GMA LIVE! (5.28.14)

Billy Dec and Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings share some tips for a healthy diet.
16:44 | 05/28/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (5.28.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live -- stated. Okay. A okay. It here again -- even CNN live where we give you more DNA every single day here on the interwebs. And you know one. It's food tax and they may as well start with said regarding the day with -- I don't -- -- about a way to start the day and this is gluten free pizza which makes it. It looks at low -- low fat to right. And welcome them the best part was relentless walking by and she -- -- -- airlock. She says all excluding free on I think that they say would she said okay. So dominant no carb diet so -- And the only good it's pizza and -- goes it's good free I'm not good treatment -- free not to eat it. I really excited -- they totally of them yeah I couldn't bring you the impression that it's like super healthy but it's not magic. And -- -- calories about just that it. But having -- banana battle every inauguration day how exactly and it isn't. But this primary is just because of allergies so that's why we're talking about some of the trends coming out of the national restaurant association's annual event that was held in Chicago but -- to tell us more about what's going on restaurants where my friend and contributor for windy city -- not a Chicago Billy. Okay. I love well love how -- -- -- At myself -- Delhi is sending its huge event Chicago to go out the last hundred years and it's worth the top restaurant tourist shots at suppliers from around the world. Descend on Chicago to show up and -- the top food and beverage trends that were all -- enjoy in the years to come and I cannot tell you. Gluten free exploded on the scene I mean it was above and beyond was everywhere was desserts it was -- is it was snacks. It's a play or even Chicago deep dish pizza from a a group called key keys which has opened up like two years ago community exploding you absolutely should have been frequent crime doesn't pay for payments -- of the texture is a little off you guys -- the judge what's very interesting was just earlier you guys were talking a lot of people have a lot of misconceptions about what Winfrey as. Intact a lot of people are eating gluten free and they don't know why isn't and they knew little about -- it's like ten percentage of the sales. Are really going towards people who have Celia disease right who are the ones in which -- who. Really have to avoid -- which is a protein wheat -- And not. You know it's just other people are doing it because they think it's it's for dietary reasons it's its health benefits that -- -- arbitrary and -- -- -- -- concrete -- that the health and I are actually not proven yeah I didn't but everyone thinks it's this huge health craze. Com and so they're doing it for all these reasons and people are really sure why it is exploding -- -- -- think this is delicious I mean you could cover cardboard with cheese and made a -- and meet a good delicious but it's not. This is really guest house -- it's it's it's really fascinating and you know there have restaurants have gluten free menus now and expect more to come all of though that will have to be confronted what are the benefits exactly -- to those without -- -- And where they -- -- on the you're -- of you this is crazy so there's a ton of technique. Technology trends happening. Imagine this you're at a restaurant and you go to pay the bill with your hand. There's hand. -- reading devices seriously gas that you just don't like that at the bar you put it at the bar and elders but how -- that getting that information in your hand that's what the technology is just evolved to to the point at which they can actually read those veins. Most people now are wanting to just pay their bill you'll get instead of up paper build your table he'll get some attacks -- something to your phone or at a message that has would you like to pay you just click yes twenty that the airport with iPad that -- -- right there that's what's gonna happen at restaurants you sit down and fancy restaurant sometimes you don't even need to use of people want these mobile devices because they can pay in advance of -- -- check comes you just leave. Blue island avenue Gaffney this city that pay for everybody thing -- -- right yeah -- to get out of time you actually make a reservation. And then digital menu boards -- to become hugely popular I mean already there -- happen here and there but because people can change -- up very quickly. New regulations that are coming out -- calorie counts and other things disclose. Conyers are seen a lot of -- -- -- -- menu boards and any anything alcohol -- settlement money I want hasn't left you know it's really interest in this wind that device is so cool you know when you get like watered down drinks -- -- and -- it's not -- so you can actually -- -- review but I like. About settling. Did you -- your favorite you know like vodka or ten or whatever it is machine and it makes ice cubes out of that liquor that sell -- yeah. Pops out. And -- -- -- you have tequila ice you isn't -- As it is the that's a great and -- seat of tequila tequila and that's Colin have just gone through the roof it's gone 83%. Growth in the last decade which is huge -- people are doing different flights -- Q we have -- collect while which is not any different premium tequila as. He did tequila tastings like -- that you know wine bars now. That's what people do it's really exciting and that's it for me it -- really gets me there -- -- a -- -- little hope little bass and electric. They're doing -- -- YC at one in the back upscale -- -- about my husband didn't want it back and expect. -- -- I'm -- -- schools like in half the time it saves longer people are doing tags people are doing up cans of wine. -- while -- were always switching out different sorts of wind that is made you know -- people that now only UK eggs it's very very interest in that's that's happening. And there's a sits on a different lot of Asian flavors you're seeing cock that's quite a bit like things like mousavi says she still leaves to. -- and -- if you name it they're all -- you know Asian food products and nerves are gonna be found in a ton of different cocktail time. I love the idea of wine in the camp though seriously because this summer especially at the beach you're on a picnic near panic -- a bottle in the opener and it's right. And then that's about it I couldn't be any significant dividend in. Classroom -- I -- Never mind -- just that doesn't know about -- but from my Michigan roots and. I was actually -- really thank you better bring it may have -- Chicago way you can always check out your myriad of restaurants and everybody your involvement in Chicago where have we find -- -- I you can find me on Twitter at Billy -- -- -- Billy deck and then rocket -- name -- -- company has all the access to all our different -- -- -- -- -- -- while rocket after starter Brian and the other. And advice I have to say it every time he's -- -- about the franchise record -- I'm gonna I'm on a gluten free to Israel line under. Yeah trying to do and -- Okay -- but I -- -- didn't -- -- and we don't want to go and we want to stay right here -- its final time in nine colleges around the country as we saw some folks graduating outside this morning means students of Clinton's serious on the writers but I -- -- check out what the students dead. An assignment section of -- library the University of Wisconsin at Madison. -- have their hearing the party Democrat so awkward and unless your and it and then it's awesome that -- is spinning tunes -- than being sent out wirelessly so they'll have their headphones on. And -- anybody can join in the Disco party. During that study break that the -- these kids really been focused this much in classic they would need to cram for what I know. But know that I -- a lot of elements like a lot of fun and -- and they get. So stressful those in the -- time that you need to decompress as funny that they took that from this trend that's happening across got previous parties actually happened there are some us parties -- -- -- Rumors are your phones in the -- disorder -- out. And the neighbors don't complain. And the other top news there's finally a Tinder for Dodd finally now let's explain. A -- that -- I -- -- not up on the the world files so that gets him it's not that I didn't now a while back cuts and there was something I should beyond that apparently never got him hey there are not supposed to be honest it's really funded -- for other people because all of a sudden people face tough what do you say yes or no. Great day -- dates for people announcement. They're gonna totally check in fact -- -- -- it would be weird but did not dating underdogs -- would totally be weird bit is store adoption and the app is called Clark buddy if it currently has over 300000. Adopt -- little dogs that need a home and you know a lot of the dogs come from pet finders and allowed an aria out there but it's is it an easier way -- you can kind of crowds and look around so it's fun it's a good way to try to get them. A home right now they're telling him on the iPhone but. It's helpful and forthcoming I love that now that does make sense because I fats at I don't know if you've ever tried to death of -- outlines. And figuring out how far away they aren't that is the perfect -- -- -- yes or are they are adopted so if you -- know the -- -- very instantaneous so that's really cool and a anyway you can help the dog find a home in -- -- -- great -- but -- he is available for dating yeah. Cents a maybe they could not alone in -- and bulimic learning how. -- -- -- -- And I believe -- the dogs could actually is that dating at and I'd like to think that our pets of the day. -- and -- would have found each other. Check them out now as it really get into playing on time. Love the pool of -- only hears you and Doug -- that -- I don't ever -- -- do this but I can see why it's fun for them not only stay here if she is down here one of our writers. -- dog does this and we are over there on Easter and it's not but I guess that's OK and it looks like a tempered dog and drinking more fun in this -- little water it moves around -- your feet. And I should mention it is Hologic -- that OK we got -- happy birthday mile a company -- in ninth birthday into the cupcake sunshine kind of day here -- image alive. -- -- wanted to get confused when the covers off me to sort of like -- for the water. I'm not there -- Yeah that thing. We -- -- I don't ask don't -- Catalina -- all right there. So -- not only yesterday at the lucky day here we have another special guest and she is an Olympic champion three times over. -- of three. And she -- wears -- -- to work out west are one of the greatest beach volleyball players of all time. Please welcome carry -- getting. And here is not with the best. -- mom of three I knew we're hearing -- young. It's the last Olympics I won't that was very early on it pregnancy despite weeks that a hormone -- little bit of influence. But -- is such a beautiful thing. And what about 2016 -- aliases. Look forward -- if I get -- all of that Dexter avenue partner my former partner misty -- -- retired. Having a baby any day on the demonstrators I think you yes -- -- Paris for her and then and get April and I are working hard -- from home. And our tour at the ATP tour starts this -- -- -- sound. Everyone show up you know that the journey to -- has