GMA LIVE! (4.17.14)

Ginger and Gio hang out with Jiff the Pomeranian, "Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro and bestselling author M.J. Rose.
12:51 | 04/17/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (4.17.14)
Get ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live backstage at GMA. Limited is admired him and saying and hold on to people. -- -- a -- -- Definitely -- And doesn't want to thank -- that's an added. -- -- A great morning help all know that Adams moved -- the -- he changed clothes he made it tough to change things but couldn't. You about ten. A. -- There goes what does that really stick an -- -- up -- -- I'm up there. Can you feel we've got got heavily heavily of the back it is their -- the Pacific Europe -- area very -- and you did down you'd like into west. Yet at the downtown and then the lie down and and down. Hide your face to -- -- -- But I got a ways can you put down -- alone. One hi debates. Hide your face. He concluded it's important an -- is right -- -- that's a very different despite his not imminent -- I -- -- sport whatever we call that. Some of Kenyan flag. Effect -- But I think he wants to keep the -- standing it's really what -- unbelievable. In the in the Katy Perry video and -- if you are the biggest head. Please -- -- GMA every single failure -- Hide your face cross your legs. Broken legs. Cross your -- -- stewards. -- he -- -- -- he did it on GMA that on the big show you. -- -- -- -- am tired on how long morning Harrington all of we'll let go but you can if you can find Jeff on Twitter at -- com. And -- following he's been re tweeting -- favorite emails and check out but evil luster over. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- gonna come and look -- remarkably. -- me feel good. This -- and happy we got that felt myself absolutely not a unit and thanks to studios and on -- yeah. -- via your -- and traffic for the big show but he's -- here -- time and he brought. All food I did I did and I'm very excited because you know he's just coming up yet. So for Easter traditionally we like heat -- It's very. For me when my favorite dishes so -- self. Photos show you how we prepare lamb at -- for house so this storm advisory eastern do you do different kettle -- just I. I mean typically we elect -- you do like a lamb chops like Iraq -- Verses doing you -- there was shoulder or do -- -- gravy or Lego land. But for me this is my favorite in almost -- and you've been using the big UN general -- you -- -- -- or whatever you really like -- have a lot of formal. -- this poor little bit -- crisis. Okay we're gonna put some distraction now if you haven't not apology. -- and I guess I had. Yeah. Nobody. Yeah that's not a. You can understand a little bit more bright chrome OK we're -- -- a little bit. For a lemon -- here independence from fresh -- And so the fashion and it's often just wondering -- and they are they are. But they're not sold that a lot where it's gonna really matter that -- and a little bit. -- -- You've been -- together. A little bit a -- and Jews -- Mechanism -- -- good in my same time they -- and fine. It's meant hello aluminum. But it won't remain and we and -- -- There yet -- -- because he isn't happening -- Give -- this golf. -- cited a piece credit that we haven't we hear him. And basically we're gonna do is we're gonna in crossed the land in this case. All right you know so we're gonna put a little bit assaults from him. He makes us all look so easy -- this is actually -- you don't you know look I just have a couple real simple ingredients. Put him in a food processor mix them all made a little bit of a peace in the limited just a little bit olive oil to us just to. So it is best -- and peppered before yet she always -- layered missile from have a contract here impressed Sammy Mahan put a little bit on the top after. -- -- and discriminate crossed this Oregon. It is kind of pack it in that's why the all boil on the that not oil really make it compact it's just that -- smell smoke. Melissa van -- -- good friend right. Confidence may not not. It's time to eat a fancy just pack and packeting put their machine trade 400 degrees for about 22 point five minutes. And and -- and Barak -- that -- product shot of I -- plants Friday. It's a special Easter I love -- priest nerves highlighted -- need -- community especially if he's there now this is at its assembly finding your time this is something that I have my book and it's just -- it's all about -- -- have a good time right guys. Yeah okay. I will be held on a project -- that good. -- islands and so very happy. And of course we got some beautiful -- that we made here I knew better a -- candidates you know that is -- and I -- we -- want to know get a little bunny -- you know to celebrate -- And this is but that's just too good evening -- -- -- a lot of fun. Haven't thought would follow dunk and feel like you could make this at home -- Yeah dignity. -- man love and you if you have a little bit in no I'll. And a little bit of practice even blew his good as this is the limit is good. Canada can tell you that's all that's about it you know this is -- perfect at the democratic ticket sales. At a at had a few well I that's -- -- Phil's in my day and that's what makes you a better life -- to -- -- strive to -- bigger -- -- Great kids. Beijing never ever give up the old -- will leave you gonna be able to do it the matter what and green eyes. What a nice time to bring all of this together so he's staring at is you can -- -- -- and many other except monitoring over the book -- absolutely. At eleven and -- celebration of the -- -- the -- -- with a cake box you can find it where everywhere around. Everywhere and