'GMA' 'Workout Wednesday' With Sebastien Lagree

The creator of the patented Lagree Fitness Method leads a live-streamed workout on "Good Morning America."
59:03 | 08/24/16

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Transcript for 'GMA' 'Workout Wednesday' With Sebastien Lagree
They so please over the part you guys know this rebels are still slightly another hands but maybe this is you can kind of outlet apply. You bring up all we had the whole time ordered him. Besides everybody got one now want to sue we're doing this for ninety's that did this knowledge you can add that. We don't be like that is according wheelock Bob miles. It is not about one rat Macs as about being the best view and Evelyn really all about understanding of wheelock through movement really got to. The rate floor and out looking good guys. The outlets deals including a ride booting. Oh. Squeeze harder drive it looks as gorges through God's got a bunch of traders and pulled down so do you rely on body Borneo it probably out. Let's go push it through. Guys good guys block back Darren. Yeah. Slowly. And Palawan Nightline in the club was without zip as well get Garnett has not come on. I argued that just a little lower slow heart. Not long manhunt don't see no student junior taxes management and others say that sorry mr. Obama we'll get the Google like channel gonna go through. Boss and soon. Bring all right guys that stimulate it now and all this. Finally down. Those again all. Doubts reserves. Do you do. Yeah. That's down that's not a doubt that's nice guy that's got a little bit. Well they got thirty seconds Lauren. There's constant Bernhard and called it now aren't Zoe. Pulled all know that little mark yeah a popular look at the world has to see you at. Did god. I can't tell. Nine yeah you should invade Iraq now tape southern did god. 086. And I never get my count that is like the hold them longer than. You know hey mark do darned. Really wanna sidelines Jack come on up close that's go to work does OK let's talk to all right Jamie out. It ago again watch the track given he's the very basic movement overdo it slow with a both going to be what they're going to be played in the deal washed and he pushed back to set off me. And back out again opt to come up arms to be out I had CB got the sides and through guys take it away. They go. God. Did it all oh come on this summer appealed to become the Bologna let's go come on that's nice that help beautiful olive sort of did not opening up those chips getting mobility you know says let's let those lower back again getting that Max I must admit. The bottom of the audience and giving old diva and go home. Good guys. Like I had gotten what they cannot put down the doughnut I say that we'll I don't know doughnuts that's got a lot of west oak. Of course not even a big. Big business and what's yeah. What's very nice it. Simple duke didn't do it. What you what you all come on baby. I'll call yeah. Be proud you know legal arm back out show. And I can't look in. God what is that. And every facet of the simulate that slow methodical little Walter didn't talk I grant you. And mad. Then fine. Oh. Three then all. Again it was. What am yeah. What is doing now for modifying them. We'll all watch your game back on and help launched by green. You go with the real moment. The moment there ought to. Hold it. Right now and a shift from only remembered us hope that understands all of you must understand the Alley. I can I golf I think it has signed running back ever. We'll. Barnes and Knox an accident back to feed my mom. Love. Staple that is you don't Obama's Gainer. Wolf or not and is that jumping one no impact. There's regular joints relevant result so good about ten seconds. Along. Yeah his. And not. Seven. Six political side as and it port count. This agreed to figure out that it looked calculus figures published over a man than a minute left high and we don't know what's gonna. Call me yeah. Why didn't want to on way home. Yeah great actor I think a lot. I'm not know the slow Mark Bryant. All at. No one. Else out there pounds and all so good doesn't it feel bad mom every opening up tips yeah. The trip by airing. All it needs recognizes. That lined up front relate with people get excited about what jobs. Guys who need them out you don't about it regulated yeah. And while. NY. It really. Do. Pulled out goats. And why. Boy cannot turn back gets. We go. Very heart and my favorites. Laura have been stranded cars there's Eagles one game. Log on all ballet secondly this. That's that we all right. That they are we want. I really is come on. Many questions on FaceBook beat dads this idea is that genius asked him to take this I'm now the gay guys like this and why. Watch the news and it turned out just not what are the back again. Here the real going to have a lot. Jews Hollywood. That's in good. If you don't even want to win and I. Not paradise that I nice very nice benefits but I'm not that yell or didn't know passionate. Candidates. I'm not. Again the secret exotic deals that one of the main principles of the current if it involves everything looks good relations. Really getting to be despite that it partners. What book would like to lower back. We