'Deals and Steals' on Items Oprah Loves

From swimwear to caramel cakes, Tory Johnson has exclusive deals on favorites of Oprah, her staff.
3:06 | 05/02/13

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Transcript for 'Deals and Steals' on Items Oprah Loves
Because, what, now, look, everything you're about to see here is a favorite from oprah's "o" list so it's got to be good. You know tory johnson but brought along a special guest, adam, creator and director of the "o." Thank you. And away we go. So we begged adam to come and show us all the stuff and everyone knows what's the big question -- All: What's the deal? What's the deal. Adam will tell us. Ing 0, the first one is a commando reversible twin suit. Totally -- twin suit season. You can reverse it. Two for the price of one. Why didn't someone think of that before? Amazing. Great for travel. Only need to bring one with you. Unbelievable price. So commando has given us the slip regularly starts at $136 depending on the model you choose slashed in half, starting at $68 like a two for one. Commando is the name of the brand. Because I was like, I think we might be unclear. Oh, these are great from saab tino & company. Infused oils. Opa says god is in the details. Look at how beautiful they are. They're on her own countertop. Particularly -- you are holding her favorite. E truffle. Everything truffle. If you add this to your food a renowned chef -- don't rub it on your body. Add it to your food. She uses it for popping corn and pasta. Amazing prices. So depending on the sizes you use 20 to $35 but slashed in half starting at just $10. okay. Fragrance our next selection. Everybody -- grapefruit is amazing. Amazing. Oprah loves it. Nothing smells this good. Nothing in the world smells this good. Wait till you hear the prices. The whole collection, nine pieces range from $22 to $58, also nest has given us 50% off starting at just 11 bucks. Wow. These are great. Yes. Amazing. This is the big one. This is a deal of century. I got a note from oprah saying this is life changing for her for fried foods. So excited she took it and made an instagram photo of her holding it for healthy cooking. Only one tablespoon of oil. Normally $250 slashed in half, $125. Great, great. Last but not least -- caroline seven-layer caramel cake. Sam, you're going to like this. We had featured this twice in the magazine which is unheard of. Adam, try it? I will. Adam begged me to try it. Normally $58 slashed in half, 29 bucks. Can't give it away.

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{"id":19090939,"title":"'Deals and Steals' on Items Oprah Loves ","duration":"3:06","description":"From swimwear to caramel cakes, Tory Johnson has exclusive deals on favorites of Oprah, her staff.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-yahoo-deals-steals-fal-fryer-products-oprah-19090939","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}