he got a new bakery -- I don't think really unveils bakery in Vegas at the Venetian are very excited about that. Early unit gets -- first big Korea away from home. You know what just like has been really good for me other than the -- Yeah. But -- -- look -- -- -- understands what it has been really good we have a lot of great things going on. More victories over the -- do more television shows and that really trying to do things that -- -- -- gonna enjoy. Let me tell you everybody that comes to visit he says can we go to buddies I need to -- -- -- -- the hot spot next to seeing the statue of liberty. I have -- -- -- post that you got to. Thank you so much for think our guys. Then. Leave the hate behind Williams -- is a good thing. You think about -- -- That we didn't get him that's right we got a little plans they next -- even -- -- tag -- -- of the list and dropped York's theater. Clinton did that have unaudited at your regular. So we all know that holiday shopping can be a drag sometimes so dragon -- from mediocre films decided -- -- Have a little fun with some unsuspecting target employees. By asking for some unusual items on their shopping let's take a look. Demanding. Final list of stuff today to help me with some of the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good -- and working out a lot lately and I've been drinking a lot of water. But it is someone always calories so they can dial -- Agreed he had. -- true true. Is really -- and it just seemed like. -- -- -- -- way to ensure that no one drug in games twister the sister sister addition. -- below the national. Well -- it -- -- the sister sister addition these two girls could be sisters couldn't OK thank you couldn't -- Positive thing I know I love that diet water right. New Mexico and Canada -- -- and a move on because getting dressed in the morning. It doesn't just mean I want on some clothes for millions of us an outfit doesn't really come together -- topped off with a -- that our favorite perfume or Cologne. And sent have a fascinating -- on the creative conscious I don't know the morning -- it's not. Don't want an international bestselling author and to tell us how we can incorporate -- into our lives I don't think about sense that have not. It's obviously they're very important subject do you Wear perfume every morning I -- Where you put it -- -- -- here -- the neck behind -- -- Behind your new ground. So everybody thinks that they're supposed to put perfume hair had worst place to put her -- really when you put perfume here are all day long you're wearing it off on everything you touch. -- first thing touch. And when you put it here are you have oil glands behind -- -- that totally change the -- really quickly. So is supposed to do is top of hand. Front of neck. Back of me -- find anybody know that. Everybody does it here right I don't have my little -- and a -- and a magazine I mean come out of -- -- -- like guys well you can't put it here either. -- -- -- And you know the other thing to do is to spray a little bit like this -- and walk through asked my last day you get like a little bath with a little bad that perfume. And -- -- -- Coco Chanel said it put it where you wanna be kids. -- president of the company is right about what. That's so weird place. That makes sense because you don't touch itself hasn't eaten it it's interesting to see you really incorporated in the book how to tell -- Blackwell what a lot of people don't. Knows that there was no perfume in France. Which everybody thinks French perfume everything was put perfume really came to France when Catherine de Medici who was an Italian -- just. Came to France to marry prince Henry in the fifteen hundreds. And she broke with her her perfume -- A man named Renee -- Florentine who was he young orphans who've been trained in Florence. And they will revolutionize. The industry in France everything smelled really badly. In the Middle Ages and Europe people trying to act two bath one when they were born and one when they died. How wealthy people -- but when they were married. So people really stunk. And so what they did was they used -- for him to mask their sense they all -- his little dogs different come in handy and they -- little dogs which. Absorb their sense and they perfume little dogs the -- -- went through two quarts of perfume a week. Even just be tolerable. If he was even terrible -- it's perfume mixed with body odors it's just. Lots of it. I -- -- yelled -- that might be doing that. Yeah but not that this is really -- sent such a big part of of the book but that you're saying it can be a big part of our lives yes outside yet the book is about the perfume -- who also created poisoned for captain demanded seeing. And dumped poison was a woman's. Method of choice for killing people it was kind of feminine you -- -- -- in the glass or -- he did was he created clothes that we impregnated. With perfume that was poisoned. So he wore ushered for three days -- you're -- is -- While but the -- Well we'll we'll have to learn much more about that and say thank you for being you -- and -- roses new novel the collector of dying -- is available on Amazon and in bookstores now see can learn about the poisoning of perfume my. That's and that and everybody -- -- -- -- -- That god and -- the -- -- girl. And we'll see a dining room -- moment.

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{"duration":"12:51","description":"Ginger and Gio hang out with Jiff the Pomeranian, \"Cake Boss\" Buddy Valastro and bestselling author M.J. Rose.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23360277","title":"GMA LIVE! (4.17.14)","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-41714-23360277"}