GMA Live! (4.24.14)

Ginger Zee and Sara Haines celebrate National Soft Pretzel Month.
8:11 | 04/24/14

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Transcript for GMA Live! (4.24.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now. Live -- stated DNA. It or. Everybody. Behind me and Democrats don't hold -- head of the game from independent snow. The F fact that here yes it's with a super -- this reminds me child. It goes -- can it come up. Look you know it yet wolf personal good morning welcome TDMA live we are here. -- and thank you thank -- we're in the warm because you were to outside it's freezing -- And you -- -- -- vilify -- Jamie and we're all tearing up. I'm just just tears rolling down the wind chill is in the -- -- I think you're probably crying just because Spiderman. I think and those I'd probably didn't feel -- yes no it was very nice out of fashion really nice people and tonight Sarah and I are going to be at the premier. Pretty exciting areas that do little do a lot of red carpet and getting all -- stars and then had a lot but before that south. Does a great day and April's a great month for sport NBA -- NHL playoffs -- started -- of course. It's national soft -- month the president and their 2000 eighths to enjoy it but we're not gonna gonna do -- thousand guests Alison here. How are you. Yet another way to celebrate national -- up the mom but with some fun and easy recipe ideas and not just must getting exactly not to my -- -- -- and still our favorite but. We have some other pretty cool things that you can do. It is great we had a sweet cinnamon talk that's exactly it -- any use for French toast. Go ahead and prepared anyway -- using regular radically different different needs to step and that super pretzels the -- pretzel with a sweet cinnamon and it is. The perfect touch of sweetness it is great -- We also like to use it as a -- -- triple -- failing to sell out of here. Think he's not one not -- but every -- you gonna get -- -- at home and have a competition that I couldn't you can put their best fillings are right and -- -- You can hear anything from baking and she is whether it's really customize yourself that's what about soft pretzels and super puzzle. So there's no clue why did you -- -- We did we did so often this is my favorite for some time I know that you just talked about being cold but early on -- very. Bill -- -- good yeah -- girl did interest me. And -- -- they're super prep school in new I'm mention of the -- I don't think so you know they're fat free and and low calorie diet program. We aren't super excited for national talk have come out and wanted to share some of -- -- my guess is he still much -- these are Greek T comment. Something I thought -- could only one way but I guess not that's every year to tell everything that there's so many things he did not to mention different toppings like to -- ice -- -- -- our super. -- put them cookies on top -- Yeah. Ever make it mixes it altogether I -- a lot of financing for up a lot of violent -- -- even. Thank you so much as governors. And we're going from a super crackled with super fan I think actually with the Stanley Cup -- -- in in full swing. Hockey fans are known for their intensity but this next little guy acting takes the cake this is it two year old Pittsburgh Penguins -- tiny. Apple yet begun seeing that name right -- he's raising the bar going viral for his reaction. To winning goal was made with. Now I think we have that lets see the video that we're come home quickly and quietly yeah. His -- is so intense and so adorable I feel like you're gonna get it we're getting a real sense of what that means going to be like. Fifteen didn't look like a much older man he added that -- -- and I wondered about his mom doesn't look like she's -- Right there that -- -- on the Democrat I guess the only gain to four home. For -- in -- but he is he is obsessed with -- in your living room is being transformed into a little player he can mean the players. The -- -- -- further along to -- how -- Much older man to kill because it is picking up but everything yeah hey keep people keep coming could not -- out here just. You keep coming indicate he's coming in writing your senior note -- -- And that it like the you what are you like I did not -- like yeah I did I love you guys yes I am -- nice idea but we have some technical difficulties but I'm happy to announce that we do you have tie himself. Lol. I believes. To me -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Okay. How many and that is mommy Hillary and I'm not sure we -- name is. Thanks Seattle GL OK good solid in there Kelly you know you -- a big hockey fan on your -- him. I'm. Moved you know I'd like and then -- being decided -- the Afghan -- -- -- stay in -- that -- We got him -- -- -- Rodham forum and money. Play every day ever then -- Good morning just do this reaction which is pretty amazing he also -- -- players how -- pick up on August. I'm he actually that's -- -- the -- com during the day that the hockey game and I know -- a -- -- -- and -- things school district from. We'll see you so much for sharing it with us today that just made my morning thank sales highly Levy is thank you so we may think -- yeah well. And we also another and to access the -- -- ruling as a judge on dancing with -- and yeah. -- you got it I just blocks past the litter box in the Hollywood -- they did this for those that are not pleasant remedial program I don't think. Eleven the ending of the president well and you've -- he -- Pamela. Very and a little. Yes are tales actually I'm here today could have worked with Purina one and they are doing their first ever -- kept saying. Cut down on my associate -- so it's a place streaking go hang out with the cast either all adopt look at the North Shore animal rescue. But these beautiful all they're all going to be down there and you can hang out have cappuccinos. And kept Tina and top Katz sent -- -- put back fun you know Purina one came up with it because. Julio looking for -- of her hands pet owners and their their cat's lives and I have forecast for my -- into my cats to the twenty day period when challenged. And it was amazing the difference that top of their opening the cat cafe for the people -- -- and sign -- for the twenty -- challenge and it's been. Amazing and we're also here to help get these animals rescued which is the most important part. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He can't -- -- your dogs in the rich so and you know this what's cool about this isn't really popular in Europe and Asia and he freaking go and hang out cast of captivity calming and they think they've -- herself. Seeking -- hand talked and all of these cat people -- that there's some experts. And everything veterinarians cannot be that would be talking about all these different ways to enhance the health and lifestyle. Let's an animal went timing will get to a roller crap I don't I have a reality and cat -- you ever write about exactly where it can quickly find and how to act she can go down to the -- -- that 168 married today will be there all weekend today tomorrow on Thursday -- -- -- What isn't. Saturday Saturday went yeah I was like what the united so the place -- call de -- coming -- -- check going to be a lot of fun. Some bits yeah yeah there's only eat animals that -- only fun but this is a great deal on the -- -- -- -- not. Yeah. You gotta press alone I don't get out and -- I don't know that -- thank everybody for watching her right here nine nannies and tomorrow on every day. Yeah.

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{"id":23452939,"title":"GMA Live! (4.24.14)","duration":"8:11","description":"Ginger Zee and Sara Haines celebrate National Soft Pretzel Month.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-42414-23452939","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}