'GMA' lunch break visits Gramercy Tavern

Gramercy Tavern chef Michael Anthony shows ABC News' Jesse Palmer how to make Goldie's Coleslaw from Anthony's "V Is for Vegetables" cookbook.
11:42 | 02/15/17

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Transcript for 'GMA' lunch break visits Gramercy Tavern
Welcome to the illustrate fifth over. Michael. That if that's left barker here a trailers attacker Chris tablets were the best restaurant in the world I think. Especially in fact that it really cool for me let you live here in the neighborhood thought. Here today it didn't pick up of this is talking smooth things that your documents about I don't that you actually. News cookbook. The most recent one being it's for vegetables. About it from apple. Get a look at those celebrating. This with the program here trying to encourage. They took it home. Some of them more than the simple things that are based on the Dow killing people slow but we're going to be. Just what happens to be. A favorite by. At making progress. Oh and we involved. Coming up. All American. Hopefully good. The need correctly I would I would I would the second thing is very very. And hard to me play. Your thing that's actually effectively you know we've got a couple of onions and you know I let the violent street from the leading market. Which is. You know most precious resource days. Everybody has access to the market picks a little bit of time to go out there. And ask if you questions rather few ingredients but you know these and I expect that this kind of if you really. Any well. Think about they'll find what you mean. That the market gives us the very best choice. You think about apple that pathetic really think you get to go to. Actually talk to the Harvard report that you're. I thought more about that is really important. It's amazing to think that in the heart in New York City. We have access to ingredients that. Well an hour away there's. On their own they're beautiful work with kids in the neighborhood and after the it's it would. Putting this in there you have things you pick it up. You know it's other make. And we'll look at it. You know we people and injured it's something exciting. And you know community that's our job if that would. Poor word you know trying to means that an arrest this morning get books. You know. Read. Critical here and it can't. It's extremely important we go about healthy. But also. Forcing. Properly can be Smart about that equally well. It was altogether. But through it. Yeah that we. The risk mostly from our nation. This case that we can think countries tested he's from Stewart after Salt Lake. And within the context. But the story is what creates you know let one so you know I'm cutting his habit. Neither is finally they could cut it and it. You don't violent home it's no big deal look at me and what if there is effectively cutting him (%expletive) Or you know you who don't. You know had to put your hand them the right position. You know he's a sharp knife you can achieve something that with the little active. There the reality of it isn't doing their own case. You know you're not really kind of show operating lines. It's just about being consistent and you know protecting. It certainly very helpful if you're the first got your guys do but figured. The reality of it is just looking. All to be thing. I. You know Oakland and at different. The ideas that you'll hear it and now and that kind of lake protect him by pulling it last. And it facts right that allows for nothing. The tips that momentum that's my fingers to get. You know she's been the right tool for the right it's also kind of the ABC report and it. It's really any kind. Handmade takes with the little bit of practice and then you know. Cooking. These are nothing that. That anyone who wants spend a minute and they kitchen. Partly. We have porch carry it elevator while a living hell you know we talk to kids about them tonight. They'll let kids every kid had her in other name. They all belong to a bathroom. Every kid has their own personality and that's what we think about you know it vegetables they'll have a road named they'll have their own story. God I just happens to you have like an eighth avenues that. And again but my hand of that and that position that that I don't. Nick any any of the tips of my fingers in the idea that that's kind of like. I'm a little and you know I could have been super thin oil. We're in just like they they. If you don't like to thank you to coordinate the process. And make the whole job. You know helmet after. Every season. And requests have developed over the eyewitness you know what we. You this on Sunday afternoon. I think it in the bridge you can until it you know all we won't end here you know wasting it. Can go back. You know that. That idea that all the work without that kind of you know. As. He's not too much the end of the day. Anybody it's but it. Let me. We'll have been but what happens without pay that interest thing and it is impressive I think everybody's mind. The capital. Car. They have a fleet of trucks they gather over 55 million pounds of food. And he service over 500 soup kitchens throughout the city we're proud because it is New York based in. And they they understand how to put the workings of finding where that wasted in the utilizing it while it's still possible. Right there we have good collections of vegetables did not limited. Topic. I'm also didn't how to make up of late and it is. Which I think something. People flying you know me. Intimidating. I just broke a couple of bags and separated the so I'll pick yellow card here from. NN. They grabbed his little such. Mustard America through it well it doesn't really let he you know he's done style and smooth must. Yeah that's it. Again and the hole a little after. Your fault that I'm comfortable and battle with. But it worked. I've been the effect that afternoon. Of that technique you do your job we'll. The go through the work. Kids stuff. Good stuff and now I'm minutes there you hold the pool but I'm. We'll. It is slow drizzle like that okay I'll tell you slowdown has teamed up. Having the oil slowly built little lower at birth and that I love it can. Thanks during the go quickly. It by. Separate ballot. That verdict not the end of the world but. We want to make it makes premium. In their phone bill and I have many on the first will counter and that would fit treat them look at it. Like it matters second fight. I mean it headed. Beverly dignity hasn't. Practice. There's pulpit. We'll want to do it too expensive you know. That Weinberger. Is your favorite photo op Ed White wine champagne. Apple. And remember that when you have been. You know and out. They have asked her hand and now on it but it's we have the kids. They coach. And the like that if everything go. We'll we could that the rep. Through that. You go to work just. About ways. Do not want to be. Sure it. Really stirs the sort of holding it. Holding it in together that we just want to take that tentative names. And you'll see what happens that this tape. About twenty minutes and thirty minutes of sitting in contact. With the cabbage and make. We put so much better than traditional. Baghdad. I think that's it's better do the color legitimate right here. Look. Literally. What. Not even if we're talking.

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{"duration":"11:42","description":"Gramercy Tavern chef Michael Anthony shows ABC News' Jesse Palmer how to make Goldie's Coleslaw from Anthony's \"V Is for Vegetables\" cookbook.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45518076","title":"'GMA' lunch break visits Gramercy Tavern","url":"/GMA/video/gma-lunch-break-visits-gramercy-tavern-45518076"}