GMA LIVE! (7.07.14)

Check out the funniest moments of last week from 'GMA' and 'GMA LIVE!'
10:12 | 07/07/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (7.07.14)
-- -- -- -- They're my heroes who came -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- The broad so we've got dinosaurs and stuff yeah. I think goes really how. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- celebrate the life that. -- -- -- -- Every -- thirty plus -- resident that's how -- -- -- pollution. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm opting out. Oh OK I mean yeah. There -- there's a catch. -- -- Percent of revenue -- you get the point. So it's not tearing up Claire tells me it's just me and -- I'm not -- they seek out. That's a letter -- what is you've got word that well. It is your answer may determine how happy you are hair she's a new studies -- a business week. Are the most content in their relationships. I'm getting more content than those who cover up 57% goes to sleep naked that they were happy relationship one factor might even that it. Cool song -- against skin me courage intimacy. No flannel sheets. -- making that might also hold I don't know how I'm still -- happy in the study that's what Shockey and now only 30% of those who were wondering is that. And happy -- -- a campaign to help why don't you and I know this is thinning -- don't want him. Only I want to out of here it's like putting down the -- -- yeah all the talk about. -- I -- look I'm all about US. We have velvet or didn't so now they're even hard OK it's better concrete crop freedom Fries and a let's see different crime -- -- -- do. But they get. And right to kind of save in my home that he -- later. It doesn't happen again into -- respect for 101000 dollars of a lot of money but what if we told you that it didn't buy you an entire town. Flats South Dakota is being offered by its current -- Atlanta and back then he's been putting the fifth of the wild wild west up for sale but he. Concentrate on the other business ventures if you minus six save the town just two houses two hours left the city. Yet retailers a single homes and a sweater -- My favorite Little -- -- Atlanta beat me go right through that and it's like I -- I'll let. -- -- -- -- -- I mean yeah. They were -- spot minutes -- yeah. Okay. This guy the California inmate -- too sexy for jail. He is apparently ready for his new career in -- wife Jodie Meeks had women around the world swooning when his mug shot posted on FaceBook. Now his chiseled faces. Steely blue lines have reportedly landed him -- 30000 dollar modeling contract. Even though he's still facing jail on -- felony charges. Now he's signed to an agent whose other clients include TI don't mom and Donald Sterling to -- the -- of -- The reason why they can't yet help run. -- -- tell ladies who steal your heart nice yeah I'd look at morehouse is that we started at about it. You -- Okay that would break down the the winds apparently injured Doug good friends want to sweep up on the field. Yeah a lot day. Low -- in the war. I don't want. And later. It's just paper. Yeah. There is selling the. And it's shocking. Headlines from -- this morning in the first thing so many of let's check every morning. According to. Question until now he had to get -- That people checking hundreds. Just been announced at the top spot belongs to this man I don't know why the -- -- now. The truth -- star plus I don't know the pointing -- -- Looking every bit of hard on the camera that is issue on the fantastic actor I -- -- Today revealing what he's looking for a woman telling people I -- kids I am -- hot slated for. If you don't like spicy and maybe I cannot believe you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- systems and are now offering through line. To patients in the waiting room. That's right -- got not surprisingly. They found it relaxes people who have -- and help the but some dentists are getting out flying without proper license. And getting that -- is like pulling teeth. Yeah. Get -- all my dentist who's listening yeah yeah. You know he's got the -- -- --

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{"id":24451233,"title":"GMA LIVE! (7.07.14)","duration":"10:12","description":"Check out the funniest moments of last week from 'GMA' and 'GMA LIVE!'","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-70714-24451233","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}