'GMA' Goes Behind the Scenes of 'Cats'

Ginger Zee visits the iconic production to learn more about bringing it back to life on Broadway!
3:43 | 08/04/16

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Transcript for 'GMA' Goes Behind the Scenes of 'Cats'
First time for "Cats." The megahit show is back, ladies and gentlemen. It literally changed the face of Broadway when it debuted in 1982. More than 73 million people have seen the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical and now ginger is going to take us behind the scenes of a new production. Lucky you, ginger. I am so lucky. I cannot tell you the thrill of standing right here on this stage in front of these amazing -- I'm telling you, wildly talented folks especially after I learned to dance a little bit and watching what they can do with their body, oh, my goodness. The "Cats" show is back. A little different, a little twist for the future. I can't wait for you to see it and let me get in on it a little bit. Let the memory live again. "Cats" is back. The legendary musical was once Broadway's longest running show and now a new day has begun at the Neil Simon theatre. ? This fierce feline reincarnation bursts with the beloved music and dances that millions remember. And adds a new voice, front and center. Top star Leona lewis. ? Keep keep ? Going from "Bleeding love". ? Touch me ? To "Memory ? one of Broadway's most unforgettable songs. It's something that you saw as a child. I did. Just it was so magical. It blew me away. ? If you touch me ? What do you want for someone walking out of the theater after they see this theater to think. She's so resilient and so strong and each night that's what I take from it. I take away her strength. The show's iconic cat-inspired choreography is there but updated. You choreographed a little-known show called "Hamilton." It knees a plug. Maybe we should plug the show. It's not doing well but did "Hamilton" and now doing "Cats." "Cats" is very similar to "Hamilton" in that music never stops. And the "Cats" was a revolutionary show when it opened and really changed how people view theater and in that regard the projects are a little parallel. So here's we spent a lot of time right in top of the tire. Part junk yard part playground and is really like a tire. It's pretty slippery here. In this theater to be a cat you can't just play like a cat. You have to dance like one. As if that moon hits new a crazy way and just paralyzes you, whoop. We'll speed up that half hour and maybe I messed up a few time, maybe I didn't. I can't just dance like a cat, I have to look like a cat. A mere one hour later, I'm feeling so much more feline. Rrraa. Six, seven, eight. And no pressure but the full cast joins me. ? I dance, I prance. I strut. I hold my own but these guys have nothing to worry about. "Cats" is back. For fans of this iconic musical their days in the sun are still going strong. I got slightly into that just a little bit. This is my favorite cat by the way, wanted to point him out. But all of you is so spectacular. Thank you for letting me be here and I have to show you, robin, one thing, this stage is on an angle so that's the old school of theater so not only are they doing all those amazing dance moves but they're doing it on an angle, robin. I know you can appreciate that, ginger.

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{"id":41106010,"title":"'GMA' Goes Behind the Scenes of 'Cats'","duration":"3:43","description":"Ginger Zee visits the iconic production to learn more about bringing it back to life on Broadway!","url":"/GMA/video/gma-scenes-cats-41106010","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}