Great Gifts for $35 or Less

People Style Watch put together a list of perfect stocking stuffers.
3:00 | 12/05/13

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Transcript for Great Gifts for $35 or Less
And "gma" is rocking the holidays this morning. Bringing you gift ideas for the ladies in your lives. And perfect stocking stuffers, hostess gifts and special gifts for that special someone. Here's the big thing. It's all priced $35 and under. Kate dimmock, fashion director for "people style watch," pulled them together for us. And I can't wait to show you. I know, right? This is for the woman who has been bitten by the decorating bug. Her sense of style extends beyond her wardrobe, we have found the perfect gift. Thank you, josh. These are nate burkes for target. And gold, perfect for the holidays. But perfect year-round. But most perfect of all -- the price. 12.99 and $17.99 for the larger one. These are amazing. Four stars. We need to move on to something that women and especially my daughters, can't get enough of. Exactly. This is happening to you, soon. Yeah. You want to get it now. Get this now. This is from elf. This is nine lip glosses in one set. For a girl who loves to play with makeup and you don't know her exact shade. You're all covered here. And best of all, $10. That's fantastic. Incredible. That's a big stocking stuffer. Take it with her to the belgian nuttery. These are some good finds from old navy. Everybody needs a comfy slipper on christmas morning. A big trend in gifting is monograms. "A" for amy. And andrew. That could look good for him. Exactly. Merry christmas, andrew. Here we go. And voila. 20. Everybody's happy. Everybody's a winner. Old navy. That's incredible. 20 for the moccasins. Less than $20 for the sweater. We have one more? We have two more. I'm still going with my monogram theme. These are from -- for the girl you -- you might not know exactly what she needs. This is a great option. And again, beautiful. Right? Quickly. 12. All right. And finally -- last of all, this is for the true party girl in your life. These are some -- they are $35. Best of all. Not only are they beautiful. But -- let's see. Oh. For the party girl. While she does that, logon to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Full details. And she gets a bottle open, you have to logon to find out.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"People Style Watch put together a list of perfect stocking stuffers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21108297","title":"Great Gifts for $35 or Less","url":"/GMA/video/great-gifts-35-21108297"}