'GMA's 'Warm Coats and Warm Hearts' Coat Drive

Cameron Mathison wrangles up donations from complete strangers in New Jersey.
2:14 | 12/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA's 'Warm Coats and Warm Hearts' Coat Drive
We've been running this big coat driving you've been generous in giving the gift of warmth and our warm coats and warm hearts -- drive. The extra mile you might say to go to people's homes to find some folks who may need some coats would see how he did. For six years now we've collected only -- thank you Barbara everyone from the biggest names in Hollywood just sports figures to musicians. Come to Times Square to help those. But now -- -- -- like to -- going door to door collecting coats from total strangers. I had to Saddle Brook New Jersey to see if I can accomplish my mission who -- to go first house. We're gonna give these college -- delivery -- -- approach. Devotes -- might approach a little -- There's been cracked hello hi I'm can't hurt and Q any chance have any extra coats that I could have. Cameron mathison -- Good Morning America. Quickly some coats it was a -- feels awkward now little guy -- -- down time get some goats really hit the road. At first would not much success -- But then we hit a group. That's why didn't. -- this is so honest this is such a huge John Hurt bush bash I even offer my services babysitting June. Three. They just what I thought we couldn't collect anymore. -- Mulder what Christina is a self proclaimed cohort Paul I'm lot of giving its Coke after Coke even her husband's Harley-Davidson jacket -- just say they've been going through that lets you. They're probably could have called and weighed down with coach -- -- the last Olympics -- a huge thank you Jordan friends. We're off to Burlington Coat Factory to donate the Coast Guard is 44 codes but improvements strangers what are your. The job right.

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{"id":18074329,"title":"'GMA's 'Warm Coats and Warm Hearts' Coat Drive","duration":"2:14","description":"Cameron Mathison wrangles up donations from complete strangers in New Jersey.","url":"/GMA/video/gmas-warm-coats-warm-hearts-coat-drive-door-18074329","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}