Maria Loi's Greek Easter Feast

Chef and owner of NYC's Loi prepares spanakopita and stuffed grape leaves.
3:00 | 04/29/13

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Transcript for Maria Loi's Greek Easter Feast
here. And the chef's club of greece finally got around to names maria loi an ambassador. Loi, we have all eaten there. It's delicious. It keeps being delicious as the hours wear on. You' going whip sometuff up for us. I wanto start with spanakopita. It is spinach,phyllo. It's easy. Cut it like this. One small thing. That dough looks like paper. It is. The way you make it. As you're making this, what was it to be named ambassador? That must have been a wonderful moment for you. I was never a chef. I was a cook. I cook on greek tv. I was saying, I'm a cook. The president of the chef club of greece said, you're better than a chef. We have the name you our ambassador. E this made me ambassador. My grandmother's old brush. Really? I take it everywhere. Everywhere. Brush a little olive oil. You see here? Yeah. Leave it there. You have the onion. Smells fantastic. I love this. No olive oil, no butter. Nothing. Just a little bit of onion. No butter. Butter-free in t restaurant. We take the spinach, either cut it bin bihand. Just wilt it down. Or cut wit my scissors. Work it down. Add feta cheese. Your mixture looks like that. So easy, right? But -- get sam involved here. We're running short. We have to do something else. With my yogurt. I have to use two hands. My secret. SHE NEVER GIVES ITO US&+6+q There. I put some yogurt and then, put this -- wow, that's brilliant. And then I add just a bit of this. That's why it doesn't become you know, like dry. Like you usually have or oily th the butter. It comes together perfectly. There is so much to get to. I want to mention, greek easter this weekend. A dessert down here. A lot of recipes. Maria is giving away a lot of secrets on our website. Goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!. Wow.

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{"id":19065809,"title":"Maria Loi's Greek Easter Feast","duration":"3:00","description":"Chef and owner of NYC's Loi prepares spanakopita and stuffed grape leaves.","url":"/GMA/video/greek-easter-recipes-maria-lois-spanakopita-stuffed-grape-19065809","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}