The 'GMA' Ultimate DIY Challenge: Valentine's Day Cards

DIY expert Nicole Farb appears live on "GMA" to give decorating tips for the best handmade Valentine's Day cards.
3:16 | 02/09/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The 'GMA' Ultimate DIY Challenge: Valentine's Day Cards
out best do it yourself projects throughout the entire year and this morning we'll create the ultimate Valentine's day card with the help of our do it yourself expert Nicole Farb partner with our sponsor Michael inviting everyone to a make event. You can make your own Valentine's day card which we're about to do. Nicole, welcome. Thank you very much, Lara. That looks good. I know. So, listen, we all remember as kids making Valentine's cards and for our parents and loved ones. You're saying parents shouldn't buy the cards but make them themselves. I think everyone should. Stay in and make a card. I frustrating in the aisle to make a card that speaks to the one I want to give. Too lovy for my husband. I think making it helps you express yourself and send a cool message easy to do. What are your tips for making a great Valentine's card. Give you tips so everybody is on the same playing field. So the first is I like to start with a pun. And you can get these anywhere on social media but I did this one, I doughnut know what I'd do without you. You guys have a bunch of puns sitting here. I like this one. You're bacon me crazy. I like the food theme. The food theme I love. So you mentioned the competition. It is now time to get to this competition and to prove to everybody at home anybody can make we'll bring haven Rowland from New York. Tell us quickly who you'll design your card for? I'll make my Valentine for my awesome and probably slightly embarrassed husband. Right there. You better do a good job. It's time to start the clock. Nicole, are you ready? We have 30 seconds. Ready. Here we go, ready, set, make. Okay. They have 30 seconds. How big is the flowers. That's great. Going to the flowers. That's great. I think to get as many big items as you can. Lara, ultimate. That is right. Add a little flair to yours. Using glitter. That's awesome. The fact that Lara is in this competition is -- she's like a professional interior decorator. All: Five, four, three, two, one. All right. All right. So, everybody -- rob, turns yours around. Everybody show everybody at home how we did. Which gets the most love? Oh, wow, I think it's haven. Nice work. She's a ringer. She just came in and completely won the competition. And this awesome trophy. This one is for you. Here you go. Here you go. This is your Valentine's -- Awesome job, Nicole. Thank you very much. Everybody at home, Michael's inviting everyone to join them in the store Saturday for their Valentine's event.

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{"id":45364172,"title":"The 'GMA' Ultimate DIY Challenge: Valentine's Day Cards ","duration":"3:16","description":"DIY expert Nicole Farb appears live on \"GMA\" to give decorating tips for the best handmade Valentine's Day cards. ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-ultimate-diy-challenge-valentines-day-cards-45364172","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}