GMA LIVE! (5.8.14)

Ginger Zee and Sara Haines cook with "Blue Apron" founder Matthew Wadiak.
19:11 | 05/08/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (5.8.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now live backstage -- CNN. And I sat there hands have got to like I'm feeling here know -- it's great. I -- I have never make it don't forget in my eyes. I would never forget my mind. -- for -- -- yet and that's okay you're here now that -- and that act and let all these beautiful faces behind the slump the morning. That -- everybody -- a lot of fun coming up. Yes he gale finally acts by the way to have you told us how you start today because we did this when he when you were here about what the first thing you do when you get up. First thing I do I get up -- -- and right away I find out where notices inside their in his bed -- usually on the couch -- he's not supposed to be. And then he looks at me like is this time we have to get up now hope it's the spot and gets -- his face and making very uncomfortable thinking that cleaning your dog their old when you have to wake them up yes. I -- -- mine up and tell him it's time to go and yet they looking like -- creek my ears -- yes my first thing I do -- had been. Pressing news it was a bad happen now but I read this -- -- article on how to create new habits when you have it is great when my alarm goes off my hot bath and with a good attitude and I walk it -- immediately nose -- It worked wind and let's say that's at halftime hop look like -- -- hit. I decided it can't be negative because normally I Crowell little and I get mad and I wonder why -- morning -- -- -- Iraq out of things -- through your head before I ever get sometimes sometimes spend tells me. Pay your alarm has gone off six times I like I'm. Yeah it's like nighttime there what can -- one block prepared me yet that's not fun at all. And whenever that let me start Saturday we want to know how you start your day -- started tweeting athletes -- wonderful using the hash -- start my day GMA -- so let's take a look this plan. The first one Laurie Alvin. -- -- -- -- -- Were higher in May. Because I live in a -- -- it pulled in Ohio it. What is now it's not today in the eighties. And that's to Texas or Nevada hiring made -- -- in here went from Vanessa cast -- any -- Showing how she gets things off -- slow start in her home my son every morning only got to keep -- fully clothed in laying in his -- That's like we're almost there and think -- -- -- email has. -- -- -- we have -- -- -- -- last not least coach Brian starting your day with his angry cat staring at him for ten minutes and that's how angry that's just -- that -- green. And a little angry at the same time it's a cute little thing he had that's -- wake -- -- -- -- -- an -- that we cannot dislike. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we don't happen is extra -- a really cool Mother's -- story about how mom and daughter combo who are working together lose weight. Fifty year old -- shot and her seventeen year old daughter tests that have -- their journey in an online diary and we get to see it. How it's coming. They're from Ramsey new Jerry favorite which is nice -- hundred day challenge that's what they're doing have read that give. I'd give it 100 dot com is how you can find it and together they lost a combined 74 pounds. Hugh that's a lot okay Ross says the videos good to -- -- do it. What's it looking like best and it's time to get this -- -- -- and more are credited to that's still. Pull ups can you imagine your mom doing my mom would -- -- careful. I -- I try to get into it went down while she -- do that in the next day she can't move when she blames me but you're not younger than I'm on my mom uses -- deposits her excuse -- -- -- trying to diet my money as menopause for the last ten years I think that's how she -- -- She always says she -- you know what it's a scientific I can't lose weight anymore so I'm not that I did -- scientific -- you can do they look great but I'm on such you can -- and that's. -- -- lean -- each -- through the whole thing they just really Friday each other up and 42 -- 32 pounds respectively that's really wonderful. Okay now that is the Bravo hasn't I've learned losing even three pounds -- -- -- of 74. But this morning we're having an early Mother's Day celebration and ginger I -- we have a special guest -- How we deal -- dying physically is done is my mom now the guys aren't always he's CNN ICN. -- traffic. Yeah -- the last time and it really officially. Introduce you mom so -- getting -- teaching right to the Internet I -- again I oops I gave them a copy break. I am. -- -- this when she was here just a little while that we're looking at pictures of you and I feel a little and it's me and my mom. