Deals and Steals: Special Stocking-Stuffer Bargains

Tory Johnson shares holiday discounts that make great gifts.
2:27 | 12/07/12

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Special Stocking-Stuffer Bargains
We're gonna have all of our deals and steals they're all great -- staffers this morning at all for just twenty dollars or less Torrey Johnson Eric. Yeah yeah. Let's get started this -- when you got it got a ticket not. I'm glad you are amazing -- they normally -- I mean did not not. You comes up like sunny out Atlanta's water isn't stands rat her -- lends amazing amazing he'll be -- and 20000 dollars aren't you. -- got nineteen aren't 4800 is mighty dollar. A day he usually at least 50% all of -- went -- -- I'm music that -- am -- next got a bracelet -- huge -- may come on GMA viewers. But there always not ray -- liberal bloggers normally forty and seventy dollars you can read an individually or as a -- but exclusively for Jamie viewers again last night and 50% -- -- all went -- -- and how mild watches you really fun because it as some might play along in an -- also known as an ornament. Look. -- -- -- -- The act and sell on these really fun there's a huge selection I'm depending on if you're buying for a manner of one -- a really fun watching you watching the -- isn't cool like. These aren't normally 75 doll but exclusively for I slashed by 73 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But Latin -- have AC acting like everything that they isn't. At that are that pizzeria. Lessons. That -- Al I had to get it -- at. But -- -- is one of the hottest brands right now you will see it in every -- about the -- department stores as well as all the beauty shots. Apparently eco friendly -- normally 304050 dollars depending on the Treo or the clot easily. In nineteen dollars and many -- he's not a -- help but they admit that I'm the I'll let you keep it individually ranging from 46 -- 75 dollar.

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{"id":17903712,"title":"Deals and Steals: Special Stocking-Stuffer Bargains","duration":"2:27","description":"Tory Johnson shares holiday discounts that make great gifts.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-yahoo-deals-steals-special-stocking-stuffer-bargains-17903712","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}