got going down to break. The law. All know it happily there at Sydney's. All along admitted is that it won't. When you mean boy the yes but I hope you'll get past their facts here an already hostile muscle but in Atlantic Eagles. And the slow Barnaby who was retreated gonna go put out its parts. I. Don't sue us. Now. One of my favorites. Called again that they want to hold in that reaches the advocate for action that mid race to really strengthen you don't hold play this. Not paying 76. God not all. This isn't pretty bad stomach it tonight. That'll support that back. Just open. Always be with your heart these mountainous full timer at the we don't know the load with Texas and why not milk OK we're doing this brand snack shack. It like it. I yeah. Walk. Now. The movies don't call rests just come out and we'll look the walk button but it torso twists. So they can't do Dennis don't wins. Act now to the side. Look daddy it's gonna catch little girl must look that's everybody's. Lord wants that back. America. Divided with Clinton that pivotal plot guns and book fair you want to know about it didn't work out. All the better than me had city. It work yeah. He's not have been a victim. Look previous them walk up. Claude Lott and are you out maybe he didn't have see page ads on T. It. Is bodies and that's. They got a with ordinance that. Weary. America will result in up to him. Matthew bats you'll. I thought. My god yeah. That is. You definitely. If the quality innings to connect with the don't want to which from the U. Littleton for adults are done when I'm thirty Kabila did not pay I guess again loaded by the AC through a back injury is studying its top. Leaving Iraq in those sensitive right now. Engage you thank you. A little lower but it was thought a little bit lower and now here at a price to. One she's not been back out constant. And you attention that's the great continent the league that joined an average about it's always muscular neuromuscular and steadily widening. Eric do you like the fall out accidental Hillary demotion believes. Obama budget get. I don't know quite I don't know what's I don't put a body. Oh yeah people like soup. And now want to stuck it out. Do. Down. Soup and my dad. And hope you believe her lids that popcorn you can't about what little items on its right let me. Let it. I'll write it out left and got money and athletic. That are slightly beyond acts stomach that I let's go out. Yeah c'mon baby out back. There are so he's just worried about it Bob right now let's go. Thinks it's. Cool. I really think tanks and I'll get a water you guys got outlawed. There are now yeah it is very important. It was amazing heart I'm okay. I think isn't. OK guys we're out here in medium right we TDs one standing over here wanting to all the work. One Heisman. That's an album what I'll take all these guys alienating them by the courts and public employees to call are sweating when Elliott Saudi. While the best way Americans think about why can't we all presumably acting planting saved my life but little story a little bit. OK let's go to the opening night. Does a team that's what is the lower back. Did should be tucked away a flat completely moot won't fire drivers of the commons the lower at present shall with a double lined up one nobody knows suing. Low. Case John I what was his work when your body these particular exercise is a great core exercises on May exercise. But it mr. Davis understands the lord every single valuables you work over 600 muscles you know movements. Thank you Ers job. At times but the couple that's multi but it. I mean if you've. I'd have to get it. It didn't Matsui is thought. And our and our brother sister Donna that is not. I'm only to our policies club. What about trend hasn't been an air signal that hog. God yeah. I think I'm that that's where over what has it is pretty good. Often and other deliveries to halt the song. Put all the power in your cap on the uniforms. They're good at those but it culminates at the plate before back to fort civilian attire wreck there's an ominous it Boller to. We one guys back at crunch sit on the stock plunge once they've we don't know. That Sudan. 03. One two. Or notice no. And no job. Annually alarm by putting yourself and it was. We go dude and turn. Not not one of my big upper body more connections. Islamic fighters who called the cobra on the super former Laguna on the floor it opener need to be open and close friends are gets audit committee. Any time it's not a general. It's not a bush. On lots especially coal. All our Brian. Anthony's down guy's gonna put myself on the ankle yet was backed out of bonds put back on the laws so come back. It. On your shoulders. But honestly think we'll sit tight angle doubts. Court sonic. It's not as long she agrees office on behind bibles because. And they've got out you should bode well I know the bad for the work out and they knew Chris. He is the interview autism and hypocritical that the joint. It's not blowing here. Look good my baby out. Did god. Because oh yes she's reading now when I. I'll bet you baby good because. I. Let's do lately it has been that important push the way I know why now. I know I am not make me stop that is not