'Great Food Truck Race' Kicks of Season 5 in Santa Barbara

Tyler Florence discusses the return of his Food Network show and helps "GMA" with its own food truck competition.
3:54 | 08/14/14

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Transcript for 'Great Food Truck Race' Kicks of Season 5 in Santa Barbara
in the dictionary side-eye. What I'm excited about, food. I've been talking about it all morning long. We have Tyler Florence Harris. He keeps trucking on with his show "The great food truck race." Season 5 premieres this Sunday on the food network and invited two local food trucks Morris grilled cheese and the taco truck to square off in our own "Gma" food truck race and gave them the secret ingredient and so excited about it. Bacon, bacon and more bacon. We'll have a cookoff and tasteoff and you and I get to judge. Such a tough job. We have 30 minutes on the clock and see what they cooked up. Tell us about this season starting off in swanky Santa Barbara. A fifth season and always have a really great time. It's an epic road trip across the country. We start off this Santa Barbara. Ended up in key west, Florida and travel add cross the country and crowned the absolute best food truck and gave them a ton of dough and a brand-new state-of-the-art food truck and it was a lot of fun and one of those thing, if you really love business it's like you play this armchair quarterback thing like what would you do and in a situation like that, the teams kind of work their hearts out and at the end of it you watch this really, really great experience where teams come alive and really kind of celebrate being a entrepreneur and do it yourself. And leave hungry too. We've got two great teams here. Yeah, what's up, guys? Good to see you. Good to see you. This is exciting, exciting so we are very excited about what you guys have whipped up here. You are with Morris grilled cheese. Tell us about your signature dish. So our signature dish is our delicate cheese which is a blend of truffle butter, truffle cheese and caramelized shallots, a little spicy provolone on organic sourdough. You created the Earth, wind and fire for this. We figured that would be a great way to compete. So we turned our secret ingredient into a spicy bacon jam with brown sugar, bourbon and coffee. It's great. This is right here? Duck sausage in there, ale cheddar. Earth, wind and fire. This is really good. And some house made pickled beets. Beets and grilled cheese. Really awesome. All right, okay. The balance of the beets are really fresh. I like the salt on top. That's fantastic. Let's move over now, here we go. Move over to the tack dough truck right here. Jason Scott, you are here. Tell us what your signature dish is. Sure, our signature dish, our piscato tacos, fried catfish, pico de guy, really one of our home run dishes but with the secret ingredient being bacon we decided to go a different route. Ariba elderts ranchero tacos, so it's bacon and started fresh from tortillas and black beans and cooked with pick co-de Gallo and fried avocado on top topped with our fresh green salsa and a little more bacon. Wow. Bacon in every bite. That's fantastic. I love it. Do you have a favorite? No, this is a tough call. I think both are actually really delicious and I'm really proud of like young restaurateurs getting out there and doing it themselves. If you believe in business, man, the great food truck race is a fantastic show to watch. I encourage young chefs, somebody has to win this thing. The winner right now I think it's the taco truck, man. Yay! Really, really tasty, man. Yeah. Yeah. You can catch the season

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{"id":24976482,"title":"'Great Food Truck Race' Kicks of Season 5 in Santa Barbara","duration":"3:54","description":"Tyler Florence discusses the return of his Food Network show and helps \"GMA\" with its own food truck competition.","url":"/GMA/video/great-food-truck-race-kicks-season-santa-barbara-24976482","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}