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I'm so sorry I can't be with you this Sunday -- kind of nice to have this public chat. Yet it is I'm sorry to be here either -- well for you can't be here. Happy Mother's Day and my -- got a lot of other kids that'll make you feel very -- doesn't really matter that I'm not saying you have a really Lancaster and the fact that. -- -- -- she needs her more. I think anybody anything out have been back home. Nine ounces she's my my sister yeah college season -- public that's not the little and for you know you write you -- -- an eleven year old not I was like yes so Smart guy could cook cook cook -- Mom I'm so what -- the house class dying -- the students. Being good this morning this is this is older students by the way everybody that yeah that -- This is the college group -- victory saying they didn't their first morning. And then I -- I get the -- I can be every one of their mothers. Well how nice and I love that -- game it's a fun one they -- people decent big the interns around here I could be their mother's well. No no John it's true I'm here continue to mount not imminent yeah money comes social services could -- that Mother's Day tips that are pretty -- Oh yes yeah. It's just -- her voice and -- some I think that feel like that's a life you're going on lately -- my -- any will be exactly how well this is so -- they have created it as well a couple of things but for my mom and while -- still on the phone. One of the special treats would absolutely. Antique and all different little teacup -- EU ROK ago. -- -- -- I collected earth for about forty years yeah kidney collections dozens loves. Full stuff as always has put it but I'm starting to see determine that but theater -- -- -- -- -- mark yeah what can you tell us about this beautiful spread you. -- so what we're what we're talking about is at fourteen hotels how we really listen to our clients and our gas and kind of findings from their family traditions we found little bit about. Your family's here here coming ginger so. And also the amount -- DIY stuff so now here what we're doing is kind of a thanks to mom look so we. Have thank you notes that you read at. You know when you I'll sit down -- -- -- -- bring the cards or they can. Break them I'm excited just kind of a fun thing and -- we kinda -- it up a little -- with. The -- that some of that Canton color of the year recovering -- excited about reading Berkett. Then this is more of more of a modern look -- -- it together reading your kids ginger you can hear I -- patriotism to -- very important yes. Bermuda grandmother -- -- and -- -- did that to us enough and he beautiful paper into. And mama sent to looks because of -- -- but I know that you like to yourself my grandmother that time that. As and then and it headed to -- not under this weekend it is every -- of things you hear that. How -- exactly. And that our last over here on the far right very fun -- a lot of families of the manor hotel and they have a favorite -- dish and so I don't think its funding corporate and heirloom dish or something into the centerpiece and then we outfitted -- plays cards with. Your family's names on them and then another mismatched -- -- -- -- -- -- -- complex mismatches not -- but did GG right and I think we kind of showed how. And as fast as it president and out about the status. So we can make it looked kind of fun together and then Johnson talk about. Here food ideas. I -- I like this tape I'm not open and a mother of the bride diet. So I don't know that this is something wanna tempt her with but this looks. -- A every we took some of your your your childhood in -- year in memorable favorites that you had. We knew that this Arab -- -- -- -- and making and that sort of thing Sylvia this triple chocolate chip circuits very blue we. China and India and -- -- chocolate chip cookies tarts but we'll dark chocolate can -- on the home -- and then. -- the analytical leave and Indonesia where -- -- all they don't need -- at this point I don't make an exception. Ahead on the other side we know that that didn't ginger had a passion for for cherries and then baking -- -- -- -- sort of thought of but no but it waited to pick a bomb but some. Heart shaped pen -- with fresh cherries and -- -- car and a cherry pie bars. I sent my mom because we have the baking. That you really have the cherry trees and yeah out of making them a bunch of different things -- -- done that but these two ideas for SMS sent in recipes that are clearly all right -- So we're at a time during the four seasons hotel 57 east 57 street we have vessel what's happening this this Mother's Day. And very excited to -- celebrate everything to do it. I love that things are non