just the movement and it's not that the sentence all right I apologize to us. Fidelity to him. But come on. Are you. Really really good job. Really do it in Dhaka. And it. They haven't one of the most of them. Promotes them. Yet let's vitamin. C that's what's. Spiderman is he from new York and I don't think we bought on pivotal. I did not stop touting America. Or two guys. And all I got a master's degree Goodell that included. Cat I sit on the continent who. Modifications could do what you need remembered it would soon be out what you want. And he'll get what you remember that okay we go guys so you choose but gonna put the position. Tequila goes elbow then we're not doing document that was not protect the children outlook we have so little. Often this marks the assets. You know bleak supplies not just almost everything with other I'd like they have right leg up. So what it looked down right comes. A slow. Down through Saturday. 23. Wives do want on your knees down to three or god it's coming up. Edged out soon. What it really understand functional strength. This let's see what you can do this man used the momentum like debating what to allow or not the momentum it's our understanding we want it regards it. Very good puzzle getting the mobility unit that flexibility and stability and fought publicly everything. And I got forty seconds still the thought the audio. And Traci nice whats up bells can't remember. I'm very last. It was a little pushing up at your joints. Bought a regular job soon. Three good guys almost enough good things just aren't inevitable. I'm going yeah yeah. There are you. Popular recreation with the Legacy Banks are. All right but sometimes on the next month. And hey can you might alienate then yeah he's learning and I think imagine. To me what Ritalin yeah. Please contact your honor is definitely wrong and can't bank yeah. Hi yeah. Yeah. And you're still yeah. I think I'm crazy night he found. Yeah. It's nice yeah. So yeah I Atlanta this there is right there are things we think that great night as my that he should I not on any down. He doesn't want this show me and I think he's and that my knee down. Banning project that. The video is very originally from the ground here I'm right the giving them low it is questioning and hanging. Great ingredients. That's right yeah. Have you guys so thankful that writing on the we intend it happens without sending the iron my captain around the figure at that that's easier good. That APEC is seeking its my right arm and we love this I thank you guys have I have. Grant dot NASDAQ I climbed one and three steals and carried out duck that might warns not good so he'll. There's actually dipping your says after. Personally on the ground may collect data that right so their sweet time that we every thirty seconds. And this is too much today's John Tierney are left cannot let that bad axle that. Then nation as if he does get them neat and I can't see that I'm not a big key city area reach your finger did not I had. But everybody fifteenth that can't. We're minutes Durant many guys are gonna Rosie didn't refusing rap that left I'm and you need to really getting that old belief grows he can you guys have I. We got that I'm my neck and married to slow anytime any. Videotaped twenty seconds maniac and really living area and on the we have better watch on an extension that might add that left it doesn't look back. Yeah. You one thing. Lap slower ramp re wrapping down to the ground better grab that I'm not imagine there's a lot like my senior Sony I'd have eyes that is we re just saying your kids back that's. Steady diet and TU one woman at that little leg as saying you're gonna rain that's not let my dad pat me not yet and coming right back down. That night so really thing I have yeah and out of here right so there that you banks. Can't not now. Aaron and I did it he needed not edited it's two I think there's another heat up great great work that your own pace seen iPad fifteen. Fourteen David Gergen if he gets up crimes are gonna crimes on that I thanked me. Al out. Save it. We had that president heading out Saturday I means you. Want to let me all the late Princeton and not that I need album out. I'm glad I mean I'd keep that Graham iron. Nice since John Ray let down that right so that players I know we've been hearing so they make that he has fifteen trying to get out at any comeback that's they had. It is head and then he's your reading on that granting any I'm Jack and I got my. We come back tonight making teal. That's not my name right yep. See I played it every candidate he get back into the looked over eighteen was alone counting primaries went straight up start with that right I just checked could not all of them are right. Yeah. That not Alba. Yeah yeah. I'm glad I LL pull that Everett had. Right back yeah great villages some kind blame everything on the green. The first only 1 morning. Ounce spray some hemming and I and aunt Sierra loving every second could get right back out. That makes it but that now going to get there's back. Crazy I know I can't crap out how many brain sending a bit you need to do not and it. Take a break she get out come my back that's that he really key here about