'GMA LIVE!' (7.18.14)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from 'GMA' and 'GMA LIVE!'
10:38 | 07/18/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' (7.18.14)
He's trying to win. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's all the including three -- -- but it may have I don't good good. I'm sure I'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It seems the three teams competing. -- -- five alarm fire fire challenger here behind me you -- voted for them they are of course McAllen Texas Tacoma Washington. And Gulf Shores, Alabama instead their secret of his -- hair and we're gonna obviously keep up. Today. On -- of the friendly dance off how we get it started right now big cap city -- are gonna help -- -- -- Actually got a -- -- We just started right now we -- the boys. But -- fire department. My head when -- I'd put fifty years -- but it's okay. I had an -- we ultimately had Israeli settlements download other retired for the seat the it added that only here. They don't work -- -- -- there have been no. But -- modified -- Madison New York but in sports but across all sports group had a Democrat we're gonna happen. -- -- -- -- them a lot of guys. -- -- -- -- Well let's look far so. -- all covered the region. -- -- -- -- It is this comfort level and you both approach comedy the same way all went yeah -- -- very physically attractive I was. I was like a very I was very lucky that -- making of this movie -- you become a writer for reason. And this movie is that. This sexy ad for car. -- -- Good -- for the -- -- it has national seems. Dial redefined. And he added it not for a BMW. Not learn some fancy car at all if I got in Australia trying to unload his 1999. Golden -- not. -- -- -- More on that good the cars -- -- -- While identity right. -- -- yeah you did yesterday -- offered. For twenty dollars. And we're stressing out because -- Historically combining hands I didn't -- shattered town Jackson does. Another group. I want to about the statins -- -- -- back it's best to make you. Not yet -- coaching job. While yeah I'm everybody's. -- -- national news day. It isn't back national day it's a little -- holiday is celebrated in 1976 -- and you celebrate the right. Net negative that -- -- that would so yeah. With the family shows that we pixelated left. Is celebrating right now yeah. You know I've never felt more free letter -- -- -- now that's how we'll have details obedient and later of the British. Please encourage people to step out of that comfort zone and -- -- -- takes its. -- you founders of the holiday patent recommended consolidating five fingers skinny dipping or are perhaps answering important weekend. I am not sure -- -- -- yeah yeah. -- -- I'm measuring your boss recognizes this -- -- -- -- form of right up please check before celebrating happy authentic unit dedicated to their -- that I didn't know about. I now realize did. The entire -- -- was okay. -- -- -- -- What economics so closely. -- Renaissance man there's there's not afraid of being terrible stuff but that's not. Hey did you know what time to time as -- -- tech time. It's good friend but you don't have to read it and TV like it says it's gonna -- cat and in the corner here yeah honest. How cool is your cool it and have a -- Baghdad in -- something that many cats and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think from its. Something that many commuters would appreciate rather than bringing your suitcase with the -- for the ride. Here's your case he's actually the ride that's really back -- travel -- -- That's really romance just Chinese farmer. -- -- is developing a motorized suitcase ticket history. Twelve miles an hour that's actually surprising and travel of the 37 miles. When not one -- the passengers on board doesn't look that would GPS and a burglar alarm just in case. I don't know why we -- this review and -- live vision wasn't an accident and I really great story. And that was because yeah -- did a great story and it seems that what I. I don't welcome -- to -- us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Starter item I would -- I loved yourself. I had an idea of the viral video from the head west and I loved farewell video you know. Well all these people -- seventy. It is -- we have not. British yeah I -- I am I don't feel this is so much fun I have. That weird is that they have everything I don't dissect that okay and apparently it's -- politically thing about the let me tell you know what I regulate. That would give my life has come to a new NASDAQ is also make it around this summer flower -- For the -- attack -- nearly say even. Hipster do -- taking those flowers oh wow I write I think this. Creeps me out and music pizza out is because it looks to me like the flowers. Growing from their -- and in some of those fears they could be yeah. -- -- left. Stunningly pills had sixty -- has. -- -- look for something that man my Brothers and. Is back the plate they hit on its trip isn't there -- Effectively a little bit of that tree -- we'll -- the government -- -- -- and again that I don't prove -- point all conspired one of the -- weirdest -- -- The hash tag is Jerry -- let -- and that. We -- with grumpy cat I believe we'll listen -- originally into camp five in the street and then -- a couple of everything here is tugging rabid cat -- also. -- actually didn't -- you know art -- dolphins. And then there's defensively and he needed Brinkley -- here Atlanta so Jay Leno caught wind of -- taking place this. He got in on the fun unique brand. Bloomberg and we have a good. To be here again that let you we Graham. Giving president about them. GI hail stones -- barely out of this guy this is on the basis that -- -- adding though that he's there no one was hurt. Despite the lack of help your game you're heating your -- stand -- and it means staring at me. Realize and finally. Check out this huge fish one guy just got Jack McGuire -- Santa Ana California was on vacation in Alaska. But he looked his 482. Pound halibut look prepping its nearly eight feet long it did several people -- -- -- -- And Jackie came home without hundred pounds of fish -- for his freezer. Here's that window Jack doesn't even really like -- for killing his wife doesn't plan to throw -- big prize for the neighborhood. Back to you --

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{"duration":"10:38","description":"Check out the funniest moments of the week from 'GMA' and 'GMA LIVE!'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24617612","title":"'GMA LIVE!' (7.18.14)","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-71814-24617612"}