GMA's' Mega-Makeover: Clear That Living Room Clutter

Interior designer to the stars Kathryn Ireland shows you how to organize your home.
3:00 | 01/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GMA's' Mega-Makeover: Clear That Living Room Clutter
because we've been talking about it, our mega-makeover week and earlier we showed how we've been tossing out our clutter in the studios. That's a slight dram economdramatization. A clown? That was George. Cleaning out some costumes. No, but honestly, everybody needs a little intervention sometimes so we brought in really a pro. Kathyrn Ireland, cam Mathison shows us how it is done. Reporter: It's a cluttered home nightmare. You must help me because this is a total mess. Reporter: Two couch, six chair, books scattered around the room and a squirrel on the wall. Does look like a common room at college. I think it's time to look at this room and decide what stay, what goes. Reporter: It's so cluttered, I had to climb over couches just to get outside. Home owner has enlisted the help of Kathyrn Ireland decorator to the stars like Steve martin. She has three tips to declutter your favorite space. Edit down your room. Okay, I think we'll have to pick these up and throw them away. There's no coming back. Reporter: And throw, she did. Oh. Here we go. Here we go. What comes out? Toss it out. Leave that go. You want him to go? Go, gone. I love someone that wants to get rid of things but that's going. Oh, my god. Aaagh. Reporter: Tip number two, repurpose things you already own. My set of eyes will see things differently so you'll be quite surprised when you've seen what I have done with things. Reporter: Tip number three, organize your space. This isn't about spending money. Er affect. It's about organizing. Reporter: It was time to put her tips into action. Before we left we took a bench to use and then it was time to head to a warehouse to repurpose the old items. At her warehouse designs are created, fabrics are custom-made and our bench gets reupholstered. Hey, she even let me pick out the fabric. What do you think? That would actually work. Whoo-hoo. You may have a day job after all. Reporter: She headed to her studio where she found pillows and throws and items she piled into her oh, so tiny car and time to complete the makeover. Five people, three hours and some last-minute touches including my bench. Bring it. Bring it a few inches. It needs some space. Perfect. I was testing. I wanted to make sure you were paying attention to where I put it. Final hi time for the reveal. Wait for it. Wow. Oh, my god. It's cozy. Isn't it great? I love it. And with that, the room that was once a cluttered mess was a little editing, repurposing and organization turned into a sophisticated retreat. For "Good morning America," I'm Cameron Mathison, ABC news, brentwood, California. So if you like a really clean look, one of my tips is go with solids. You saw that room had a lot of different fabrics. That will visually make you think it is more cluttered so less is more. Mellow. A big trash bag and I just going -- And you did. I like -- I give thing as way. I don't throw them away. I donate them. When things are cluttered, you're cluttered. 100%. Got to purge. One of the main things a lot of people hold on to is books and magazines. If you read it, if it's not beautiful, give it to somebody to enjoy That's my problem.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Interior designer to the stars Kathryn Ireland shows you how to organize your home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21608039","title":"GMA's' Mega-Makeover: Clear That Living Room Clutter","url":"/GMA/video/gmas-mega-makeover-clear-living-room-clutter-21608039"}