buying right yes he did back in inequities among my sister and I don't want your head back. Re really keep those I'm Christina pushing a waiver on the ground right there watching your elbows on the laps in his night. That you guys you're eating at halfway between my DSL holding embrace that it really I sleep that internal leak sent it right back out fifteen worry Dave Gergen a job that. Back now we're gonna go right back into that last night we go back and that's where gain an iPad aids. Then let me count that in the last time you guys have three at your hands here resident body heals he gets the warrant and steals and winds are gearing up. All right let's move on its have it now it's. My PC and Mac need now. It's everything you live shot down but down. And you nice sons John. You guys are really taking nanny right bringing it sitting out center timing yeah Becky your kids Downey and I want your not. Wearing. That think everybody you're hitting your final fifteen we got let's have left glancing up at exactly coming up again. Let me strayer meaning I don't know that area and right act out relief and that it ate pet is left out I am I. Then and 32. It's not that that's what I'm down. Then reads your hand Donnelly asked. I MI six Eason Matt me down and so there's too much pushing even abound that right hand. But so they let that extraordinary here read your thing your did not ever gonna read that you know write about being that Rick pays. Getting out my arm underneath a great learning have come down to the ground sign and then you're only seeing not prolong right I'm not less elevator. Re giving it is on what that does gang. That's not an arrow keys and saves you magnet and all of the can't have we got that lag live coming at you Dave had ten. That so again if you need to jot down he did anything she got your show their sagging iMac in a young couple are. Fingertips that and assume one major thing you did that. Free that not flagged my feelings did not watch it last hit seven job when you raise that up like ranks. They're right back down thank you needed a really lived here thing your did not elaborate don't energetically reaching out. Yeah. And we hope that you have friends she hey haven't I if he did got three CEO Gary don't write me right out love cranks it. May. It says singer gets fact that. 22 here we job but just weren't playing that Kelly then Sydney went to an iPad didn't teens. We but vote now buzz down after an up or I'm I. Flu like I didn't and I'm. Julianna put a lot of right heel leads happening. Earning get up got grass good job we'll get a water break. Quote nice job. Obvious did start and we talking about. Our guys think about ninety seconds but it TV time out to you talk god I decided get a water there. You know home catcher Brad myself off because now when it U but it now America has been the scorpion. Not just like Robert that now we'll head to altogether. Great job you guys. Reggie see them about a bit of going so slow. And really understanding who you are through the failure right no impact on the joints no running no jumping there's a place that toll get it but it's a hold of the way of thinking. You should do both literally one understand actually help that you are. And topped the mix it up. Fast movement. And slow twitch movements and that's what we do here but we all slow twitch. But America don't like sect kids get ready for the score Pierre in the those thing about it we'll be okay all right let's go to Bud Light up. What this much. All right guys let's guns and I need a lot of citizens are one. Okay some hope. We're gonna go scorpion. But that's no big yeah. And that hey you see this work out about three times a week. And you know just makes you give anybody that's presto between the workout because that's been all the magic is gonna happen. That's that's he just gave the magic word. It's intensely and that its recovery guys don't over trying to connect I got I got I got what I saw quite a I don't everyday no. Trust that you put the lord didn't optimism agree does really digital work then you gotta trust the lead no senate free baby all right guys can't live with is entitled top all fours. Not agree is not. Is Joseph was now balls go back strong. All right now again the message ahead right anonymously to had little bit here so opposite hand opposite my god it's ultimately comes out. Got mad when a modified united needs otherwise on your toes. I don't who's gonna go let's go here we got a lot that's what it's a fight and out and up. And down this up and it's up and stability flexibility mobility core upper body timing coordination is really cool. And a material more than Barry and ice Carter's second guy that's go. And rob. Whether. We're not I'm. Facilitated by the grace air New York City and it's my first time back into one years. And I and I tell you it is gorgeous should the likes the action energy New York time it took a look at how much what parts I saw beginning a whether it's really amazing. The head of the tell come on. That's gotta attacks against I have learned just what you really don't have stopped added. Now I'm. And I'll force won't doesn't know. When they can't get them out we have them down straight up and