'GMA LIVE!' Viewers Share Their Favorite Soccer Moments

Fans of the World Cup send in their family photos to celebrate the famed soccer tournament.
2:04 | 06/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' Viewers Share Their Favorite Soccer Moments
Not only are we starting a new high five trend here on CNN live but we're also starting a a throwback Thursday. At a three week -- -- -- it every week they're gonna get you are have our viewers. Send in their best TVT photos on Twitter today of course the theme is soccer. Yeah and I'm not a major TV this is the -- whenever I saw hints that my own Saturday CNN play I do know how to select candidates -- -- -- high I don't know that that make and that attitude there and and -- yet -- -- -- You better ratings -- to -- when he -- planning and we're told it's kind of a fun I -- Mary long parents don't have to get back if that if we don't have the other one it is a high -- but yet -- Islamic thought and opinion of the it is funny because there a couple of girls in the back that looked like that goodness -- I love that shot I believe still in the game probably around that time I accidentally broke the -- -- Patty battle and I know you would never knew that I am now. -- like stay there and I kicked right through it. Okay. Sorry wherever you are trying to increase from arms shoulders knees -- of his injury videos every time they start we'll look what happened like he did it the first -- -- we're watching in Shlomo. Well and good thing is we get some some really good factor TV teens for some of regular sit out you know we want to look -- eat their season a photo of her little fast at all aids by investment she did a what good -- -- and an amazing -- -- header sent to us by Twitter. -- -- -- Yeah that's that's that are -- agony and finally an adorable bully that Laurie Fenton she's said and Betsy was so good. That her son the goalie. Was always -- I love you very intermingled because when -- break the plane at the goal your little late yourself -- pick up on it actually get that aids when they just turn around its floor on the wrong team and -- routed them they're so proud of it coming into the news when they get totally distracted -- -- -- Little League Baseball or soccer you'll look out -- like doing things McGrath nearly. You yeah. Yeah yeah. And I think if you have -- or something completely you -- -- anger problem since I think that.

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{"id":24315104,"title":"'GMA LIVE!' Viewers Share Their Favorite Soccer Moments","duration":"2:04","description":"Fans of the World Cup send in their family photos to celebrate the famed soccer tournament.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-viewers-share-favorite-soccer-moments-24315104","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}