Senate Leaders Reportedly Reach Short-Term Deal

Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell have a tentative deal to fund the government through January.
2:12 | 10/15/13

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Transcript for Senate Leaders Reportedly Reach Short-Term Deal
deal that may be coming together to end the government shutdown, prevent america from defaulting on its debts for the first time in history. Abc's jon karl tracking all of the background backs from washington. Here with the latest. Good morning, jon. Reporter: Good morning, george. Senate leaders have struck a tentative deal that would keep the government solvent for a couple of months. Now, the question is whether it can pass and whether it can pass in time to prevent default. Shutdown, what shutdown president week three visitors to the national memorials in washington, are ignoring it. Blowing past signs and barricades. All of the stinking mounds of trash are tougher not to notice. After a furious 20 hours, harry REID AND mitch McConnell, men who often seem to detest each other, have put together a tentative deal that could end this mess, at least for now. senator McConnell and I have been working diligently the last few days. We made tremendous progress. Reporter: The deal would reopen the government, but only UNTIL JANUARY 15th. Avoid default for now, extending the government's ability to borrow money until mid-february. And there would be no major changes to obama care. A republican demand that triggered the crisis in the first place. The deal would set up immediate talks for a long-term budget deal. It's extremely positive. You just feel good when you see the senate start working that you know it should work. Reporter: This tentative agreement would still need republican support in the house. And this morning, there is no sense of house speaker boehner will react. Late monday, he seemed unimpressed. What's your message for the white house? Reporter: The public has clearly had enough. And the latest abc news/"washington post" poll shows disapproval for everybody, the president and congress. But overwhelmingly the public is blaming republicans. 74% of voters disapproving of how they've handled this crisis. George? Jon, thanks very much. A lot of steps to go through. Leaders have to come in agreement. And as jon pointed out, we don't know what will happen in the house of representatives. And clearly, the public is just fed up. We're going to move on to

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{"id":20572952,"title":"Senate Leaders Reportedly Reach Short-Term Deal","duration":"2:12","description":"Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell have a tentative deal to fund the government through January.","url":"/GMA/video/government-shutdown-senate-leaders-reportedly-reach-short-term-20572952","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}