Gwendoline Christie on her 'Star Wars' training

The British actress told "GMA" how she trained for her highly-anticipated on-screen battle with John Boyega.
7:10 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for Gwendoline Christie on her 'Star Wars' training
you at home watching us. We're excited for our next guest. You know her as the fears Brianna tart on "Game of thrones" and now she's returning to the big screen as captain phasma in "Star wars: The last jedi." Please welcome gwendoline Christie. ??? How are you? Nice to see you. Lovely. Gwendoline, gwendoline, gwendoline. Welcome? Thank you for having me. So happy to have you. Captain phasma has returned. But before we -- before we go there, I want to ask how was it when you found out you got this role and you were going to be a part of this whole "Star wars" universe. I'd wanted to be in "Star wars" my whole life, you know. I had been a fan since I was 6 years old when I first saw the flips and I remember saying to my mother because I wanted to be an actress since I was very young and said, god I really want to be a "Star wars" movie and my mother saying they don't make them anymore. Then when I heard this was coming back, you know, I was cheering on with the rest of the world thinking we're going to have it again and I really wanted to be a part of it and also when I saw how diverse the casting was, that's what excited me. It's true, you know. We need to have our world reflected in our entertainment so I wanted to be a part of that more than ever. Did you get the word out through your people? I mean, I was just constantly going on and on and on about it and I would just -- every phone call say, oh, they're interested in this. I want to be in "Star wars." You've got a meeting for this. I want to be in "Star wars." I was relentless about it then I was very lucky to hear that they were interested. And then it was a very slow sort of process because we didn't know if it would work with my schedule for "Game of thrones" and then they were very generous and accommodating and but when I knew it was happening was when I came in for the costume fitting and I saw that costume and I knew about the character but seeing -- they had decided to create this female character who looked incredible but her femininity is not delineated in the shape of her body. It's not about her exposing her gender. It's about who she is and how we relate to her. So now I've got these two massive armies of fans behind you. They're going to have to duke it out, "Game of thrones" fans and "Star wars" fans. Well, they're very passion Nall fan bases. I mean -- A lot of crossover. I think there really is. There's something about -- something about the fantastical realm that allows us to relate to the human experience in a closer way. You know, intimacy can be very difficult in our modern age but somehow when there's an epic landscape visually, those human relationships seem to speak to us more. I could just sit here and listen to you. We were talking about growing up and wanting to be in "Star wars" and I understand that you really connected with princess Leia. How so? I'm someone who has been obsessed with television and movies and watching from a very, very early age and I loved that visual medium of storytelling. And I wanted to be an actor but what I was aware of even early on I wasn't seeing me. I felt I was seeing a homogenized version of what it was to be a woman. That didn't discourage you. No, it didn't because I've always had a certain degree of optimism because I've been so interested in arts and in people, in the human experience, just the business of being human like we all are. That I felt that the world would change and in looking at history and looking at the way the world had changed I felt that that would be expressed in our storytelling so I remember watching "Star wars" and thinking, looking at princess Leia and looking at Carrie fisher and thinking, she is different. She is unafraid. She's smart. She's brave. She's bold. She's unashamedly herself. She's hilarious. And she doesn't look the same as all those other kinds of representations we're given. Yeah. Can we have lunch actually? In this film you and John boyega share a lot of moments. Can you share with us a little about this whole battle scene or -- Yes. I mean -- We love him. He was just here. He is an incredible man. And he -- he is! He's amazing! He's so talented but he has this vital energy that just really inspires everyone around him. We have no idea what you're talking about. But what I can tell you, I believe there's been a trailer and you've seen some contact. Yes. We've seen a moment of contact and what I can tell you is that I was reunited with C.C. Smith and the amazing -- C.C. Smith taught me to fight on "Game of thrones" so back before season two filming started on "Game of thrones," he was the man that gave me the confidence and the skills and worked with me for months beforehand and taught me to fight and sword fight. Should we take a little peek? Please. We don't have a peek of the battle but a message from one of your co-stars about the battle. Here we go. Check it out. Hey, Gwen, how you doing? I hope you're good. Just wanted to say hi and hope to see you soon. Remember who wins the fight. See there. See there. That is -- Somebody -- you look a little competition like go back in the ring. I like that little twinkle in her eye right now. The look is confusing because the look doesn't say if you won or if you didn't. Wait a minute. Go ahead. I just think, you know, winning is a perception. Oh! Wow. Now everyone has one more reason to watch the movie. Absolutely. Tell you what, thank you so much. It is "Star wars: The last jedi" flies into theaters on December the 15th. Make sure you go check it out. I know I am. This is one of the best S ever. And courtesy of our friends -- no, we're not done. Courtesy of our friends at imax everyone in our audience, you're going to get tickets to see it, okay?

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{"id":51603256,"title":"Gwendoline Christie on her 'Star Wars' training ","duration":"7:10","description":"The British actress told \"GMA\" how she trained for her highly-anticipated on-screen battle with John Boyega.","url":"/GMA/video/gwendoline-christie-opens-star-wars-51603256","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}