GMA LIVE! (6.19.14)

Gio Benitez and Sara Haines welcome Ali Wentworth to the show.
19:34 | 06/19/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (6.19.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live -- stated GMA. Good morning and our track. Dot com -- -- DNA all day and NGOs here have I don't know I'm here with you -- -- here with me with how many times we -- that's -- here again. But we have a very special guest today -- before she gets here finally tell -- story. It's Alley George's wife and she is -- alleyway where Alley Wentworth sorry he -- have a funny she is and hired big deal female I guess you could say comet. -- -- -- -- Top kill chief under -- banner here and a white mother let's just get an athlete has her own show yes yeah right here on Yahoo!. But funny stories I'd never met her before -- sometimes when you Cecil on TV thinking of them. So quick trip last fall I was in the VIP -- did I was getting hit for the show. And a woman tapped me on the shoulder and he said oh by the way you see George and with -- on first name basis to ensure the puck popped up and you tell him. His family's here. Any I -- takes -- a moment longer than most people signed with -- hasn't hope. He and like I left on her and she did this stiff body hug -- declared I don't know -- you are at -- even though you might -- you know. And and then I tried to see myself as -- -- actually you know many considered it just kept going downhill and Hollywood doesn't George know -- seem to -- But doesn't think it might have been part of the act. No I think it was really honor I left on her like it was. Haven't seen in so long meeting nevertheless he does this is what does it was really weird trip for me at least for I can't imagine how weird it was for her so we'll see what happens when she gets here. Yet yet -- ante her up a little bit well -- -- I guess he can -- start via the pants. Forward -- that with -- But -- of the behind. Like. I know -- I'll paint GO no respect their right Ross Ross in the control of Ross didn't execute the contract here what looks I say yeah right I upper middle child syndrome I didn't feel that -- -- about anything at that so you don't -- -- -- stuff we're not gonna get to it. But good she said is that it's -- -- -- -- says keep me on tracks I have the full line up right here that was in keeping my I have to be the producer here -- -- is that. Let's run down police monopolies. Omni OK so first let's let's talk about was -- because this is going viral all over the place and it's over 300000. Views. On vine right now check out wolf it is -- -- the magic find the guy. Look at that and this is a young guy who put this together and he's -- he's grab little cousin and tossing him into the pool. I left the imagination and a guided even thought maybe help rather the way I grabbed -- In the water and a bit but it looks so real -- I mean it's like children on the big show we explain how to do we're not gonna go through all that now but we're gonna show you. Our own little -- to volunteer -- -- couch that's what I call and that there. TO Monica those who apparently coming out of step at that is when -- -- that -- from our. Al DN AC. Can talk about our own in house news and this actually was just like the full video of this was our first try we did a few times out of -- -- any better. But this was our first and did you get better is that it this took. I won't say about forty seconds. -- -- -- forty seconds I'm impressed because I had to have you explain to me off camera again. The by media when you were describing it needs and they didn't understand -- kids. I literally thought it was in his -- yes united now -- and I didn't but I couldn't figure out when we're excited yet if -- he's narrowed let's talk about you know Japan. Okay one movie happy about it I've gotten up at -- -- Herring yoga can now get ready. To kick your workout up a style style much would -- be -- is that really what they're gonna call these. That's -- though with a -- silver dean's company is out with this jeans flashy no -- can't -- that they say -- original look of the -- and the comfort of sweat -- Available for men and women because we wouldn't want anyone to miss out its workout -- for the fashion forward -- more comfortable casual clothing for the couch potato take -- Now at all it's a truck that -- that's. He looked and we got in my chair coming and it and I want to. Now. Second -- you may not remember. The -- Yeah. -- And younger raising of Mike's younger I -- you -- yeah I got here I I don't know you remember this as well ideas -- -- an uncomfortable moment with you. You know I felt I knew you and I do -- we'd never met before yeah we're in BIP -- for wonder action. Yeah tell -- hyperventilating 90 yeah and I'm looking theater and even added I guess you didn't tell George that is the at least here and I looked -- you and I think. And I like wrap my arms around you didn't