begun. It is so that I didn't really an. It -- the Olympics -- say they always seem to just so quickly that uninsured group you even more -- pressure battle every two years or because we decides that she feels like it's just -- blogs -- but I'm summer Olympian I'm so excited since she got me so -- He and products leniency in the killings represent. Would this mean for you is the third -- -- -- there Carlisle yes I have to qualify have a lot of work to deal. Unbelievable I was I plan on being that I think you can he had been a beautiful life and I am so far from done and I wanna win gold in Rio. For my daughter my little -- you know -- -- has been just grabbing one of the plants come with you Parse out from my team -- candidates -- -- such a big part of my training and just my inspiration obviously in them upon mommy's. Yet they need to be -- -- them. I was speaking to your training you -- the entry -- -- we're beginning to work which is can he -- on day. And whenever I guess today. Which is I mean you look. Fantastic yeah we're going to be bikini -- here this week that may want to get in shape for summer you many tips. -- just you know getting into your bashing our everyday next whatever that is means for you -- -- Think he got it you know attacked her mind those -- certainly have to eat healthy. And then get active you know god davis' body got there and -- -- don't be too hard on yourself I think ever must be great fit in a heartbeat and -- a process as the journey. I've come back and -- -- Alan I remind myself that this is not a sprint. You know so stay with that I think consistency is the most important thing -- get a nice treat him when you're -- when you're ten. I am tired -- -- that's why can't help yeah. That you can't tone it handed -- a lot of -- can't sleep he's Smart about it -- space that is right right exactly his campaign against pretends these -- and you're here to talk about isn't an unexpected for you to yeah and we have a -- -- you can block it out please. So I hear. And with the national honey board. And this is a beautiful display they've -- together you know after the London Olympics my sports psychologist said Kerry if you ever during. He said if you're ever feeling like you need a little energy -- If you need a little boost just pop some honey. And I do this before Cheney I didn't sit tight -- I did in London EC means little honey bear. I drinking and it's such a quick way to get quick energy because everything that -- as early morning and try. Any and everything you didn't get to -- food coffee everything I mean these. I haven't had for ever since I was a kid -- these. -- -- is -- season around that we spent yeah and they -- ST -- down and I bring Annie Barrett's literally in my competition Maggie and I'm a mom of three -- -- and my kids love honey okay and it's just a natural way to get a little bits and let me ask you sitters advocate those needs to. And quality. Good for you -- so many amazing property activist and yes so we have kind of plus -- things this isn't going to be listening to mask yeah you have to music to. A live bomb here you know prevents -- -- certainly this is an oatmeal honey face masks masks. So you just -- the hanging in to add some water make it nice and -- at least that's due to answer any -- beautiful Ella using the final product Alex Jackson -- but -- your best and nobody else -- isn't -- -- -- Encino man -- -- don't exfoliate. Tiny and naturally attracted to me and then you can't retains moisture so there's so many -- -- qualities to -- -- And -- we don't want that youthful -- do you get on -- formula McCrery you know ten to wait a minute that hasn't -- eaten up seen unhappiness oh yeah. So invigorated. Yes I this is something I used a little money make -- -- home -- it's perfect. I'm so I again I'm a mom of 3 -- we use tiny as a national costs of crescent. This is something they put together and I -- -- -- teaspoons of -- But they put this together with water and ginger lemon and honey -- -- -- yes absolutely and this isn't -- a natural thing nothing better than that next. Stray from my love Taylor one of the my excuse are talking about yeah. Well this diet they're angry yes he had you know didn't think we're that -- mom and you -- coughing you know -- is so sad -- -- recent -- the -- -- You know -- your throat -- they're gonna sleep better so it's just it's you know wonderful -- And then and I'm a terrible cook however how he makes me feel like a great -- sometimes this is -- literally make favorite dessert it's plain Greek yogurt. Sliced almonds and mango and raw honey and -- the news makes it and it's healthy got her team and they got our readiness to -- whenever whenever. It's floats your boat and then this is on the chicken -- them with honey mustard dipping -- absolutely it's. Hello -- -- -- -- hey I've read and has had a column about your food -- you gotta figure who apparently an engine as an opponent and leave it at this point in the morning and went further in time to understand you like me I have a one year old and she wouldn't send into denying. -- so tiny Tanzania I guess -- -- thought about it's in so many of angry it's in the -- part of our daily life. And I'm I'm really patted my sponsor of a partnership with the national honey board you know I want to -- I want to promote. He has such a natural alternatives yet telling Kenneth kind of sweet down they have something so figuring out to your -- -- -- -- -- -- -- an athlete we learn how you you know I also like because gold. Yeah. It isn't out of Angola and you love to be surrounded value and -- that this morning and the beautiful around saying yeah yeah. -- Beasley -- 7 morning right here. -- -- live 9 AM eastern we'll see you tomorrow.

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