down. Spread. Okay. Fully. Right leg I don't like the fellow. Left arm out whole world a quieter. Attack it's. Eight it's sad it's six. Poll. Restart. Your ads which are slips back out David tech. Step number three. Exactly. All right guys let my politician but lately. OK guys. Hayley sadness we're just don't agree fitness as a unit award got on the equipment witnesses and evidence that vision on the boards that there are things you can you. On the political view on the machine machine guns and. You guys so now what are stable publicly called the suit well and so on the go to rob. This is what logical candidates want the key data that needs that he believes hip and shoulder so has the right leg is out front like together. We're thankful it right vehicle that angle. Let me out of the head and arms if you got water bottles. They built still and the duke got in the conference I don't know very much they would outwardly showing OK okay. My number of adopting anti terror hits out heads up here but we'll straight down one. Jim slowly bring up the tap lightly and Apple's popular plot was back off the need back them. We go ninety seconds here this is really. But it like them nice and got to get don't know that I don't doubt. You please recognize that vested in the ambulances look at I just look at me what is behind guys what's behind. It was back off Gil that you that was back guys back. Horseback. Pushed back at once like a happy working adults and what obviously. Very nice position and don't let you. What got minute. We spent countless right rusty that we don't know all the men it is literally burning Google hangouts. 30. Three slope where it's great. Bull. You know this is this the justices that. I got up to every got the ball and hit all simple moments guys symbols of and to kick your legs up kicked it in jumping all that stuff it's impossible to understand we look you've got. Now another guy who's nobles Catholic. Yeah and. There's nobody knows that we don't. No but the move noble experiment for optimal levels guys but I gobbled all know that's that's all that. That's pretty good. That's a really good. Hey I'm going. Visit code additionally no hitter and you can find initiative. Near you thanks. Memo to top principle that we get the slot we'll play here in the mid range of the weakest part of the breakfasts like that part. Of the. I really go to. Cooler. She. Tight end and sue Henry had popped boldly. Oh sweet spot. Full and pop small delicate you have the timing guys do that we. Look at let's go people on. All I got through these millions and I'll one of my favorites. But you can't allow this when they got ten. Not. 76. All of it down how play again Paula Boland suspects but don't don't don't. Folded soon now. Ultimately leg and it's not like that accounts so that you across the ankle would not come back and tells Phillips bought one. Soon Hillary. Didn't get does little to stimulate the backs of about six. Super strong three. All are well soon green will all the way and he'll forget what the common denominator in the in adults. Hillary all along yeah I'll vanity. You know and be open I was thinking shake things that you present an area. Thank god pushed off that he helped. What's that is. Rights activists. Nine. Look at one another the great favor the long jump inside. Back straight out All My Children have behind but to expect in Michigan. Shouldn't have let I don't want guns. He goes back just over an ace but no joke pumping up the whole. One minute. Again I don't really go. So look at what adds to ride position. That alone and. It's good that you guys have fairness. It's perhaps. We don't write. We have some more pointless for running it yeah Colleen. Handle this if you get back that I want this looks back. Back to hang out thank god it's aren't you. Indoor and outdoor sports my area. Yeah. If I can't hang out at us and that's. Now 56. LO wants Mike to the staff was almost like this government. He went to backlit small but effective. Or we should look like that's. Now. They balance up now. We think anybody can do that when they're fresh what can you be great at your weakness at suggesting that agree with us as. I'll doubt god. The house they back will look at this that would kill and it it down every government I don't doubt this could get out. I'll let us go to. Now I'd and it's seven. All right Paul later in America there was eyewitness both. I should get off nice guy. No doubt but no went back I respect it like our political and if that it would lock brake job we'll do you guys. I love this one moment I was not allow this what's called no fly position right or bicycling mobility to back in the ankles so hopefully together. He's the got. Abductors. Rich guy people tied to open again has to be here here here here weights whatever you like. Let's get our stuff back what purpose behind should not I don't know without reform is down one. Three. Law and Su. Thirty. Fort clinch and go again 190s. Not fit. Weren't really work that gets you guys any action. In athletics home for millions baseball football soccer US fight all hit home. But one of them in particular the group that tips about it lets the court Craig Pollock. Let's go to sue the ring. I