George smiled at that time -- -- he didn't know you yet but I felt I knew you. We've reported some paperwork after that yeah. I don't even let me sit next to Georgia anymore I know I needed the family could -- me I don't know why I hate general thinks you're crazy by yeah. Crazy crazy -- let button and I did ask carries styles if you had to choose and he picked me. You should know that I think you that -- joining -- in Georgia I know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The people were -- he's right there yeah area. Is that after that -- it all went downhill I've you know right after this holiday it's really I'm telling you I didn't -- -- to make -- -- yeah infielder -- we're all right. We got a new show. I Yahoo!. I do have a new show -- Yahoo!. -- and I'm looking to branch out and do some other things I'm writing a book right now and I've just. Partner with Johnson & Johnson to. Inspire young people to actually give back and -- live and very. Self indulgent you know my kids are watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians on the hornets backup and Obama can't -- not a -- -- Not at CeBIT it out weeks -- options. But -- the -- you know I sort of encourage them now to go out in the community and like Indian packed in small ways in big ways you know we sort closed. For underserved kids we do lemonade stands for polar bears. Although it's gonna take more than a few updates can't -- -- -- parent let it all about you know did it right. Aides teacher this isn't you know at a community level at the national level. You know -- -- -- the -- in the -- we're saying that the 80% of people credit parents with setting me differently -- me and to the end -- 53% of parents today. Our lives -- our children's lives are so busy it's hard to kind of get that and where it should be I think what that number one. I think that we should teach our kids get yeah -- -- -- -- to your friends. Yeah we body of a Sox let me know I'm I'm having -- moment they would seal it SA did you hear about my attack on your husband today now Jason. We really need it let's let -- -- and I went on here yeah I got on the -- news the Ferrari and I want to see her attack my husband. Nationally if they don't join the other kids that's -- I was very -- you can't tell who had been married for life. -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. He won't let me. And -- -- -- moving target. I asked can I call you -- me he said. No it just ended the conversation ended we only played a clip from flying yeah didn't really humor should be -- I wish -- Yeah. -- is paying a permanent and it hasn't isn't good -- every other yeah. Yeah Alpharetta Georgia -- about an elephant with a yeah. Here's another good Halloween here -- your didn't. A lineup the -- got a lot happier I actually -- -- outlets. Every. Media. Yeah -- was jealous of his thank you for showing that yes morning and all he never gets jealous knows what little jelly in -- put its -- down about my new. And yeah I actually stood next to get naked with Clooney and god what's happening. He does it really what's happening Iraq. I'm really glad that it got down I love it. Imagine what a night at the dinner table that is George secretly just let you in your -- crap out of him. He's hilarious and I imagine your conversation when iTunes I I think it's it's he's he's you have no idea -- behind closed doors with George Stephanopoulos you haven't seen and seeing just -- to dream girl no no. -- -- he has done and get around that George. -- I'm telling you get food -- -- here ask some questions about their dad it will staked out his career instantly speaking of questions we have some parenting questions we when asked I have to answer -- OK so let me make sure these are about what would -- edu slash what would. Georgia now we do -- passion it's very confused up and held it so you're dot second yeah this is totally can still confused -- your daughter starts drying on the wall during timeouts. What do you do I know they're a little older and time. -- What are they -- -- -- -- I don't know. That's right why not actually no I'm not a nice Merrill what would George -- A Georgia woods it depends on what they -- him. I think George would. Support us. I think George Ringo what are you doing and turn today and then I would I think that the economy pocket I've -- You -- worried if I online where creative of and by sending me my husband's pickup truck not true I think that you wouldn't use spray the food with -- poisonous chemical development agreement -- Italy but -- he's always touching it. I think for every type she was -- by. Is it that's most of that's kind of a fox. I it's -- I like this handout. Yeah. And -- vegetables and you don't eat the bail okay okay okay okay whether it thought it might food you know yeah I think your -- -- -- -- bet that lasted a short week George revealed anything to gain called Hunger Games with your