GMA LIVE! (6.26.14)

Ginger Zee, Sara Haines learn yoga and share fan soccer photos.
9:11 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (6.26.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now live backstage -- The. -- -- live here and Good Morning America back online download. I had a little after five platinum that help -- and everybody. Made me horny teenage extraordinaire yes we did it today. I'm playing something because the company didn't understand a factory get one point for one -- you tellem. I that we -- less -- I -- how could they possibly have greatly -- hero and lessons like appealable situation and we're scoring differently for the -- home. He's seen me. Probably is but today we want to have an even matter -- Taking fat gas I don't know we had a video front that yeah when -- remember when that happened and out of it. An immigrant aid that we get him out -- I want to -- and kind. Larry Larry I just can't over again we keep going changing. I just started hitting it like a fat look at -- you. Here can't and then -- -- -- everything I think he had -- look tough being behind his fire hydrant -- yeah. Hiking back out with a little legs. I'll email and wrinkling and no you didn't Dan -- watch my life. And I took -- -- yeah. And then yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As we want to get happy -- aside one victory there's no better way to start your morning with adult fashion high of five. And that exact -- There are proud. But I have our interns is working and fewer than diet immediately goes around giving random strangers -- -- just to try and brighten their day. He takes -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in the typically cracks a joke just to break the -- between here. A I have to save someone came out. In the New York City area and making a little. Nervous and then I wonder how much can sanitize very carries -- That now take a full -- yeah I think so because it is I want whenever maybe should change to of this I was sitting at that I and they are talking about this incident overnight. Can't -- the medical community doesn't -- I thought of my. She now that anybody with any of CB yet either. -- for not only are we starting a new high five trend here on CNN live but we're also starting a a throwback Thursday that every week Natalie past -- -- every week they -- gonna hit you are have our viewers. Send in their -- TVT photos on Twitter today of course the theme is soccer. Yeah and I'm not a major TV listening he has whenever I thought I mean that my own Saturday CNN play I -- -- -- not a slap on the days -- treasure -- I had -- that make of that attitude there -- and well yes -- -- -- You better ratings -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in -- it's kind of a fun I had Mary long parents don't have to get back if that if we don't have the other one it is a high by the -- and I -- -- -- an opinion that it is funny because there a couple of girls in the -- that looked like -- goodness -- We'll have a shot I believe -- in -- game probably around that time I accidentally broke the girls like. Got -- back and I know you would never knew that I am now. -- like stay there and I kicked right through it. OK. Things. Sorry wherever you are trying to increase from -- arms shoulders knees -- of -- -- he has every time they start to well look what happened like he did it the first time why are we watching in slow -- Well -- good thing is we get some some really good as factor TV teens for some of our viewers and I'll show you wanna look Christie Garrett C seven a photo of her little -- at all aids by investment she did a looking good -- And an amazing DDT -- header sending to us by Twitter. He has drew. Yeah that's that's that are used agony and finally an adorable -- that Laurie Fenton she said I'm Betsy was so good. That her son the goalie was always alone is buried in -- -- because when you break the plane at the goal your little late yourself -- I'm actually at that age when they just turn around -- floor on the wrong team and they're routed them they're so proud of it when my affinity is when they get totally distracted watch him play Little League Baseball or soccer you'll look out -- like doing things McGrath nearly. Yeah. -- -- -- breeding or something completely you -- -- just an anger problem and I think that. Yeah that's second you know the popularity of yoga has exploded of course yeah that's I don't know how much -- that I -- occasionally I get impatient innings. The whole point he needs to do it. It makes you shouldn't you deal in mesa facing the kind of brings it brings you back back to peace I do it as often -- and because there are some major physical and mental benefits but -- -- -- -- square. You can admit what don't we get fit everybody but at least last month on -- kind of follow and then with -- -- hang out here. And you know we have carriage styles. I'm happy -- like that and that. You agreement and I love how over look at -- avidly following last Friday night the average is another favorite poses I hadn't handled. Ice and snow in as many days that that comes along with a healthy lifestyle and -- -- -- had to tell us about a couple of other. Choices we should be thinking yes of these are really good and healthy choices this is my favorites movie it's called the green dream given its rights really and it wasn't present both. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's really simple. I loved how much credit card spinning and spinning so for one's -- one banana -- to hand plus minutes and about a cup and a half on -- -- I'm really -- -- -- of any need to -- the three New -- acting consumer and -- -- is there is an idea that changes while you might see it here. In the monitor we'll see some of our viewers -- So level that they literally -- time and that's how is that I'm relieved Watson as something I'll. That was inspiring yeah. There at all -- and Andrew she's plus -- I don't have. Naturally kids can only appropriate at that age care little that they suspended him or hate it didn't have -- -- -- didn't have. Occasionally we had the delicious -- TV and then. This looks like I -- -- it's that feeling you have an agreement now. I mean this is just a really simple granola you can just make -- a home with anything you like -- some oatmeal. And then mix it up with coconut oil and people -- and a little bit of rocket power and cinnamon and -- whatever Nazi like whatever you like -- there is yes -- minutes in the -- -- so easy to make some -- even you know you're reading can -- It would be sound right if we didn't do you know we gotta do you gotta do it. -- yeah yeah. I am very opposes -- -- You know I mean just the stretching -- easy ones -- idea I've been trying to do the -- the crowd read the crowd it's the -- yet and it's -- alert he -- -- if you're traveling a lot of -- for magazine -- he only was there anything that could -- you can day if -- panel had anything to help -- out -- -- leanings but a little -- looking forward. And if you keep your head up that's let it yeah does the yeah yeah I am. Okay. -- -- when you let go back -- but that read about permanently what do you think we're it and you like. Like the ups and downs yes that's anything converted as -- senator Lindsey I love it that's what you went to we could've done it can or and you did the crowd sang you're doing this went ahead -- pigeons still -- India looking like lions aren't they yeah. Yeah that's the not a cloud yeah pigeons yeah -- appealed yeah I did what I like. Eat -- and I feel right there and it's difficult for more than BBC he can catch hold your whether he had -- -- and -- you. Even -- people home one easy one for the. -- right now. When he's going to turn I think isn't -- close everybody loves trees and they say in the breeze little bits nice to have a bouncer -- shifting area until one leg just. Grab and hold your -- in this. Placing an -- there. And then trees moving degrees. So vantage trees swaying and -- away and -- It's my money he -- do you is okay -- can't you. For I think that I am I can't think well -- -- you -- your pet program you have a good program. With W hotels are getting retreats around the world on separate sightings of -- tree pose -- can have -- these are going to volley in the Maldives and -- -- -- -- so. Superfund how are you guys are invited -- -- people find you look and find -- a terror cells that convert to be hotels dot com to learn more about the program and I thought I'm happy I -- -- another period. -- that's not a and then -- I'm not. And -- -- -- -- -- We couldn't get right here everyday and AM eastern for -- analyze that soft fresh says today. And we will be kept me out we'll -- them.

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{"id":24315059,"title":"GMA LIVE! (6.26.14)","duration":"9:11","description":"Ginger Zee, Sara Haines learn yoga and share fan soccer photos.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-62614-24315059","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}