Gunman Killed in Oregon College Shooting

Multiple casualties were reported after a shooting at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, local authorities said.
9:30 | 10/01/15

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Transcript for Gunman Killed in Oregon College Shooting
This is an ABC news. Now reported George Stephanopoulos. And we are coming on the air right now because there's been a mass shooting at a community college in southern origins of Umpqua community college. In Douglas County or really wanna go right away. To the sheriff cadet Douglas County John Hammond is giving a press conference. Well typically I would say good afternoon obviously today here in southern Oregon. Is not a good afternoon it's been a terrible day. We'll start off by explaining what happened. The Dunbar community college this morning. At approximately 10:38 this morning. The Douglas County emergency communication sooner received phone calls from the college. Reporting. An active shooter in one of the classrooms. After college. Officers from around the county immediately. Responded. To the college and upon. Arriving there are they located. The shooter in one of the buildings. Officers engaged that suspect. There was an exchange of gunfire. The shooter. Threat was neutralized. And officers continued. To sweep the campus looking for other threats. We have confirmed that there is confirmed injurious. And there are confirmed. Fatalities. At this point it is the very active scene that's a very active investigation. And that is really all at this point that I am prepared to share or that I can share. Or any. I cannot I've heard varying numbers tonight I don't want a report on number that is inaccurate. I can tell you. That we have got a tremendous amount of law enforcement help. I have that Oregon state police. Assisting. We have all the local agencies including the Rosenberg believes. Some of the other smaller municipalities. Sheriff's office the FBI. The US Marshal service. A lot of support in this investigation. At this point to not like to say the shooter was a male. Subject and and I have no further information on this. Whether he's alive and the shooter. Is deceased. I cannot at this time no. It's I'm sure it's very frightening for a lot of people that there were responding. You're right this is a small community. It's it's a community college so a lot of our friends and family. That is shared John Kim and Aaron Douglas Kennedy just said this situation all started to unfold at 10:38 Pacific time. And Umpqua community college. Earlier today and police scanner traffic immediately captured what was happening in the scene listen. Zogby of the great city and they're approximately thirty five's involved view and the better all right now. In the classroom. And worse targeting better. Have been stated doctor them in a glass blowing. On the city. The defendant had held accountable either. All of it. They're the dedicated. Think England has an elegant Elliot and you're not a bounty out of her home. I don't look at the different authorities got a long gone. Better productivity and party Avalon then gently. Located at the library here about thirty by people in the hall held again. The camp the better it come on down there and. The body billboards at best that's down the suspect is now. We've got hope. God. A boy Angela followed. Its. Very good you don't probably handle under the palpable very event that we have Bob or good morning big dumb move. I don't Obama a lot of little things they called they hit it big holiday you'll love the can't get clean again. It's. Don't. It's more than gridlock area its. That's okay I absolutely okay a okay okay because there's going to be okay. The big. It's. Regarded bothered at the time. Here that Skinner report right there are very different reports coming in the number of catches to state police has said seven to ten. Debt up to twenty wounded his church hear him and say this shooter is dead and moments ago. I spoke with a amber Adams a student who was nearby when this all began to unfold. Getting ready to head Joseph class I'm talking lawyers that's the only member and cocaine on the radio. There was issued get this cheap shots are being tired. We heard shots and immediately got cover. Went down and heard just open wheel shop. Going on a lot of screaming student hitting the ground. It's all the other lane this again Ian floor with his screen people going everywhere. People running for safety a lot of people onions at a campus even though. What was going on people who were still coming on the campus hands. What can you tell us about Snyder hall is it all classrooms. It's relatively. I'll gladly granted is littered church ecology. I'm writing. So you know the room it happened in room sixteen U say yes. So it all happened in one classroom as far as we know. It it started in one classroom and apparently without side and around the outside the corridors. I really can't say I can't verify that because I didn't he all of that I just know what happened. Enact such affinity for what went over the radio. It if he could estimate. How much time this all take from the time you're sort of walking through classroom. To and you heard of this radio report to when it was all clear. And I would say about six minutes. I'm not even sure that because when I left campus it was about five till eleven. And fortunately. We have the organ state police. Not even in a mile from campus right outside offer Wi-Fi is from Collard road. And I'm sure that they besides charity has the immediate how we're there immediately. And to the sugar down. That he used to take tot he statement what you bill now before he did balance damaged you say took the shooter down so important information you had and I know it's it's it's sketchy. They actually shot the shooter. Stated. Jim and confirmed over the school radios and like that and I'm not security or campus employees. But that's what came over the radio right there in front of us over the security and radio was so fast that were with us. Didn't and you dream team played chess you know anything about this year. Male female student. I know nothing other than it would male student. You had to use. Amber Adams right there are a drag your former FBI profiler what we do know. Right now the shooter and mailed the shooter is dead the shooter apparently had a longer and he fits a profile. Absolutely and you think about the number of shootings we've had in the last five or six years it's been consistently white. Males long guns and they tend to shoot people in confined locations movie theatres classrooms places where. You have unfortunately. Large fatalities because people were so close. And the fire prior flat fire pairs so hot. This all goes out of five to six minutes according to amber Adams and we know now several dead up to twenty wounded. As well and we're talking about this so you say that generally. These kinds of attacks pre plan. Almost every one of them Georgia's pre planned. I believe we'll probably find writings may be videotapes. Maybe even statements that he was going to do this perhaps not today. That this is something you build up to because of power has to get to you the time has to get to this time some of it happened some precipitate an event that wouldn't. Father probably anybody else that it triggered him. And so he wants. Today OK Brad Garrett thanks very much again there's been a mass shooting. In southern Oregon Umpqua community college or your state police say seven to ten dead up to twenty wounded. When continue to track this much more tonight on world news of David Muir. And Good Morning America tomorrow. We'll stamp out. This has been a special who. For me he's.

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{"duration":"9:30","description":"Multiple casualties were reported after a shooting at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, local authorities said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34185469","title":"Gunman Killed in Oregon College Shooting","url":"/GMA/video/gunman-killed-oregon-college-shooting-34185469"}