girl's but he pulled back a little after it. Set the record straight what do you think doing at home -- Your game but we go now was John. I was -- days leaving kids at our daughters to fight to -- kill whoever's standing up and so these joint. They all that Hunger Games but he's a little confused because it's basically they're just -- each other and you don't -- housing OK I call that the Hunger Games as a joke and I think it's stuck in Georgia's head without. Realizing that it's about death. Yet and -- -- -- -- -- and -- yet there is an -- and by the way when I was watching it and I saw and say I've played under gave the public gets like. -- -- -- -- That's not a flight now it's not just Indian yeah apparently actually gave us the -- I think she's your -- forget that I can check out what directs camera I don't know that -- services I thought any minute we're they're gonna call because -- weird -- does that play with my kids but. You know it's we get crazy -- I don't you me don't don't. Get George started when George acts like one of the -- cheerleaders -- bring it on this hill he doesn't yeah these are not gas cans. Geese are Jack and yet -- That he did I don't yet I'm not gonna I can't you know I need Anemia and don't get a little. Canary seed Georgia a quarter point to and I guess I think you guys you know illegal -- -- yeah. Off -- beat yeah we need to break yet I want -- -- -- -- have a chance I know you talked about teaming up but if there's anything she wouldn't say I'm -- -- I do I do I do and the big believer in. For -- teaching our our kids to get back in every kind of -- cap like I said a lemonade stand are our bake sale or you do your community your church or school. And also you can go to parents fires care dot com. And share -- stories because everybody had stories of how they kind of -- their children into this sort of wonderful way of thinking. And again I I just think where we live in a society that so self involved you know that's all about like how to become famous had a meaning they'll eat any meat eating healthy it's their right -- -- yes and I think yeah you're selfish so totally I'm completely yeah. Do you know about condition and support my president maybe you could try to get back a little -- expect but I think if we don't teach our kids we're gonna have generations of buried self involved children so those two parents buyers care dot com. I'm so happy to be part in the top dog they really do believe that not so just getting I'm not getting free baby while I actually believe that which is not a bad idea you'd like to give her free baby oil I please give me for nobody had really starts at home up -- whole thing else. It's like anything any major reality starts -- -- I believe that. Can you -- a break -- -- -- -- Still work with -- right. That the with the stars yes judge Carrie and a novel we don't get an elegant yet you know when you -- -- -- I haven't -- my girl let me just put that out there let me just bring no light up again body size differently but it was not a -- -- popular don't like that I was I was quick Jennifer. That's. Totally. That Cornell never amount and it happened. I. So that you could show off your move there as well -- brought it advances the show with them today that it makes a break dancing -- that's gaining a lot of attention for their choice of music it's not that Bob. But classical music -- Yet given up for the red yeah. Yeah. And. Yeah yeah. It's been. I. I'm not giving -- and equipment. Well I -- All -- also -- What did you think Watson that I thought I do that -- wearing yeah yes I'm. That's what have you ever had handel's messiah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Does that mean here you got classical music quirk him from Germany and -- real -- -- -- that we're doing different break -- shows. And get one day that I get what's coming -- -- -- -- music. With being able dead that's a really good idea about how we can stuff we don't look we are not from the site so. We're looking around time and some crazy guy they -- -- -- put that have not been made history as the popular club Hedrick then. Get them against us up with this and it's completely deflected to -- to case he's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then this from Sweden. Some guys from Julie wow that's amazing him and he needs someone from New York. Yeah that's. He had to be -- -- Now laughed like yeah yeah yeah boat -- picnic on the learn -- -- I got. -- underwear yeah. They doubted that oh my god I'm happy -- so. We -- you can't bother me yeah me so -- double. Don't murder. Okay. Plus dancers they diesel movie OK got you so much I'm -- -- we're gonna get more -- storm of the fact that we're gonna dance off. Through dental -- -- -- so easy for joining us fraud unit who do not. -- -- -- I have yeah. I'm doing all right -- -- -- clear tomorrow -- -- yeah. And.

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