GMA LIVE! (5.21.14)

Mara Schiavocampo and Paula Faris ring in summer early with Ruffino Prosecco and sorbetto.
12:23 | 05/21/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (5.21.14)
Get ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live -- -- GMA. I night here on Good Morning America dot com what a morning we have had a great morning not only because of the -- -- the -- celebration but also because we get alcohol this morning that always a good thing -- flat out cool while we have a little -- we have some wonderful all members of our body hair and morning begging to with the stars they're here -- -- mirror ball trophy -- back on -- -- and very exciting to see those trophies and christened their impressive really impressive and debt relief and by the way and I'm sucking -- in the united -- spend stuff I'm -- -- said misses -- -- Visit WOK got you doesn't -- -- with the stars folks here say who's -- who do you think is definitely surprised at maximum of one glanced up a. Now are actually thought they were gonna win -- -- their right favorites. Us that are now so I love -- -- -- integration of. Dad how tough places who else what the talk about this -- -- academic walk around you guys. How tough was this because this I think a lot of people thought this was a really really tight -- and did you feel like he had no idea. Who was gonna when I didn't that was very close that what did you think given all of them here today CNN it's just great -- I just love them do you have a removes less than. Yeah. An eye -- -- and zero. And I'm and I'm not going to incriminate myself right now GMA alive but there are the mirror ball trophy -- -- and -- by the way I took a picture in this morning hearing -- -- -- not ugly from. They don't I don't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- as a professional figure -- ranking wonder if elected she have a little bit of an -- on their advantage because she is a professional dancer. The same thing when that company Michael spears and -- won the New Year's back half. They're already good yet she and her partner turning late day and they obviously wonderful this year Sochi -- aspect action to their high -- seemed. A lot different today and actually DNC but I -- he still have -- -- you still. You know notes -- your hand -- I think it does give them an unfair advantage by the same time it was beautiful via these beautiful -- I'm really intrigues you did a fantastic story this morning I'm Harry -- -- -- why why why you have so we spoke to a flight attendant with almost twenty years of experience she -- -- all about the secrets of the skies things are things that I think some people figured anything like that -- tables are not really that -- the airlines do claim them but not every flight people change their baby's diapers on them. People put their -- -- on mammoth and I have seen people actually put their food directly on the tray like -- -- cats or pretzels and -- like no please don't. But -- -- us some other things that didn't get into the piece of other secrets flying so she conserve continue entire rows of people. In the time it takes it to serve one Diet Coke the next time you order -- Diet Coke on the flight. The the flight attendant might be a little bit of a -- this is interesting because I was actually flying at last week to Ohio. And I asked for a day -- she can't get a -- can't act like that can't. And so then she eight. Literally took for ever article she's she and in between waiting for the fish to die down -- serving other people and so -- they're not supposed to give the -- that the against the rules Hollywood diagnose biggest and I am an American like -- take building bottom line issues that treat it like camping. Bring everything that you need with -- -- -- -- for the weekend I always print making again in the beverage -- blanket -- your water your snacks don't really realize and recognize -- talent all that stuff it's not a -- yet -- the wrath we'll let us something a little more -- yes well summer is right around the corner but there's a reason that we have this in effect but here it's not just at a -- -- -- and of course she can now because your last name has -- -- about Bob we have affect both of hello I'm. Yeah. Well -- yeah. -- Probably did say this isn't this does that tell us about those from the eleven authority held that job well yeah BI coming in lab -- -- -- I think of a photo of angelopoulos supposedly it taste like a frozen the most -- Yeah and my question is will -- give me a buzz. And Connecticut and still there well this is just it's -- -- crashing it tastes like a frozen -- -- so I'm really hoping that weren't granted a cocktail. I think we need Chris to open up another bottle may -- to share with some are audience numbers we have. Celebrated. If somebody -- parents and pace pace yourself. If you -- that's really funny actually know does not make the show better it will make the show back at the age of 92% now I would say here's gonna get a buzz out of the -- is -- right. And when but it's delicious and Russia it's like -- amounts -- smoothies yeah perfect for summer really lick you -- our waterfront colts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Up up up up up up up supposedly starring in the sugar things oops there it -- it's not like Sally yours better hang -- runner. OK so speaking of food we have an attitude of you heard about this couple of the engaged couple they are calling up nearly 5000 -- 300 Sam much -- -- -- well. They got