GMA LIVE! (6.4.14)

Comedian Michael Ian Black stops by with delicious Klondike Kandy Bars.
3:00 | 06/04/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (6.4.14)
Get ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live backstage at GNN. Good lord really got lots of barbecue out here a little -- lower -- here because all alone you know line. Ginger is getting married the -- -- -- we got some video hard driving off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh in their August 7 Q and that he notices -- -- that -- a look at the car look at the car. -- -- -- at or snow boots bodybuilder in good that's great to have I don't like Randy -- we have voters here. -- -- There's -- says. He's keeping his company job letting. He's given -- -- that I know he is dying the food you've got. I know -- know -- I've been spending some time in the elevator with business. As a -- as he keeps sniffing they had the independence they -- here and -- and write and let. -- but you consider this a good look there's a lot of missing food here are right and the reason why. I think you can see this we got -- and Lara had taken all put our food and. Yet time you know I have had bad guys. I you want my heart to see those girls need someone like a lot of aid they writing an analyst Greg and -- until the end of my student -- a lot of pioneer famously those -- -- I'm famous than the original -- -- up. Right -- and I want it to make highs in -- cupcake in New York City. So I created this little individual experience -- And I'll show you how to eat a high fat. Both the -- you -- you -- look at it and think OK so. You just take this metal foil off okay and if you just lifted up and many megabyte would you like to take lightly and I think that's. -- I don't. -- of the candy bar and a cup. And that's exactly what Amy called ours I love you candy bars right up at its heart cowboy wow that's amazing that we at -- of other high and it doubled Carrey is one of my favorite -- all the apple crumble are gone. They all took on the you know you can kind of late to this party Indiana what what is this -- -- -- brewing business -- leg Jerry Yang. Double not -- put on high while. That has shot -- -- -- as well as the -- not to come up with these recipes that is -- your family name what -- -- you know -- some of -- were inspired by my family my mother my grandmother I grabbed them without. And then others -- just like I'm. Passionate about cooking I love -- I -- savory. I just love feeding people I think that -- is the purest form of communication. And I like to talk a lot to the -- that -- -- about any got a big event. This weekend yes yes it's the Big Apple barbecue block party it is my favorite weekend the summer it's so it's so fabulous is the twelfth here. All my Barbeque buddies come from all over the south. And so it's like a big reunion because you know barbecue is much more than just a tight the -- it's a community it's a lifestyle. And this really is the best we -- and the summer and it's one heck of a community back here. -- think America. Without them we -- we zoom in little Italy again Cameron there yet we'll -- -- you can see this is our kids. So we're making we're making ribs on the panic usually wait cook them and the whole -- But we cut a -- So that they be easy to serve you off but we must not come home we -- -- home and usually you'll have picked the name didn't games. You know what it's like you're lists like pets are never good morning yeah I know I want to be professional for Good Morning America so I -- the Elizabeth certain amount but. This weekend I'll be wearing -- start. That says -- pizzas yeah yeah I. I -- that's might get sick and that's -- barbecue nicknames so. Do you think what's more you wanna pet name yeah hathead. Let me say yeah I don't yeah. And I'm let's say okay I can give you two choices right I usually give people doing all right okay right so -- -- work out a lot you're very muscular but. You get the muscles. You do not have a car but you know what the first time that you this little twinkling eyes -- -- -- That's likable candidate. And has gets a little -- -- -- big muscles twinkle back. -- -- -- I'll be back for the -- I think I -- Absolutely. A unit the other locations yes we have -- -- and Brooklyn -- -- hill country and why not come which you can see on the -- or. Hill country BK -- -- are I don't like him. I never let up we'll let you spoke -- but not very little else. Because we are gonna meet up with one of -- special guest here though Larry -- Michael Ian Black. With frontman IKEA -- The long lock everybody. Have a lot of friends here thanks for joining us. So so so so tell me you've got this new -- clung to -- Situation go -- -- and ultimately decide the barbecue. What is better after barbecue. And some delicious -- now this is a new kind of Klondike. The use of the old school -- the square delicious Klondike. And this is combining Klondike contained