Google reveals the No. 1 'how to' search

Searches that start with "how to" have risen 140 percent since 2004 and the most-searched "how to" question involves a piece of clothing, according to Google.
3:29 | 09/13/17

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Transcript for Google reveals the No. 1 'how to' search
Do you guys, everybody in the audience, when you have a question about something, anything, what is the first thing you do to get an answer? Search for it. You Google it, right? The name Google has become a verb. If you just Google it. That's what people say, you want to know who I am, just Google me, girl. If you want to know -- Very easy for you. Hey, I have never used that, okay. I have evnever used it -- You're saying that's the first time. You've said that before. He said that before. You have. Let's get off me and -- No, no, no. Usually if you do#something, you search for things like how to draw, how to make money, Google -- How to make money? George, people have done it. I have a list. Number six, you can't see what's on the list. There's number six, how to make money. I say just go work. But the searches for how to are up 140% over the past decade because people literally go out and try to figure it out online. What have you guys done to how to search for lately? The last thing I think I did was how to tie a bow tie. Did it work? Those diagrams -- no, they don't work in diagrams? No -- Too much folding and flipping. I just gave up and put on a regular tie. I did how to braid your own hair and I actually had to cut the piece of my hair out. I knotted it so badly. Everything is back -- you know -- have you ever tried to braid your own hair? Just don't. George and I haven't. I'll be honest with you. But I'm going to give 2017 top ten lists. I won't give all ten, how to make money was number six, that confused me too. Number five is how to draw. Well -- Number four, how to lose weight. Okay. Number three, how to get pregnant. Oh, boy. That is not true. That is not true. That's not true. And I tell you right now -- I could answer that but I'm trying to keep my job. Yeah, about to say. Number two -- you'll love number two. Goes with number three, number two, how to kiss. Oh, no. You are totally making all of this up. George, this is real. This is real. And the number one googled item of how to is very simple. How to tie a tie. Oh. That makes sense. After number three -- How to make pancake, how to write a cover letter. How to make French toast is number nine then the one my dad always asked me like how to lose belly fat. Your dad -- My dad always -- he's 80 years old and he's like, I want to be build like a wasp. How a wasp -- A -- At first -- I've never. He's 80 years old. Did I say that? But that is it. Those are the top things,

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{"id":49815504,"title":"Google reveals the No. 1 'how to' search","duration":"3:29","description":"Searches that start with \"how to\" have risen 140 percent since 2004 and the most-searched \"how to\" question involves a piece of clothing, according to Google.","url":"/GMA/video/google-reveals-search-49815504","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}