don't want rebounding from America here follows him about two. Boston got out when I'll let out just fine maybe we take for granted they got to go to the doctor get to pare back the packets and it was you know like. David let's go down static sue. The rink. Bull and 120. My god that's going thirty seconds I'm Dominic. It won't really not. The Greek bond and I don't maybe but nice rob beast mode regard soon. And it certainly do it is likely just a little bit lower. Get on the conference on what are you waiting for what are you waiting or do it now I'm begging you do it now it is as good idea. She pays temporary but quitting last forever right. Pain is temporary quitting last forever come on just one more just one more honest don't plugged up to. Three. Fought and. It's a little cold and Els won denied. Well yeah. There Miguel I don't know staying alive and I didn't bring five. All out there buying all. 32 series against that kind of deals right in field and called the chip votes don't sit back and heels. Pentagon and the vehicle super squad. And don't say god has got sued the spot super. Nice now. 10 agrees favorites are called the rubber ducky. But that ask him why did ask why called the rubber duck he'll tell you can't tell you say they'll tell you never know Lilith opposite the pivotal why while staying on the leg. To shift your body went to look inside looking out of the Lex Oates you're ready and it's right. They doubt here we go out again making the brain work. In Atlanta banks is going. Got to be present you president your gift which shall let me. Let's go out so electricity back yeah. Not a lot we don't know moves that low life quote haven't been that if you like that Jackson fifth bomb but the bottom and about that don't come until I hope. I allow. All you're being so AT it's really cute and nobody got these big lag that it was up at god let's go. I looked up to sockets. Analyst at the last footballers angles well and others it not. Okay you're always praying for such a good good girl they're going. Illegal fought. A man sitting up Geisel. Nice job. Okay. Other side guys left but league of ago. Definitely. Right foot back. Make sure the right he's under the hit that shoulder that a nice night in her case. We have these over the I think we'll track it perfectly court tight chest out chin up and it down want. Again arms to be here. Here here. Here wherever you like and put off the heel that you look at anecdote not on the floor. Giving on ninety seconds nicely hazy. Again I want to reiterate no jumping no running our heart rate was off. We are Bernie that's what I thought it would I tell you you'll be more serve on this then running and jumping all that stuff to go to I think you don't need to act. What you have to mix it up guys ripple fast and slow twitch here to go to. The race. For demagogued out sue. Look at rob rob what's in the NC a little work illegal Barrett as that on the back to elect Darren is still three. Full and pushed off the heel heel plus spinach and asked thought that the bats they're adults. The rink. Paula good yeah Danielle wall I don't Danielle I don't light up light it up that L I don't. Load. Soup three. All are not yet you know. Yes so basically it's a split job slowed down to the point we wanna throw up in regard to the range is so its it was through real petty officer of. Synagogue they say the triple section play that spot natural let's go Tarrant. Pulled out. I like these kids. What you meant. Initiatives that would. He sees what we call them agree shakes one things that. We weren't the body to his the shaking because that's a sign of the aisle is strengthening this be effective stimulation. Sort of that I shaking right here secret power like that annually shaking right over there this is what you want. When you guys do their work outs. Days is whether you want you want that in O'Shea right there quality jobs. Animals and baby. Oh. Come on rob find it find it. Find your bliss the lies inside that paint let's go let's go let's go come on Tracy just up. Please you're so tall one hallways lead the world to see you can go hang. Hang out at us about the nice dogs. They're going up but didn't smile on adversity there's a big Greg Greg opening up our tax brackets now. Acknowledged that took out attraction it regardless. Six. All. 32. Minutes out soon three. Often he'll push off the hell no pressure in the east at all soon. Three. True Marie go they've ago how soon we really add up. Through please apps don't forget about it caught Eddie I hope Hillary. Sue the rate going up out of the T balance all of that is myself. It's gonna go about their life got the ball and I don't ask don't know. I'm down about ten seconds. They're subject to that. You don't. Org or. Reach out. Only available does open ten minutes. You'll kill him. Come on up get up get up on your toast and it was then that lag. We'll talk that he. Apple acquired through legal that's wouldn't but what I got people in Florida back to go through it. Scott that's how. Do bring. Bar at all it took the rate this is really good looking at the if you keep it. Police documents so the rink. What you'll total total total dollar gas. Bill I want that back open and just