engaged and guess what the -- and 300 damages but we need to tell -- little bit back them back story about this Stephanie Smith she was famous overnight. Because she released a blog. Entitled to 300 -- why. Because her boyfriend basically told her that they would get engaged after she made. 300 -- they were 300 signatures away from engagement ring bucket and only one that thinks this is totally obnoxious but now there I need to end its -- and then I'll marry you make -- -- what you don't talk so much right. Yeah. -- -- not perfect but I got up 44 which didn't count because she got engaged to 256. Yes it really that I was very -- -- gave her a break on permanently much Mary Mary these events and we did it -- and I mean we're taking a little -- contact your Latin America we need yeah. He actually have a Democrat and a detonator the story -- you don't and that to us right now we certainly -- at stake out good sometimes not currently. -- -- -- You know every couple has their thing and so maybe we don't get -- -- maybe that's like the sandwiches maybe they -- around the sandwich -- maybe that's their thing yet totally so and she made -- damages in 256 and she -- the rings and it was not to eat butter and -- salmon however you want right it was an out of -- I had cheddar -- scrambled eggs tomatoes and onions. She take I would eat that the conference is elegy and -- is that Joey flat bread apparently popular supplement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Perhaps you can check out -- -- Houston collection because she is now selling a lot of her red carpet -- she's -- -- These -- -- very famous event in June went to one. Jack -- and we're seeing some of them here is -- -- a lot of her most famous red carpet gowns and she's selling them off a 150. Of them. That these -- -- three decades of her show be his career they're available on decades dot com and includes a black velvet gown I believe that that we're seeing they -- he. She wore to the in 1983 Oscars with black -- I'll say it was her boyfriend at the time. -- also white cocktail dress and if we can get that up she wore to be in 1986 Golden Globes when she was accepting an award for the father John Houston. So the collection is estimated to be worth over 70000. Dollars she's also selling to jury and I like that this is for the real woman their cited eight to fourteen sound yes -- That's what I'm -- out. Don't think anyone practicing -- to the to bypass I know they're out yet -- I'm actually gonna have to like -- two of them together organs and write what I guarantee you mentioned that the worth of the collection -- -- She had accumulated this over the years but her husband passed away years. She -- they sold their house. She's like and is looking to downsize and and let these beautiful towns have another life said this is. -- renewed faith in her life and death difference to think of somebody. Loving man using them Wear them because these towns generally go back to the designer talking about Danielle brown don't even know that rights are on loan now they will be in some of -- lovingly. -- and -- so -- do you. Some little hamster from time for the hamster it's not time an -- about it he wanted to go to the they hamster -- -- remembers the hamster that they don't know burrito and -- -- -- and drinks are -- -- let me -- -- camps there just refresh your memory and a hamster eating -- -- right. You remember that well now we have hamster on the playground. OK this couple all of that actually design the playground. For the Hanson as a fly in -- and the hamster obviously loves going down that little slide and actually built that he's an adult hospital six looks like -- popsicle stick -- -- that you have to be hamster this is the thing this does that I mean aren't. Can't tell -- -- that can't yeah. And -- because. I have a cover up a lot and saying. You have colorful -- to get them that they hadn't gone as. Yes get a little dust a bad. Pretty and then he's gonna get what's what do you get some key basket on the swing but we only have little bit timeout and I wanna get to this reaction I don't know about you but I have three kids and -- that -- -- With your parents that would be grandparents is really special. This some went viral this the girl she wrote a letter to her mother and it said this -- -- Graham I can we need to Nepal had this reaction is. -- -- -- -- reading gardening that you. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- the navy and grandma. They may be -- -- right thing I. Her first grand amnesty cannot contain other emotion the baby is -- -- learning and it -- great you know -- The dog is going -- yeah. -- -- -- Ed and yeah. -- it is just incredible. I love the daughter has to calm her mother it's a great and we all remember that nobody -- that you're the -- My parents found -- And using. Yeah. -- And yeah we -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You think they're really can -- because if you can be grandparents -- -- -- parenting thing. I -- -- -- to -- program and my parents say you have somewhat imminent we take them home did you get a sugar high and then been -- mommy -- for contests with a drum set and -- -- bunch -- -- -- -- -- Parents -- thanks a lot yeah. I know I love it I love it this isn't fun it's been you have shares part of this morning. Sacks of party -- thank you for joining -- and -- I. -- and we'll see you tomorrow right here. I haven't had moved me -- -- yeah.

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