have a -- -- -- yeah. I think and we actually had done a survey and it said that about 90% of people actually expect that by need to be -- Some sure -- photo an earlier that really having fun yet now they expect him to be freaked out there. -- -- all the funny and vulnerable. How about we leave you at that angle and I -- she's thinking so much for getting a famous yeah yeah. It -- yeah. That I'm Linda Watson if any this -- -- not happening yet. Let you do that that I don't think he loved so much for joining us here and in May live you can -- right here at 9 AM eastern will be eating. We'll have the -- Yeah.

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