Good Samaritan rescues stranger in rushing rapids

Obadiah Jenkins, 33, jumped into the whitewater rapids in Six-Mile Creek near Hope, Alaska, and pulled kayaker Daniel Hartung, 64, to safety.
2:34 | 08/17/17

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Transcript for Good Samaritan rescues stranger in rushing rapids
Now to another incredible survival story. A man's first Whitewater kayaking trip turning into a life-or-death struggle in Alaska. Thankfully a good samaritan was close by and he along with many others pulled off a daring rescue and ABC's gio Benitez, you got all those details for us, gio. Reporter: Good morning. We all know kayaking is extremely popular in the summer. For this man his life was at risk. His kayak had already flooded in the cold water. He felt weak. The only way to survive getting help from strangers. You're watching four minutes of panic. He's pinned. He's caught. Reporter: 64-year-old Daniel Hartung trapped by an underwater log as he was kayaking in the six-mile creek in hope, Alaska. One of the most dangerous creeks in the world. People have died here before. So strangers jump into action moving in with a rope. Watch as Hartung struggles to hold on. The water pounding over his head. At times he's completely enveloped by water. Only his hands visible. Then after minutes of struggling it appears he can't hold on anymore and that's when he goes under. That's when Obadiah Jenkins decides the only way to save Hartung is by jumping into the raging waters. Watch again as he plunges into the dangerous rapids. I immediately snapped into rescue mode, years of training and experience just started rushing through my head sort of faster than I could really decipher what to do next. Reporter: After some cpr, Hartung is now telling his story. The water was so forceful that could not get myself out of it. The more I tried to extract myself, the lower my head went until I was not able to breathe anymore. Reporter: It turns out Hartung was in a recreational kayak meant for calm waters, clearly not this. On his head a bicycle helmet. Not suited for these dangerous rapids. This morning he's grateful to his rescuers. These are complete strangers. I mean, there is a gentleman, Obadiah, that jumped in the water irregardless of his own safety. Reporter: Just incredible. This morning Hartung says those 10 to 20 people helping him from land were also heroes. Surprisingly enough even after that ordeal he says he's going to go kayaking again. Hopefully gets a better kayak and a proper helmet. His wife said I don't think that kayak trip was a good idea. He said he's going to now start listening to her. Obadiah, what a great name. I love that. Great person. Great job, gio. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Obadiah Jenkins, 33, jumped into the whitewater rapids in Six-Mile Creek near Hope, Alaska, and pulled kayaker Daniel Hartung, 64, to safety.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49268468","title":"Good Samaritan rescues stranger in rushing rapids","url":"/GMA/video/good-samaritan-rescues-stranger-rushing-rapids-49268468"}