'GMA' Ugly Holiday Sweater Showdown

Rapper 2 Chainz judges the "GMA" team on their outrageous holiday sweater ensembles.
5:34 | 12/17/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Ugly Holiday Sweater Showdown
How are you doing? So you actually raised money and give money to charity with ugly sweaters. Tell us about it. I started my own ugly sweater line. Can you go to 2chainz.com and proceeds go to charity and go to giving back in the community. Also launched the app on the app store. I mean, it was just time to do something. Merchandise is real big and in the entertainment community so I kind of cross promoted me with an artist with the whole movement of the charity thing and just combined and it came out good and we're here right now. You ready to go? Yes. We want everybody at home to vote. You will decide the winner. Get ready to vote for your favorite svetlanaer. Michael had to go to his other job so he recorded this video a little earlier. The candy man. ? Lost and I'm found and I'm hungry like the wolf ? ? Okay. 2 chainz, what did you think? You know what they thought? I didn't realize that Michael enjoyed that. Sweets. Hes a lot of candy going on. Should stay out of that sugar bowl. Stay out of the sugar bowl. Now it's time for the live competition. Robin is here first. With sweet dreams and a few secret weapons. Let's do it. ? Whoa ? Yeah. That's how you steal the show. Someone doesn't like it. Like we do. Yeah. My daisy. That is what you call stealing the show right there. Bringing some friends along. Always works. And not just any friends, friends from the New York humane society so they are available, yes. Whoo. All right. They are cute. Here's is ginger, rocking rockette. ? Better watch out you better not pout I'm telling you why ? ? Santa Claus is coming to town ? Nice. She gave you quite a -- Nice. See how I got a waist again. She brought the rockettes all the way to New York. That's interesting. Speechless. You got him. She has a whole other person attached. That's a neat idea right there. Two, one here, one here. What are you having? A boy. It's his first dress up. Okay. It is Amy robach's turn. She's got game. Not bad, huh. Yeah, I like that. My two favorite teams. I'm from Georgia, you know that. I love you already. Now, Georgia bulldogs and I was born on Michigan state campus. My dad and my grandpa went so I got red and green with my two favorite sports teams. Great colors. You make some noise. I like this one. I like this. Now it's going to be hard for Lara to top last year but here she comes now with strictly ball gown. ? I like that. I like that. I like that. That's nice. Yeah. I was trying to class it up a little bit. Yeah. This guy, he loves it. Yeah. Whoo! I love the ornaments. Very subtle. I love the ornaments. Very subtle. Very subtle. Not sure what airport she can go to but -- She got the puppy's attention. Hiding a small village under here. I put the ball in ball gown. No, seriously, it looks like it's something that we can probably -- I could take you to a prom or something. Thank you. Can we do that. We'll go to the prom together. Why not. What do you think overall? Honestly, I don't know. It was very creative like the things -- you know, when you bring dogs because I have a dog and I'm a pet lover. Babies. That's a cheat sheet and then, then wear something that has Georgia on it is also a cheat sheet because I'm from Atlanta. Yeah, baby. I can see me, you know, disqualifying two of them because they don't have anything to do with me on it. You know. Well, the voters at home, we want everyone at home to vote and announce our winner at the end of the show. Go to the website

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"Rapper 2 Chainz judges the \"GMA\" team on their outrageous holiday sweater ensembles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35818222","title":"'GMA' Ugly Holiday Sweater Showdown","url":"/GMA/video/gma-ugly-holiday-sweater-showdown-35818222"}