Gun Store Owner: We Tried to Warn the FBI

Robert Abell says his staff notified agents of "suspicious" customer, later recognized as Orlando shooter.
2:31 | 06/17/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gun Store Owner: We Tried to Warn the FBI
the investigation into the Orlando massacre. Authorities are trying to determine if they missed warning signs as a gun store owner now says his employees alerted the FBI about a suspicious man weeks before the massacre and they're now convinced that man was omar Mateen but they say the FBI never paid them a visit. ABC's Brian Ross is tracking this. He's got the latest. Reporter: Good morning, David. Troubling questions for the FBI because the agents never showed up at that store to check it out. Reporter: In the wake of the deadliest terror attack since 9/11, the FBI has pleaded with the public to report any suspicions. If you see something, tell us. So we can look at it. Reporter: But the owner of this Florida gun store says nothing happened. When his employees called the FBI to report a suspicious man five to six weeks ago. They now identify him as omar Mateen, who they say wanted to buy bulk ammunition and body armor including plates like this one that can stop armor-piercing bullets. The store's owner Robert Abel says his employees were immediately suspicious about the man's request and a phone call he made. He had a conversation in a foreign language that was more concerning. Reporter: The store refused to sell Mateen anything and called the local FBI office immediately after he left. We did contact authorities and let them know we had a suspicious person in here and there was nothing that become of it. Reporter: The store did not have Mateen's name but they did have his image on a grainy surveillance tape which they say the FBI never came to see and has since been recorded over. Earlier this week, the FBI director said his agents had done all they could have. I don't see anything in reviewing our work that our agents should have done differently. Reporter: But Mateen was someone who had already been investigated twice by the FBI about possible ties to terrorism. So far this morning, David, no comment from FBI headquarters. And, Brian, we know authorities remain laser focused on the wife and now cops word possible text messages during the massacre. Mateen's wife Noor seen here on her wedding day with her parents and independent's father have been placed on the no-fly list amid reports that Mateen texted his wife during the report. Pierre Thomas reports that Mateen asked his wife have you seen the news? She at any time seem to know where he was. They expressed their love for each other and that's part of the investigation. But the no-fly list means they're not going anywhere. They're not going anywhere. Now to the latest on that

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Robert Abell says his staff notified agents of \"suspicious\" customer, later recognized as Orlando shooter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39932753","title":"Gun Store Owner: We Tried to Warn the FBI","url":"/GMA/video/gun-store-owner-warn-fbi-39932753"}