Six Governors Declare States of Emergency Over Gas Crisis

A pipeline leak is causing gas price hikes, and crowds are lining up at the pumps.
1:51 | 09/17/16

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Transcript for Six Governors Declare States of Emergency Over Gas Crisis
We are now though gonna move on to another story it's the gas crisis that has six governors declaring states of emergency. It all started after a pipeline leak that's causing price hikes. Crowds are now lining up the gas stations afraid to supplies gonna run out and ABC's Kenneth Gibson is in New York City with a look at that big impact this leak could have for all of us Candace. Good morning to you. Dan good morning it could be a painful couple of weeks for drivers straight up and down the East Coast as well as many in the south this. Is a major pipeline and it remains out of commission this morning and will be for some time. These scenes all across the country gas shortages and lines around the block it stations and panicked drivers Holloman is going to yes. Six states declaring a state of emergency because of possible gasoline supply disruptions. After a quarter million gallons of oil was found leaking into this pond in Alabama. I'd yeah right. We're being tired yeah. Drivers now forced to wait in long lines refuel and gas prices will bills are expected to increases wells. None of this sounds art anyway so. Gas going up he has come and make a big impact. The colonial pipeline which delivers nearly 40% of the East Coast gasoline stretches from Texas all the way do New Jersey and is now being repaired by nearly 700 workers. But the damage at some pumps may already be done some stations in Tennessee and Georgia seeing prices go up. By thirty cents a gallon. This could quickly turn into a problem of finding gasoline over the weekend. And into early next week. Hard to believe right thrilled right now the national average price of gasoline is about. Two dollars and eighteen cents a gallon that is still down significantly from the same week last year. But with all of the problems taking place right now in the south was. No doubt expect that price to take up all of yet still on tightening news for those that are struggling possible thirty cent hike canvassed thank you.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"A pipeline leak is causing gas price hikes, and crowds are lining up at the pumps. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42157739","title":"Six Governors Declare States of Emergency Over Gas Crisis","url":"/GMA/video/governors-declare-states-emergency-gas-crisis-42157739"}