opened eyes at. You train to be seen not to show off saying the balance. At me. Now Ted Sargent want jobs not remembered simply spend cynical. When you don't get the ankle has bought out Google and at ago at all over. The deployment will act of governing if you don't follow frequent shooting he'll look the bottom up view of the triceps that we know. One minute. Yet. Go to one minute guys and hang on hang on good pentagon. Hang up. They're coming over. Nash and. The number one way to fix your back is to your hands these guys telling you right now. Breaking her happy you'll only hear a lot of problems. Got you sit all day right his enemies that we could tighten. Aaron lives every month training today's world all plot Dominic. All about the quadruple heart forgives you need to get over developed. So we'll agree we've focused on the opposite. I think more than half right we don't have that we go to the boot we will look back it'll have the benefit the audit of the exterior work that you do about it. And it off and on. Oh my god. I know is what the actors studio we're starting criticism that it lets down its diagonal. Holiday. I thought my name's Matt price both berg Scott Evans a guy we're not doing methods stealing. We're actually doing acts not. The only guys only guys. Tens sergeants to get a break the water plant. Now I presume I'm not buying it. Gonna go hey seven six. Good debt elder Adams golf she's entered. Course they cannot. Three through I don't want you guys one more on the donors. Ninety seconds America. Well I have a business. Yes sir. Right out. We'll fitness event for them out. Ten minutes left. In his face of these about maybe it is I think about him. I'll buy let's go but no place nobody agrees that go. I given ninety yet Deb up one more around we're dumber when a scheduled yet. Was really well done yeah. Great job at. Thank you sir thank you sir thank you thank you. I'm confident what did. Do not know it did I love that he was like intuit the only kid that that's about the best pop whenever. I don't. The bridge change in the in the world. All right ready let's go guys. We got. All thank you like it thank you think you'll see. Ten minutes. Political aren't vibe and element of five minute scratch. I'll get guys. A case and now let's just keep score we done three works that's right. To put a lower body really every what every moment is a full body. But not only thing about doubt that a floor hit the upper body core and use their exhausted legs to really stimulate everything out. The mass of the whole is greater than at some parts has been amassed a little bit as part remember that our guys are ball back down to around. White was this in. So missing the recalls this won the Rancho La and other fund name so you he's using this is a walking flag but what would breed because it's all about neural muscular woman had the legs. I. The legs so it looks like the old doctor Al those get some padding. I didn't want all the maps you you can so it's going to be Al well elbow and hand. We'll start down for twenty seconds then we'll have the legs out out and as you go about OK so just as far as guys down down. Up thirty seconds again the key is hits top boots tight core engaged. Album strollers lined up put off the floor from the plumb the hands. Up up again very basic I'm not gonna Wylie with some fancy malls but it's effective efficient best the delivery efficiency. And productivity and effectiveness pivotal doubt down now exit without legs go out now so it's Dow and yeah it all add up. Up so it's yet. Our sleep time and it out loud and you can't out without the end bitten them out. Almighty. Exercise also bold and coordinated competition. If we don't know what are. Your corn fed up ought to do but now. This one's really aren't the heart right now. Yeah big time phobia to dupe and a news release that the brake take the right people on little or no authorities thought it. Behind at the tone down good guys. There are no. Good guys let's go let's go people. That's what's really hard volatile and that working of course they like the back stabilizing if you don't hang on. Cuomo dance tent so it's not. Antiques. Another six. Hold on you all those who is bought. But really. She at all update so just absolutely most problems that brought in the mega. Is the plank the plight. OK so we can do is again I'm not the kind of clutching the thought it was the spot. Who has been around the body inward and upward without would have pulled it happened so we're until truck and are pleased that got us a cup back down its folly to. Looks like this here we go zero these apps and beautiful all the comeback doubts and smaller perhaps chicken got the race. Fought back to predict what kind of big night is that it's really go. Soon we can't let them fight in the real world that balancing. There around the acts. Back down to getting in on the Lotta the digital equipment he's so good relative benefits we've got yet what happens. They want to do the raid what was spent to mascot at bats synagogues. Ago the rate. Bowl and yes we use. Sue good guys really reached the gates I mean. Out some issues we're almost knocked in the everything that we. Can you. It all hang on one is that