sports seasons hotels are making Catholic so luxurious that we really didn't -- Yeah. He and we have more food you guys yelling have to get that thank you so much for -- film my mom and offended that recipe -- I think that number eight. This is going to be -- -- -- we think about a man I'm probably looked pretty sure opponents don't blink pronounces got a -- -- -- -- call you later. -- we love you -- you know -- won't have been very united very strange to hear your mother's place of her and elect speaker. -- -- He had -- and this is like and this is like home for me -- this year with blue late rent and ends. The -- -- it is that I I could -- -- seriously door to door I heard about that I heard about it from you First Amendment that's what I would say and it's -- Matthew by the way I didn't introduce you guys sorry -- his hair and blue apron and it comes to your door. It is all packed in this beautiful -- fresh produce fresh meat fresh whenever you -- -- and -- and for me and Ohio is tell people. Samantha my producer started using it because it comes exactly package and -- when I would still in -- I'd always have to I mean I -- again in time I got a recipe with that not anymore that you get that little perfect. Size for what you need. It's exactly measured out portion by portion everything that you need to cook meals at home and it comes with these beautiful recipe cards that you -- who would step by step instructions that made. Cooking great meals really easy and -- And it's it's so easy I was gonna say -- -- didn't love cooking wasn't something and now we do it together I wanna see here is actually I think we have. Some pictures of teen years attempted the shot to be the judge apparently did -- we got. -- -- -- I -- here are angry and it's so pretty -- -- reasons for the six months. Imagine. Finally -- minutes but. Let's try it and -- and -- and China's. And now he has. -- hear all of us that work very simple clean up all the ingredients just that we have been here. Check and then. 500 degrees. -- -- -- -- You don't feel like he yelled let's -- yet and that antagonized a lot of last night I did it come out. Awesome book I -- I think we do have a final picture but yes -- I did a couple we did -- Turkey cut Clinton's. And I don't know how we did it that Mac tonight didn't takings. -- seriously as you teetering nailed everything she ever tried -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some of the pictures practice makes perfect trip yeah definitely decided that -- Captain Gregory. Really sure. I don't know -- -- this -- -- I am guessing. Do what -- happy you -- not. I don't think which gets sick friends you know. It looks pretty. Securities hit the. Okay big things get now. Play I kinda let him take will eat it I felt I was more the -- the best part is you guys are spending time together in the kitchen cooking and yes there's a couple yeah and that's fantastic because people are getting the editor cooking again and it's really exciting. And I don't know if you guys know this but for DNA alive viewers today blue -- dot com slash -- alive 30% off your current box. In it all really you might say yeah that and really really great deal and that's the thing and I think it's just to go out to dinner like we were before this has saved -- significant amount of money and I don't think he'll leftovers to sometimes when you can you I feel that -- -- -- trying to. I'm not that crafty and finding new -- -- is exactly what you had. If everything goes in gets it right down you have nothing like and you don't -- anything I -- that Al Haq -- that and guess what exactly about a little appeal for a fifty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- King however you can something. Steve something -- so today we have a recipe it's a chicken -- can -- with ramps sweet potatoes and sugar snap peas and these are the kind kinds of things that we serve a blip in recipes it's all seasonal really fresh food and ramps are wild forged. They called -- would leaks. Can you have to get them in the northeast are only available for a couple weeks out of the year it's really special and that's the kind of simply let -- -- And it's an unconventional announcement take tasting aids are ramp exactly see one couple has a forming that you unjust -- a rough chop really rough really raffia can't figure. I then went to help perfect I love heavy handed out when I -- -- I'm not ever sure what rough -- village. I never send her -- in several trustees and the chicken right here just a little sprinkling of salsa who did some black pepper you don't normally let me touch things and left in the you can also my reading please take -- -- that Yasser we're gonna go ahead and put a little olive oil -- the campaign may just want