Grand Canyon Picture Prank Goes Viral

Daughter leaves mother speechless with vacation photo on today's Play of the Day
1:49 | 11/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grand Canyon Picture Prank Goes Viral
Vargas is having a fun friday over here. What does that guy say? And now, "the play of the day." A couple of days ago, I showed you this photo. 22-year-old samantha, appears to be hanging on for dear life at the grand canyon. It was a joke photograph. She posted it on reddit. I producet as a news item. My co-anchors threw me under the bush. Samantha bush and her mother joining us now. Samantha, why did you do this to mom? Why did I do this? The first five days before i went on this trip, she was worried about going to the grand canyon. People are dumb. They fall off. They die. Or the wind, supposedly, blows them over the edge. So, while I was there, I found kind of a cool, little spot that I could sneak into and lean back and look like I'm falling off. I thought that would be a great picture to send back home to my parents who were worried about me down here. You were not in danger. I do want to point that out, vargas. She could have slipped and leaned back. I was standing on a foot and a half of ledge. And behind me, there was a drop. If I fell, I would have been in a little bit of trouble. Mom, quickly. What did you think when you saw the photo? Quickly? When I got it, not only did she send it to me, she sent it to all of the nurses that work in my office. And my heart just dropped for like 30 seconds. And I'm thinking, you know, i was like, it's got to be fake. We're running out of time. Thank you, both. It was brilliant. You should be ashamed. The usual, bob?

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{"id":17792051,"title":"Grand Canyon Picture Prank Goes Viral","duration":"1:49","description":"Daughter leaves mother speechless with vacation photo on today's Play of the Day","url":"/GMA/video/grand-canyon-picture-prank-viral-17792051","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}