Indy Film's 'It Girl' Reveals Similar Struggle to Title Character

Greta Gerwig discusses her role as Frances in the independent film, "Frances Ha."
3:14 | 05/16/13

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Transcript for Indy Film's 'It Girl' Reveals Similar Struggle to Title Character
Thank you, sam. Hey, everybody, the new "it" girl. She wrote, stars in and produces a brand-new movie called "frances ha" about a young woman trying to hang on to her youth, find her way. Major critical buzz for the film. So great to have you here. Congratulations. Thank you very much. So exciting to be here. You've been called "it" girl. Does that term 23r50ek you out? Sound great to you. I mean it's pretty awesome thing to be while it lasts. I just try not to hang on to it because eventually I'll be the not it girl so being cool with where it's going. Such a great way to be. In the movie "frances ha," you wrote it, you star in it and i know it's about a young woman who's struggling with a best friend, sort of breaking up, if you will. Not sure what to do about her career as a dancer. How much did you pull from your own life? I mean I pulled a lot from my own life because it's really a love story about friendship and I have these amazing female friends but I'm 29 and in your LATE 20s YOU GO THROUGH THIS Transition with your friends where you realize you're not all going to live in a house together which like I always kind of thought we would do and so did frances and I mean I've never been a dancer and a lot of it is made up but takes place in new york and I live here and i love new york, so it's really like a tribute to things I love in a way and I think hopefully it makes people really happy. Even though it's about struggles it's really funny. And all filmed in black and white which is an interesting way to do a film in an age where we're seeing 3d and big explosions. Why that choice? It's revolutionary. It's in black and white -- we felt like it was grand and cinematic and romantic and made it feel like this big movie and it's got a big -- lot a classic rock like david bowie, floorous black and white movie with david bowie in it and felt like she was living in this beautiful world that she doesn't even know she's living in. Let's take a look, everybody. Okay. "Frances ha." Oh, I'm so glad you're here. You look great. Really great. Could you see me? Yeah, we could see it from the back. Ooh. Congratulations. Thank you. Should we all go out for a quick drink? A quick drink? Yeah, we have to get up early tomorrow. Tomorrow is saturday. We have to catch a flight and meet my parents. I haven't packed yet. You know me. Last-minute mabel. Ron grald broom follower. Aaagh. I so know what you're going through. It's very subtle. So well acted. That was sting's daughter, nikki summer. She's amazing. You would never know, though, she is the most humble person in the world. I didn't even know she was sting's daughter until a few weeks in. I was like, oh, my god, really. She can act. You were saying mike nichols and our diane sawyer and mike nichols said he loved it. That's a really good sign. One of my heroes so it was really exciting. Congratulations. All the best to you. Check out "frances ha" it opens in new york and los angeles on friday. We hope to see you soon.

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{"id":19192426,"title":"Indy Film's 'It Girl' Reveals Similar Struggle to Title Character","duration":"3:14","description":"Greta Gerwig discusses her role as Frances in the independent film, \"Frances Ha.\"","url":"/GMA/video/greta-gerwig-interview-2013-indy-films-girl-reveals-19192426","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}