to. That's the only thing you need a home by the way -- -- -- sultan pepper that's it right. So the banking covered except -- that it's so easy exactly city everything else. Wally -- the next half of that chicken going in so what we're gonna do is because I don't want to -- touching the raw chicken instead I've. Can cut the chicken now let's get it and I can think you can put your head -- this -- -- can. Just like -- and he can. This is really how easy it is to give -- all of the stuff with the construction sites about going there -- even gotten a play like that sessions like this just laid out like. I think it and I don't look. The -- of -- getting everything ready before he cut his I was the best way to go because you can work really clean yes and then you -- -- -- ago when you enjoy your -- everything's like this beautiful he sits down if you relax and. -- in his middle downwind nearly half. He picked sort of -- -- the sweet potatoes here Saturday -- -- -- going to have let -- automatically give me shelter again the ticketing business. -- -- -- give you a little. -- you got it when it yes I wouldn't Wear -- workshop that happens next up we're gonna turn turn this chicken you're disputing about. Happens. Once and messaging to visit pals at the time it's as you do -- -- six minutes on 12 I don't always have set up what I make -- -- myself exactly tell you -- -- stood up all the details are there it wouldn't keep the recipe -- -- kept the rest of the carton. -- to -- make it again if we ever discover where those ingredients came from. Exactly. Of people who go online and they can look at recipes in Trenton tips and no you can't we're gonna do look up to you can look them up and we've got a great cookbook online so just a little bit of butter -- -- And that and give it to -- little primer -- and we'll take this guy out tank and we'll just let that. It's just rest. Let's look turning well I don't exactly and you've got him through in this city snap peas in the ramps. Now I read it to the parents are you flipping something -- not let anything. -- -- that by working to toss those babies in there -- can't get a chalked up ramps at another -- you are cannot get an advance look -- HR -- my foot -- at least you're thinking yeah. And I didn't -- -- garlic and -- -- a pet that's great. The panel for all of that every record you know what has happened there oh -- and the other thing -- doing -- it's not just if you're vegetarian there vegetarian -- -- We have vegetarian options we -- -- leave the presbyterian option we have all kinds of different options you can selectively consider rest. -- would -- sometimes forget really exercise we'll do a couple quick things and then we'll. There and I can't pull out. These sweet potatoes cool consume things become a fighter Jack Palestinians by -- -- yeah. And then we'll -- the rest of the the -- here and that's think that'll say my -- -- and salt. Seasoning but can the Internet yeah this morning -- yet -- speaks to your circular and it nearly as teamwork. What Piltz on them is likely -- tonight we should at that event might we -- Hawaii and it lighted refute that out of danger would have ended up like everything else that you would have -- all the work and I can't get there until they -- -- know what. Regret every team for Ralph cell that respectful. A Catholic bishops -- expect much I -- you guys are my -- it's awesome. They were gonna play these guys have stacked the trailer nailed the little bit completing needed to look a little better you know it's just did a good rule of thumb equating is just 123 so that's one half. And we'll take our our ramps and a garlic the pleading to the candidates are excited to eat and then I think this didn't I don't know anybody said he event filling needs to be sent again almost all of these -- they're all under 700 calories bowl under 700 calories -- -- 35 minutes or so to make. Can't and it's just an incredible. Incredible learning experience and I'm just gonna give us a couple couple quick slices pedal without that are brilliant touch on my Turkey slash chicken and we'll put that on there and I'm not gonna ship. Actually when you finish it and it was just a little squeeze of -- that -- -- accidents happen much top -- a couple of you've got to -- got to tell about the Palestinian youths you felt he had -- that -- Diana did and I'm a little -- and -- -- -- You know rather dry and -- Yes great yeah. Yeah. Dot com slash CNN live don't forget they get a 30% to 30% and I'm not that's already great deal and we hope that you -- -- -- the impact itself. He's almost mother saying. I don't creative and something that's my partner -- in Atlanta every day 9 AM eastern. -- -- -- -- -- --

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