'Great Gatsby' Actor on Replacing Ben Affleck

Edgerton plays Tom Buchanan in a star-studded adaptation of the classic book.
3:26 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for 'Great Gatsby' Actor on Replacing Ben Affleck
We have been going gatsby and this morning we're thrilled to have joel edgarton who plays daisy's husband. Even though he's got a woman on the side he's not happy that gatsby is making the moves on his wife. I will ask mr. Gatsby one more question. Oh, please, please, go on. Go on. What kind of a round are you trying to cause? He isn't causing a rile. You're causing a rile. Please have a little self-control. Self-control? Oh, I suppose the latest thing is to sit back and let mr. Nobody from nowhere make love to your wife. Well, if that's the idea, you can count me out. And joining us is joel edgerton. Great to have you here. Thank you very much. You stepped into the role after ben affleck stepped out of it. Yeah, ben was supposed to do -- "argo." He was going to be tom and thankfully someone gave him a pile of money to do "argo" and made us both happy. I want to read a quote from the movie and book. It's about daisy and tom. They were careless people, tom and daisy, do you know this by heart? No, not the whole book. They smashed up things and creatures and retreated back into their money, their vast carelessness or whatever kept them together and let other people clean up their mess. You should read stories. Pretty good. He's a beast, tom is a beast, you said. Was he fun to play? Yeah, it was a lot of fun to play. Look, it's a great gift to play a character like tom buchanan. He's all the things you would hate to recognize in yourself in life. But that you really enjoy playing on screen because you can go home and not be them once you finish work. And tom is all the great calls that I'm glad that I'm not. Well, I hope that I'm not. He's selfish, spoiled and competitive. And like a womanizer and very rich. You say actually -- you've said actually you stayed in character during part of the movie and things got tense between you and leonardo DiCAPRIO WHO PLAYS GATSBY ON THE Set. I think tavis tak little out of context. We got along really well. We -- like the plaza scene which you saw a clip from we shot for a number of days and tension was very high when we rolled, but we had a good time off set. Yeah. Wray. And the clothes were fun to wear. You loved them. The clothes were amazing. When you talk about that, you have to talk about catherine martin as a team,s a designer, she is incredible and the clothes were just such a gift for the actors too. My clothes were like boring compared to everybody else's but they felt great. You'd like to wear those every day. I would love to steal all my clothes from "the great gatsby" and become tom buchanan but a nicer version. You're a nicer version in person. I'm a big fan of another movie you did "warrior" which you were incredible in. Thank you very much. And prepared enormously, i heard. Went to such extremes for that. A lot of chickens died so that we could, you know, muscle up for "warrior." You were great in "the great gatsby." Great to have you here this morning. Thank you very much. Well, good luck to you. Thank you. "The great gatsby" opens in THEATERS NATIONWIDE MAY 10th.

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{"id":19100122,"title":"'Great Gatsby' Actor on Replacing Ben Affleck","duration":"3:26","description":"Edgerton plays Tom Buchanan in a star-studded adaptation of the classic book.","url":"/GMA/video/great-gatsby-star-joel-edgerton-method-acting-big-19100122","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}