bars into the news Klondike candy -- are. I think that -- this perfect after the Catholic high grant releases -- -- this seer Medicare to her delicious little. That's a good -- -- me tomorrow. That's the fudge crunch I think wow. And so yet you're just you're just loving to her constituents thought that he's never had a hit in the Klondike explosion and -- man. -- Sosa took a Huckabee -- with us well you know climbed this I didn't work with climate before and they're kind of like. A -- brands and they do a lot of -- with comedy about the comedienne and so just made sense and they asked media part of it and I love ice cream and I -- can -- -- him. Had done that why not allow -- Caleb Twitter followers to -- one point 93 million do I ran right -- -- up to two million up not my area. I roundup that I can barely break twenty -- -- And and I'm Wendell about the legality of their way to look at this a real battle that everybody following a -- he really didn't -- them back at the -- -- currently. You're just a master of all these different mediums that mean you got books you've got TV shows. -- a -- -- I think -- -- -- I don't believe that it will talk about it -- that that. What how -- those false start for you I mean. -- comedy yeah world. I started off in college doing sketch comedy. With a comedy troop called the state and then we ended up with a room showing MTV. And then. From MTV to Comedy Central -- data show called the propriety in just show after show after show. In other words I can keep the show on the -- But it does keep getting damp although dad. -- now it's it's an out here with college humor right. Well we did these -- things with college humor and you can actually see we we we did videos about how. Klondike -- candy bar Mets so we have these animated. Comedy videos -- you can go to the Klondike page -- you to concede I -- And you know you see how they got together. And that's how I got him on security. And other advocates you have to go to the -- -- and didn't -- -- so -- let's talk about Netflix do you want -- Netflix. Oh well yet there's rumors I was in this movie. Called wet hot American summer. Which has become this kind of cult favorite and -- it's got a great -- is that like Paul broadening we Poehler and Elizabeth Banks and Bradley Cooper. In the South Africa. -- stars and it can -- at at and. So -- there were some rumors about Netflix stealing a kind of sequel. With the original cast as a kind of TV series of -- And I have been asked not to comment on that because Scott gets. After rolled up -- -- yeah. I've been asked not to comment on the association's I guess how -- our -- -- all right I get a get. -- and we have this game that we want to -- let's play it completely as we know you from all the issue goes I -- the where Nichols when I love the decades okay okay. And we're gonna name some -- And and you are going to tell us what the best. Items in that decade work got any good -- life -- ago rock and roll. Rock and -- I mean I think. You have to go fifties he could -- -- rock and all. You have to go fifties because he introduced. The world to the area below here. Equipment yeah warned that. But people didn't people's bodies -- another. And for that we. A crowbar and -- Seventies. Denham is the seventies. Because. There was so much flair ankle slayer of -- there were patches. -- right but hatch just keep on -- and patches. -- denim vests on Dedham right -- -- -- -- the suburb this. Aren't going to go where I'm only this is a personal choice from you because this is when I grew up in the suburbs in the eighties. And he was it was a time. On we -- and a time of but -- in a totally different yeah. It was a it was it was a time it was a time when the suburbs were simple. And stupid as I was. Boy advance ninety's obviously the ninety's you got your NK OTV. -- got cheer. In -- you got to ninety degrees. Nobody was more excited but -- -- I'm still flustered by them. -- facial hair. I this is the decade for facial hair any decade. That features mustache wax as prominently as this decade he had to get the -- down to visit I expect that and the Internet. I'm gonna go where it's. Early two thousands just because I miss. The Internet dial up songs so much about Obama -- all America. Thought I forgot about that was my jam. And then it would does this connect -- here all over again like I thought that. In five minutes. Thanks so much -- then -- let's let's let's hope we gets two million followers right Michael Ian Black let's tell you how media. Really -- -- When he goes on that's around ninety error alive that's a rounding error and I mean that doesn't mean that I -- two million all around familiar you're right now about half that but if you're higher than -- even got a truck or barbecue outside. Yeah nineteen point six now -- think maybe maybe you help me. Our thanks for joining us and give -- everybody.

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