Teen Needs Surgery After Swallowing Grill Brush Bristle

Tristan Beck unknowingly ate a wire brush bristle that gave him intense stomach pain.
1:44 | 05/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen Needs Surgery After Swallowing Grill Brush Bristle
danger that could affect everyone getting ready for barbecue season. It's not charcoal or tanks but the brushes you use and neal karlinsky has the story. How are you feeling. Reporter:16-year-old tristan says the mysterious stomach ache that put him in the hospital bed was so bad, it felt like he was being stabbed from the inside out. Pretty violent and it hurt really bad. Reporter: After days being sick to his stomach he was admitted to seattle children's hospital where doctors were perplexed and worried so they performed exploratory surgery on his small intestine. Suddenly I saw a glimpse of light off a piece of metal. My colleague who was operating with me said that looks like a brush bristle. Reporter: He unknowingly ate one of these, a wire the size of a hair from a common grill brush that apparently came off and stuck to the chicken he was eating at a family barbecue. Strange as it soups it's not unheard of. Feels like a stabbing pain in my throat. Reporter: The centers for disease control put out a warning about old barbecue brushes and tiny metal bristles rubbing off. Tristan's parents had never heard of the problem and are now throwing out their brush and urging others to check theirs. I don't want anybody else to have to go through this. It's been horrible. Reporter: In the meantime, tristan has gone from scared to overwhelmed about his strange close call. I have really bad luck just because of this one in a million chance happening to me but have really good luck because they found it early and have good doctors that put me into the o.R. And got it out. Reporter: He's starving for something good. Don't offer him anything off the barbecue for awhile. For "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle.

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{"id":19149740,"title":"Teen Needs Surgery After Swallowing Grill Brush Bristle","duration":"1:44","description":"Tristan Beck unknowingly ate a wire brush bristle that gave him intense stomach pain.","url":"/GMA/video/grill-brush-bristle-risks-teen-surgery-swallowing-metal-19149740","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}