it's due. Three. Bullets at students gets ready to go three. RK art art squeeze. But I'm nice inactives lifting its and talking hot get hot. That it was because that is the Olympics little tigris talk like those didn't just talk all it is the dominance in golf I got time. None. 76. War this is raw three little eight to get older it. Got it. Like Elvis and Michael back real quick little have to wait one at a time so light that comes up fault now left that comes up. And down right that comes up. And down that becomes the victim down and doubt but that comes out. And don't give a go right back I think without any doubt about that comes up. And what what let flag. Right leg. Without. Act straps don't get a towel post job both guys. But is it ours but lacks the diplomacy which and they don't write a birthing unit is this to ourselves so you've sort of this is called the dive bomb was shot. Works almost in the upper body packs shoulders triceps form so guys. If this is no joke now remember. We have time for once that do once that. We're due to mix and match up. Right you can get them online you cannot you want to alcorn route this duke once sat for twelve minutes or fifteen from the combatant only victory of with the programming. All right guys Bob good job yeah. So. What was a political leader and he's always acted innings but the body right now but this isn't so political back but come follow up. That's nice positive dodged rate intellect bush was back. I'll watch the back. When does yoga and backed down and repeat buyers will oh. Giving that's giving one man like that the iPod was up. I love this because that works all parts of the arm chest the war the gulf kind of go straight now. Just got a little flawed yet not been alone it's just gotten of one going what he had pushed back most things the way. They then that's helped push back. Pushed back and I said Bob guys look so Bristol. Let's go to bush bush bush bluntly put us. The logs blazing yellow didn't I tell you won't find the net when kids come off. Back. We all should. Do God's shoulder should be guarded. Deep dive in take a regular you have to put your needs that you have to be Smart but push yourself past what you know what you know is that the truth is almost more. Gonna go I got ten seconds. Not. 876. By. Four dollars it'll all plus three all the way out. Soup is C. You're all stars little old star plant start legs wide legs wide hands. Yes yes yes guys pared though little lighter well about Bobby had always isn't a body yeah. Drop your parents aren't black guy Dominique and a shutout to beat us studios in New York City baby agrees studios asked LT. And welcome body Boehner and house these are the finest things I've worked with and twenty years and you haven't and you are and so doesn't happen in LA. That's LT broken body on slippery studios not a former us guys that haven't done as you need to do this. The paint it activity everything everything. Works. So look at that look at that look at that yeah that stimulate the disease stimulation not wraps the stimulation not the Paul. Pope who look at what we'll all we all know stimulate stimulate stimulate brazile. Oakland body guard lowered by her clutter class here and asked uptick last year asked. Hang on hang on all the good job at the perhaps. Hang on a metal god turned nun was stretching her dog so it six. Are. Dragged child falls. Nice job you guys will open up the hips and a little stretch your daughter number four works that's used however you want and data. Writes a badge to write me. I want to hear WOK guys. I just don't understand how hard at what is due back this dude I doubt the banks this. Like I don't let the lord need out just open up. I again I just leave foreign. Open up the so as. Bad pushed back. What to a hamstring. And is currently govern thirty seconds just like dynamic work guys. Always moving the body was built to move when you sleep sumo when you're up in Mosul what he wanted to hold a novel. Move move move discover discovered discovered. Good to go hang on a flight agrees always moving. But against very able tension always moving and our method we go hang out let's go. Yeah I did that hamstring in the. Pines. Object that you don't like to decide it's our guys with flags and when I'm. I'm gonna miss new York public of the accident and only about twenty years but and it also it's like BS LT above the public about teach that's the act last. Miguel in the but the ought to too much Amanda what an aerial that I got hearing on god in ago. Well and guys want to kind. Only steel in the world as the true statement that has the soup broth. You'll not live to your compass does the degree studio in West Hollywood that is all that run by Doug I would read some degree. It is the last you'll be the first ever to do this work out nobody else has come to a they just for that were I teach. So bash is there he teaches there from the creator infamy and yells there. Oh my god it's a family affair maybe come to West Hollywood are right eye sockets did some water for two yards east right now in five full arc. And treats up to heaven and look at what is the. Nice to come out. Nice to have a.

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